Jul. 19th, 2007 10:18 am
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The trolls are out! Beware of LJ communities if you want to stay unspoiled. They're hitting all sorts of random communities that have nothing to do with HP. Just warning you.

(I did happen upon one; scanned it slightly and wish I hadn't, but I frankly think it was all fake because if it was real, that's a really lame ending.) 

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So I had this wonderful idea that if HP7 wasn't coming out on a Saturday, I'd host a all-night HP7 Readathon, where we would all sit about on comfortable pillows and help keep each other awake with food and drink and chocolate chips and read the whole book in one night, straight through, because, behold, this is the End of an Era and we'll only get the chance to do this once, and maybe the accountability would keep me from peeking at the end ahead of time.

Only, yanno, there is the little problem of it being Saturday night and having to make it to church in the morning, and that minor bit about all but one of the people I'd invite living hundreds of miles away. Things like that.

So [personal profile] savetheolives and I decided that we would hold such a party -- in spirit. While our bodies peacefully slumber on the night of the 21st, our spirits will be reading HP7 and scarfing chocolate and pinching each other to stay away at three in the morning. Hilarity ensues, etc. 

Anybody want to join us? The lovely thing about this party is that the room expands, quite like magic, to hold as many as wish to come!
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So there are only three ways Harry Potter can end this July. 

I really can't wait to find out.
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Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday; I am surrounded by sweet people on all sides, it seems. I received flowers for the first and second times today (neither from young men, don't get excited), and Carolyn made me delicious triple chocolate brownies, and Sandra gave me the cutest card and a beautiful blank book to write memories in. I love the people I work with.

And my parents treated me to lunch today, even though we did our official celebrating yesterday. It was GOOD. Very, very good.

I plan to post pictures of Various Things very soon.

I finished HP6 early this morning. It was good. I'm dying for my friends to finish it so that I might discuss it with them. Now I. Want. The. Last. Book.

It is cruel, where she left the ending.
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I know who is killed in HP6.

Heh. [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives, please don't you dare say anything. I'm glad I know, SO THERE.

And no, no hints, no winkling it out, even thought I suspect most of you don't want to know until you can read it for yourself.

...hm. Must say I'm not too surprised.
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We just received our pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince books. They are sitting here in a stack, looking at me.

It is a great, great temptation.
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I've been lazy and not writing...

I turned 19 with no problem; the day before was a mess and the days after were almost equally awful, but the Day Of was carefree and fun and actually contained a few surprises. (I have this awful propensity for accidentally overhearing things I shouldn't. I hate it! I wish people would understand that I have EARS that can HEAR and take their secret conversations a little further away, as it means I almost always find out what my presents are before hand.)

I was surprised with a party with some Really Great People and I ate lots of yummy food and saw movies and yes, opened gifts that I sometimes knew beforehand, and sometimes not.

Now for Harry Potter. Slight spoilers for those who haven't read it yet )

Sunday night the choir performed in our most upscale church yet. We were videoed and real-time projected onto two large screens, lol. It was pretty funny, actually. But we had a good sound system and most wonderfulest of all, feedback moniters. I hate using mikes without them, but this is the first time we've gotten them to *work* during a performance. Everyone clapped lots and then we got to shake lots of people's hands and probably got lots of germs.

Last night we went in a recorded our CD. It went much faster then anyone expected; we did exceptionally well (for us) and only had to repeat about four songs, out of twenty. The guy was really nice and seemed impressed and said he'd have a rough cut version in about a week for us to listen to and decide on the song order and so on. Oh yes, and he had Really Neat Equipment. I see what Marv always preferred being in the sound room fiddling with dials then singing out front.

There was a thunderstorm early this morning. I like night time thunderstorms. Even more then the peacefulness of hearing rain beating on my window, I love the coolness and calm it brings after: I just went out for a little, here it is, not even seven in the morning yet and I've been outside! I'm rarely even up by this time most mornings. But it's the morning version of twilight, and the air was cool agaist my skin, and everything vibrant green and wet.

And I found a Guilty turtle. A VERY Guilty turtle. He was unfortunant enough to have fallen on his back directly under the almost-ripe tomato and half-eaten tomato that he had spent most of the night nibbling on. I didn't move him. I'll let dad see his guilt and decide his fate. =)
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I just got my hands on HP#5!! Yay!

(Did I get it before you did, [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives?)

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