Dec. 30th, 2007 09:13 pm
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For the past several weeks I've been toying with the idea of using 2008 as a time to keep a semi-formal book blog which might, should I become so inspired, be transformed at the end of the year into a sort of a reading memoir. (Yes, I am largely influenced by books like [Poll #1113476][Poll #1113476
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Last night I got the curiosity bug. Inform me below and satisfy my mind. =)

Disclaimers: I know I didn't cover all possibilities; choose what comes closest to you. Feel free to expound in comments. I know many churches don't have midweek (or evening) services. I'm not judging your religious fervor by the number of services you attend, yada yada yada. Etc.!

[Poll #718644]

I have been known to use hot coffee on my cereal when I'm out of milk. It's not very good.

Help me

Dec. 16th, 2005 10:26 am
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Now that I'm into the editing of my novel, I find it necessary to decide once and for all what my characters names are. Alas, I am afflicted with indecision.

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And comment with other ideas!
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I did a lot of cleaning over the weekend, cleaning up and cleaning out. And I recovered my chair in leftover curtain material, and made some new pillows, and painted some picture frames glossy black, and decided to repaint my room over the Columbus Day weekend.

Have you ever thought about how quirky people are? I do these strange, inexplicable things. When I'm typing and make an error in the middle of a sentence, I'll backspace and erase everything after the error and correct it and type the rest again, rather than arrowing to the middle and just correcting the mistake.

Sometimes words come into my head for no reason. Most of the time I don't know what they mean, or when I may have heard them. Sunday I kept thinking "symbiotic." Every couple minutes it would insert itself into my thoughts.

[livejournal.com profile] aftondays had an excellent post about vaugeness. Please go read it if you haven't already, for she puts it into words better than I can. I'm sorry if some people get irritated at me, but I don't always wish to explain myself for everything I say. Many times it would not be prudent for me to be specific--sometimes I just don't want to. I fully open my heart up to only a very few people, and yet I also have to have a forum to speak about what is on my mind--sometimes, yes, in a vague manner. If that's such a problem (and I don't know that it is to anyone), maybe you shouldn't be reading my livejournal.

Nevertheless, I try not to deliberately irritate people. So I offer you the option of clicking on the poll to remove yourself from the Vagueness Filter. (And if you do not and want to complain later, I shall laugh and say "You had your chance!")

[Poll #557117]

I'm not upset, btw. Or cynical. I only feel a little quirky and not to much like agonizing over everything I say to make sure I'm not offending anyone. I'm sure I'll get over it--as soon as someone does get offended, at which point I shall say to myself Mari, you idiot, what have you done? and lose sleep for days. Er, nights.

(Mom just called to say I have two packages waiting for me at home from Silver Jewelry Club. Was that CRUEL or what?!)
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I have no faith in humanity.

Thus, it is election day, and I am just slightly afraid.

I got up bright and early and voted soon after the polling place opened; I was geeky enough to plan my outfit today so as to show off my "I VOTED!" sticker to the best advantage.

On a completely different note, I realized last night that one of the worst things that could happen to me in life--not counting the death of family or friends--would be my house burning down. I have so many things that could never be replaced even if I had unlimited money. Great-grandma's shawl, which forms a swag above my closet. Great-grandpa's books. Photographs. Things my friends have made. All my stories, journals, quote books. It scares me to think of losing those things. And even the things that I could replace, it would take so long to feel the same connection with. Each book that I have, I really love that particular copy of the book because of where I bought it, or who gave it to me, or where I was when I read it, or what I underlined. I couldn't like another copy so well. I could buy ten black shirts, and none of them would be My Favorite Black Shirt That I Bought With Hannah At a Marvelous Sale and got for $1.50. You see?

Maybe I like my stuff too much, or maybe I just have a weakness for being too attached to inanimate objects. Or maybe they are one and the same.

To end:

[Poll #377446]

[EDIT: I'll post the correct answers to a couple of those questions in a day or two. Stay tuned.]
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Sunday there was a very hidious bowl of wooden fruit on the communion table, including a too-small pinapple, a banana, two Apple-Like Things, and a mango (?) that looked frighteningly like a kidney.

I have never known a mango to look remotely like a kidney before. Perhaps it was some other "exotic" fruit.

I've had a paid account for about a month now, and I still haven't made any polls yet. Time to change that. This one would go on my other LJ, but it's only an humble free one.

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I bought a lovely old copy of Anna Karinina for a quarter yesterday. Unfortunantly, the one time I tried to read it, I hated it. But it was such a beautiful old copy that I couldn't resist!
[Poll #250506]

On to other things. Such as the Solemn Thought of the Day. (Found in Gold Dust, a book I inherited from my Great-grandfather, which was printed in 1901.)

One more solemn thought: How old are you? Nineteen. Have you reckoned the number of minutes that have elapsed since your birth? The number is startling: nine millions, three hundred and thirty-three thousand, two hundred. ...Each of those minutes has flown to God; God has examined them and weighed them and for them you must give account.

I'm nineteen. And that's a scary thought.
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Last night I was bold enough to don a pair of black, ankle high zip-up boots with four inch heels, which I Would Never Have Bought Myself, Honest, and went to a concert. Probably everyone will laugh when I say that hearing good, real bluegrass music live in a crowded church is almost a religious experience. I went to see the Franz Family. It was an experience only topped by seeing Doyal Lawson and Quicksilver in the same circumstances--they are The Best, trumpped only occasionally by Red Wine, who sometimes win out just because they're Italian.

The father was slightly too jovial and fake-hickish (since when is being from Arkansas something to exploit? And they're orginally from Nebraska, so that doesn't even count!) But the mother was an EmmyLou Harris lookalike, and the children incredibly talented. The oldest is only 22, and plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and violin, with a fine tenor voice to boot. The 20 year old with the strange name of Hadley plays whatever his older brother isn't at the moment. Audra, who is my age, plays mandolin wonderfully, writes songs, and then sings them in her beautiful, soulful, almost Alicia Keys-type voice. And she can hold a note longer then anyone I've heard except Michael Crawford, but while his are merely painful to hear, her's are beautiful. The Beatles-haired 17 year old plays dobro better then a lot of adults I've heard. As a trivia fact, he also has metal plates and screws in his leg and jaw, which is why he rattles when he walks. So they say. (And thus was born my favorite song that they sang: "Blessed Is The Man That Does Not Hurt Himself While Sledding." Olivia is the youngest, 15, and sings while looking older then her oldest brother.

As always after an experience like this, I get the Longing to go Do Something Like That. Not that I'd particularly enjoy spending 200 days out of the year on the road. But I know the joy and exhilaration of being on a stage doing something you love, and being good at it. And it's adictive. So maybe it's a good thing I wasn't born into such a family. I'd probably turn into a insufferable brat.

My second poll:
[Poll #247842]
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To kick off my new status as a paid accounter: Many Icons and a poll!

I'd be really, really happy if you guys checked out my icons: both "smile" and "joy" are from pictures taken during my stay at Gwen B's (I promise, some pics will be posted eventually!). And [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives made the GIF Eowyn one, and I didn't precisely ask her if I could use it yet. *bashful smile* I'll take it down, dear, if you wanted it for yourself. =)

[livejournal.com profile] equuschick, like the rum one? I'm working on making you something similiar-but-different. =)

Now, I shall see if I can figure out this poll thing.

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