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Citrus-scented Rice with Fresh Basil
Used lime juice instead of orange, added a smidge of canned ham, smelled the resulting combination and thought it was weird and I probably wouldn't like it. I ate it for lunch two days in a row and LOVED it.

Thai Chicken with Basil
Mmmm. Added some masala and red pepper paste.

Lime Sugar Cookies
A little solid but really quite good. I love the lime. However: why is it that cookie dough always tastes better unbaked? Seriously you should make these cookies and just eat the dough. It is divine.

Half the dough I added a bit more flour and some food coloring to and made these (I've been waiting ALL YEAR for this.)

Cowboy Cookies

These are really good. The end.

Puffed-up Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Not worth making. The end.

And in conclusion: My kittens are adorable.

'nuff said

Sep. 14th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Isn't she a sweetheart? Little Shy is no longer quite so little nor so shy.
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My feet are freezing because my STUPID cat decided to take his STUPID FURRY LITTLE SELF outside when I wasn't looking, meaning that a barefoot me had to chase him in the dark, through wet grass and in and around fallen trees and finally CLIMB A TREE to rescue him from his own stupidity.

He really should thank me.

Also, among all the other firsts that happened today: I got yelled at in French for the first time. In person AND on the phone. Go me!
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I present to you the next installment of the Stupid Sign Series: unfortunately, it was out of reach of my Red Pen of DOOM. Also, it was on the side of a busy highway and I might have gotten picked up for vandalism. Alas, for it hurts my brain to see this errant apostrophe.

My cat ... is an intellectual cat.
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Mother and baby.

Goldie checks out the new arrivals.

All in a heap!

So helpless ... so tiny ... so squee-worthy

Sorry for wonky html; it's LJ's bug and not my fault. =P
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Hagen is lucky I didn't kill him tonight.

I was taking some pictures using the delay, so the camera was setting on top of the dresser. Hagen, who never does this sort of thing, really, decided to streeeeetttch his furry paws up and up and ... oops! Tumbling went the camera. First time in four (how long have I had it?) years that it's been dropped. The lense stuck and error messages flashed and I thought I'M GOING TO KILL THAT CAT!

And then I thought, oh, actually, this would be the excuse I need to go buy that other camera I've been wanting but couldn't justify.

And then Hagen started acting all cute and I thought I love this cat.

And then I fixed the camera, so no new plaything for me after all.


Nov. 12th, 2007 11:25 pm
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Ate all my meals outdoors, criss-crossed ankles with scratches during an ill-advised romp through a bramble patch, and chased down Hagen, who has suddenly become an escape artist obsessed with the outdoors, five times.

Corollary: scolded cat soundly five times. Response: absolute indifference, did we expect anything else?

Now: listening to the rain.
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* Unusually, I have had dreams every night this week. All but one has been bad, and most of those bad ones have centered around library things, particularly irate patrons (including one who told me that my clothes were too revealing, at which point my dream-self threatened to sue her for sexual harrassment.) I regard this with interest and slight amusement.

* Chatty, the little black kitten, has taken to propelling herself up as if by jet power and latching onto the window screens with all the force of velcro. I should discourage her (read: squirt her with water), but she just looks so darn cute staring in at me with all four legs splayed out and her little nose pressed to the screen.

* Hagen loves having the windows open. He sits on the sills and meows at nothing. For hours.

* I thought I didn't have anything to say this morning, but I'm doing pretty well so far?

* A few days ago the weather changed -- bye bye to humidity and heat! It's been dry and mild ever since. The changing of the seasons isn't usually this dramatic ... I like to ease into fall gradually, I think. But it's still beautiful.

* It's time to go to work. I'm glad it's Friday. :) Maybe now the library-mares will stop!
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I call this
I call this "A Girl, a Dog, an Almost-Invisible Cat, and a pair of Boots."

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... through an improbable series of events, beginning with my picking her up just to keep her from getting stepped on but "absolutely not keeping her, promise, cross my heart" and ending with "well, we might as well have an inside cat and an outside cat" from dad, I have aquired a very tiny coal-black kitten. My mother dubbed her Chatterbox for her incessant mewling, which hushed as soon as she realized she'd found somebody to love and take care of her. But the name will stick, because it's the first time my non-pet-person mother has ever voluntarily named a pet.

Welcome to the world, baby girl!

She's very tiny and very cuddleable, with a sweet and spunky

Us three girls. (Goldy, softie that she is, always gets along wonderfully
with cats, particularly when they are introduced to her as young'uns. She
mothers them to death. )
Let's hear it, now: awwwww!

