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This is what mothers are for:

To come in not-so-late at night into the daughter's room and find the reading light on, the candles burning, the bedtime snack of gourmet cocoa and ghirardelli chocolates only half-eaten, and the bed littered with many books in various states of being read.

And a daughter fast asleep in the middle of it all.

*facepalm* I never fall asleep accidentally, I just never do! 


It's raining! Bad for other labor-dayers, but I am loving it

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I've been meaning to post all day, but Other Things happened and time slipped by. Meanwhile, I cleaned off my desk, which in Mari-speak means that I found a whole host of scraps of paper with notes on things I've been meaning to tell you all.

That is to say, this is a warning that this post may cover many and varied topics which will not relate to each other in any way. It's hard to write nice transitions when there is no logical way one paragraph connects to the next. Just saying.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I found a baby mouse swimming around in the toilet bowl. That was too much of a mental challange that early in the morning and I had to wake mom up to ask her what to do. Really, what is the proper action to be taken when one finds a mouse in the toilet?

(Mum was very brave and fished it out and put it in an old butter dish with the lid on tight, mostly to prove to dad that we hadn't been hallucinating.)

I've taken up a new project at the library (please don't say I don't need yet another massive project: I know that!) I'm going through the entire fiction section, book by book, and checking each volume for condition and age and usage, and repairing what needs fixing and discarding what we don't need. I started at Z. I'm not quite through with Woods yet. *facepalm* But I like the thought that when I am through, 1) the collection will be in excellent  better condition, and 2) I will have touched every single book.

(Also, it allows me to discover all the books I would like to read.)

Hagen has a new favorite play thing: a pair of purple socks. He loves them and drags them around in his mouth--only he's so small yet, he ends up tripping all over them and rolling around like a deranged rabbit. I gave them to him because I decided I was really too old to be wearing purple socks, especially when these are purple socks I have had since I was ten. (I see the odd looks. I dislike socks, wear them as infrequently as possible, and therefore it is entirely possible for me to keep a pair of socks twelve years.) (At least they don't have lace around the top!)

The Little Orphan Annie comic strip creeps me out. It's the blank eyes, I think.

I saw today that I have four copies of The Hobbit. Is that a bit much? I feel maybe that's one too many. So I'm getting rid of one copy.

Gym update: very successful, if successful = sore muscles. I, um, never realized just how puny I was before. It's pretty embarressing to see a 70 year old guy handling three times the weight I could manage. But that'll change now, uh huh. Every Friday. I'm excited about this. Yet another thing that's changed...(how does it work that I feel about the same as three years ago when most of the major things in life have changed?)

(As you can see, I have no rule about using a lot of parentheses.)

Now I'm ready for some quality time with my books. Goodnight, all.

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My mom just followed my lead and collected all her yearly booklists into one notebook. She made a discovery. I've read more books in five years than she has in twenty-one.


She thinks that when I have a family, I too will stop reading. I say not. Check back in ten years and we'll see who's right. Does the fact that I'd rather go without sleep than without reading time each day give points in my favor?

I have a strange car. Some days it smells like barbeque and some days it smells like french fries. 

And I'm irked that computer keyboard number pads start with one at the bottom left corner, but telephone numbers have one at the top left. No wonder I always type in the wrong ISBNs when ordering books and Carolyn dials the wrong telephone numbers.

Off to the reading, then. Nevermind the hour. 

*waves farewell*
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Has anybody gotten a chickenpox vaccination as an adult? I'm looking into it. I've evidentally never been vaccinated (even as a child), and I've never had the chickenpox, either.

As I was walking in from the post office a random guy accosted me. Hi! How are you! Long time no see! ...I'm pretty sure I've never seen him before in my life.

Just did five takes for the commercial. *facepalm* Further proof I wasn't meant to go into the acting world. [livejournal.com profile] elveneyes38, I admire you for that. (And a bunch of other things!)

Edit: Happy! Mom had mentioned she'd like me to search online to find the book The Mighty Whirlwind (about the Palm Sunday tornados mom lived through in Indiana). It's out of print and didn't have a large print run, so any copies that are out there are hugely expensive--some even $150. I had just called her to tell her that, and she decided she didn't want it badly enough to pay that much, when I found one copy on alibris.com for less than $30! It'll be a Mother's Day surprise. =) Perfect!
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Tonight for supper I think I shall have cooked broccoli with butter and salt and pistachio pudding.

Hey. I'll be able to tell my mother honestly that I had something green.

We just will not mention that it was not green and leafy.


Jul. 15th, 2005 10:03 am
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-My mom is having surgery on her varicose veins today. It shouldn't be a big deal, but please pray that it works well, without any unexpected happenings, and the recovery time will be as quick as they say.

-I get the afternoon at home. Yay!

-I will try to be as productive at home as I was at work yesterday and today. Keep your fingers crossed.
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Yoplait has a new kind of yogurt--Whips Chocolate Mousse Style, in chocolate, chocolate cherry, and chocolate raspberry. As soon as I'm hungry enough to justify eating one, I'm going to. I'm dying to open it now, but I just finished lunch. That would be foolish.

I think I've convinced my mother to spend her Saturday with me, galavanting hither and yon to places like Wal-Mart (picture developing, yay!), the gun museum (guns, yay! Civil War reinactors, yay! A Guard booth, yay!), and Goodwill (a treasure hunt of clothes, yay!). I kind of hate to give up my one day of the week at home, but....if I don't, I'll never get to do anything fun. (Except for the Civil War Fashion Show and Brunch, which all of the library staff is going to go to Thursday morning before we open. More yay!ness.)

My slingbacks are stylish, but they're starting to hurt. Ah well. One must suffer in order to be beautiful.

I can never decide if that's a great philosophical statement or just foolishness.

Not sure what this proves one way or the other, but I have a jaunty (and classy and beautiful) scarf on, and it doesn't hurt a bit.
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I took the ACT this morning, and I have a feeling that I'm going to make some people mad at me, but I ENJOYED it. I've always liked tests where you fill in the little bubbles. The only bad part was getting done 10-15 minutes ahead of time on each test and having to just sit there. And the funnies bit was hearing the rules read before each and every test and being told again and again that (paraphrasing [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives), "If you so much as touch your booklet before I tell you to, you will be taken out and summarily executed!" Bwaha.

Hopefully I can find out the scores tomorrow. I think they'll be pretty good. I thought the test was easier then the practice ones I'd been working on.

Afterwards mom and I spend the afternoon shopping (my loot: a book by the jug-of-wine/loaf-of-bread/and-thou guy [Omar what'shisname, that guy!], a nice shirt, comfortable and stylish shoes, and a lovely little strand of pearls), and eating out, and searching for a bookstore-that-wasn't-there and having lovely mother-daughter time. I like my mom, especially on the days like this when we really truely relate as adults. And it makes me feel so good that she honestly enjoys doing things like this with me, as if I were her best girlfriend. *hugs her mommy*
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Bwaha. My employer just called (again) asking how you forward emails with attachments, and how you scan a picture and attach it to an email. (Yes, she's sort of...clueless. I'm amazed that she manages to do as much as she does on her computer.) Anyway, this funny not because she's so inept, but because because I apparently successfully bluffed my way through it. I've never used Outlook Express. I've never used a scanner, either. But she did what I said and it *worked*. HeeHEE!

I've always thought I can comprehend well what I read, even though I read fast. Now I wonder. Today I was half way through the first chapter of a book about a man named Jamas before I realized that his name wasn't James. **face in hands**

Mom and I are having a great time with our week alone. I just hope the boys are all right without us! It's a little freaky knowing they're so far away (Pikes Peak) out in the middle of practically nowhere, and we won't hear from them until they get back. Ack.

I'm also realizing (much as I enjoy this week of just-us) that men are handy to have around. I hadn't mowed the yard in ages until yesterday. Do. Not. Like. Mowing. It's hot. It's sticky. It contains lots of bug bites and Itching (five mosquito bites on the right ankle alone; and on me they swell up to dime sized lumps and itch like anything...). Mowing is, yes, better left to the men. Anyone want to volunteer?

Other then that, we're doing just fine. =) Spent yesterday mostly just loafing around...no, I take that back. We defrosted both large freezers and I cut out and sewed up most of a new dress (oh, so pretty! I can't wait to wear it.) But neither of those were on the List of Things To Get Done While Without the Trouble of Boys Being Around. Maybe later today after we get done running around town. ; )

Next time I post it should be a very ecstatic me from [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives house. =D =D

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