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"There .. was .. a .. mighty ..." storm. I had to crawl along at 30 MPH most of the way home, but just as I was deciding to pull over and wait for the rain to abate before starting up into the hills towards home, it let up and I was able to make it in time for dinner after all. 

Later I looked outside to find that the sky had turned a brilliant shade of tangerine. I took pictures, but I'm too lazy to post any tonight.

I am happy to report that my imaginative life is alive and well. In fact, I bet my imaginary world is better that your imaginary world! I should start writing again. I've let that slip. 

I'm so happy to see so many of my friends in relationships, and married, and about to be married, and engaged, and with someone they love ... I know sometimes there's the worry that your single friends are sick of hearing about your love, but let me tell you: I'm not. It's a beautiful thing, and it makes me so happy to see my friends happy. :) 

Anyone know of  a good way to rid a cat of fleas? They are stubborn little buggers. I've resorted to frequent baths, which we all hate. It kills me to see him looking like a drowned otter, but it's that or mom threatens to kick him out. Well, probably not really, but she's being very generous to even let him be an inside cat at all, the darling creature, as she's really not a pet person at all. 

How can you not be a pet person?!

I found a new drink obsession today: Dole's fruit sparklers. They're not full of sugar, taste good, and have at least a bit of nutritional value, especially compared to the super-sweet caramel latte I thought I wanted. 

Goodness gracious, look at the time. This girl has got to go accomplish something in life!

Edit: I just decided that I hate this icon. That's all.

Two things

Mar. 10th, 2007 10:00 pm
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Hagen has gotten so vocal lately. He used to not make a peep and now he can be positively persistent in meowing -- especially when hungry, which seems to be most of the time, but also for many other unapparent reasons. He will also meow on command into the phone for [personal profile] savetheolives, heehee. But it makes me wonder if he's doing this because we talk to him all the time? 

I have trouble remembering how old I am. Sometimes I think I'm already twenty-three, but more often I have to catch myself from answering "how old are you?" with twenty-one, or even twenty. Twenty-two seems like such an odd, in-between number, almost as if it doesn't exist.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 07:31 pm
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Me: feeling much improved. I feel I might actually recover at some point in life after all.

Question to [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmaid: how feasible is it that I can wear hoops all day at work Thursday? Any special tricks I should know? (As for why, that's a long story, but I'm not one to turn down an excuse to go out in public dressed up oddly. I'm thinking about going out to eat in it just to watch people look at me funny.)

Weather: cold.

Library advice: Please don't underline in your library books. It takes me at least an hour of work to remove underlining from a book you particularly enjoyed, providing you had the decency to use a pencil in the first place.

Projects: It makes me feel unsettled knowing they are waiting, undone, for me, but on the other hand I got a lot of little nagging ones completed today. And that makes me feel better.

Tomorrow: we start the installation of our new windows!

Need: food. But I don't know what to have.

Why I ended up being pulled down the driveway on my rear by the dog: I sat down as a preventative measure. That is all. The driveway was ice, she saw the neighbor's dogs. I held onto my hat and off we went. Wheeee!
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Copywrite Notice

When you write copy, you have the right to copyright the copy you write, if the copy is right. If however, your copy falls over, you must right your copy. If you write religious services you write rite, and have the right to copyright the rite you write.

Very conservative people write right copy, and have the right to copyright the right copy they write. A right wing cleric would write right rite, and has the right to copyright the right rite he has the right to write. His editor has the job of making the right rite copy right before the copyright can be right.

Should Thom Wright decide to write right rite, then Wright would write right rite, which Wright has the right to copyright. Duplicating that rite would copy Wright right rite, and violate copyright, which Wright would have the right to right. Right?


And in other news, it's a wonderful day, my phone has a new battery, my dad defended me to someone on a subject he had previously berated me on, two guys in a car with Texas plates waved wildly at me on the highway, and I need advice on how to give a cat a bath. Because I don't think it's going to be pretty.

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[MOM and DAD walk out the door.]

[MOM pokes head back in through the doorway.]

MOM: Do you want me to call when we're on our way back?

MARI: No, that's okay, I don't plan to be doing anything bad that I need time to hide the evidence of. Not today.

[MOM leaves.]

[MOM's head reappears.]

MOM: By the way, the camper shell is for sale for $50.

MARI: If I sell it, can I keep the money?

MOM: Doubt it.

[MARI is motherly.]

MARI: Be careful! Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

MOM and DAD: *smothered laughter*


Why has Hagen suddenly decided that it's cool to hang out in wastebaskets?

I think it's going to be a very happy Saturday.
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I'm working on convincing the guys to make me a sword for the 19th. Er, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and all that.

Hagen soaking up the sun on my bed.

A lady pirate shirt, some pirate bling, and a quirky attitude.

I LIKE pirate bling.

As does the Hagen-cat.

Here, let me kiss you.

Eww! People kisses! (Notice the catly disgust.)

We shall glower together instead. Argh!

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The only way I could fit a walk in today was by leaving in the pitch darkness of the pre-dawn, when it looks blacker than black from the inside, but once amongst it there is a curious transparency to the air.

I took Hagen to be neutered this morning. Poor wee thing. What a bad day he's had - it started out with me shutting his paw in a drawer. 

Today's going to be crazy. I can feel it in my bones.
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Lesson for today: putting bandaids on a cat doesn't work. [profile] equuschick, remember when your sister managed to cut her foot so badly on a disposable razer? Hagen was playing around in the shower while I cleaned the bathroom today, and started batting a razer around before I realized the blade was uncovered. He sliced open one of the pads on his right front paw. =\ I've had a time keeping him off the furniture and carpets while waiting for it to stop bleeding. Like I said - bandaids do not work. Lol.

I cleaned today. Top to bottom, left to right, front to back. I discovered that I rather like cleaning house. Never thought that would happen.

[profile] tosayhello, you have made me one very happy Italian-wannabe woman today. =) What a sweet thing to do, combining three of my favorite things in one: mail, Italy, and antiques! *happy* Btw, you have such  lovely handwriting. I'm ashamed to send you anything now. =)

I've been watching the BBC version of North and South (which is wonderful!), so now I am walking around talking with a British accent and am thinking I'll sit down and write some letters. With a quill pen.

Guess what time it was before I ate my first meal of the day? 2:30. But it tasted wonderful. Tonight I'm having french vanilla pudding. What should I embellish it with? Kaluah comes to mind. Possibly dried cranberries. Offer me suggestions! 

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I've been meaning to post all day, but Other Things happened and time slipped by. Meanwhile, I cleaned off my desk, which in Mari-speak means that I found a whole host of scraps of paper with notes on things I've been meaning to tell you all.

That is to say, this is a warning that this post may cover many and varied topics which will not relate to each other in any way. It's hard to write nice transitions when there is no logical way one paragraph connects to the next. Just saying.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I found a baby mouse swimming around in the toilet bowl. That was too much of a mental challange that early in the morning and I had to wake mom up to ask her what to do. Really, what is the proper action to be taken when one finds a mouse in the toilet?

(Mum was very brave and fished it out and put it in an old butter dish with the lid on tight, mostly to prove to dad that we hadn't been hallucinating.)

I've taken up a new project at the library (please don't say I don't need yet another massive project: I know that!) I'm going through the entire fiction section, book by book, and checking each volume for condition and age and usage, and repairing what needs fixing and discarding what we don't need. I started at Z. I'm not quite through with Woods yet. *facepalm* But I like the thought that when I am through, 1) the collection will be in excellent  better condition, and 2) I will have touched every single book.

(Also, it allows me to discover all the books I would like to read.)

Hagen has a new favorite play thing: a pair of purple socks. He loves them and drags them around in his mouth--only he's so small yet, he ends up tripping all over them and rolling around like a deranged rabbit. I gave them to him because I decided I was really too old to be wearing purple socks, especially when these are purple socks I have had since I was ten. (I see the odd looks. I dislike socks, wear them as infrequently as possible, and therefore it is entirely possible for me to keep a pair of socks twelve years.) (At least they don't have lace around the top!)

The Little Orphan Annie comic strip creeps me out. It's the blank eyes, I think.

I saw today that I have four copies of The Hobbit. Is that a bit much? I feel maybe that's one too many. So I'm getting rid of one copy.

Gym update: very successful, if successful = sore muscles. I, um, never realized just how puny I was before. It's pretty embarressing to see a 70 year old guy handling three times the weight I could manage. But that'll change now, uh huh. Every Friday. I'm excited about this. Yet another thing that's changed...(how does it work that I feel about the same as three years ago when most of the major things in life have changed?)

(As you can see, I have no rule about using a lot of parentheses.)

Now I'm ready for some quality time with my books. Goodnight, all.

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There is something very elemental about picking grapes in the dawn light. 

And something very sweet about having a kitten curled up under your chin all night. 

I found a magazine that I absolutely adore called Mental_Floss. "Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix." Bwahaha. I really do love it. I have two issues, and now I just have to find the time to read them. 

Tonight I'm taking a late supper hour so that I can go to an organ concert. Yay!

Only ten more days before I get to see somebody special! 

Go encourage somebody at Alissa's anonymous encouragment post. There are a lot of names of wonderful people that haven't shown up yet.

Do you know why my eye is swollen? Me neither.

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