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Hi. I want a White Stripes album. 

My grandmother has quit fixing grandpa food to eat, even when he asks her to. We finally noticed he's been living on ice cream and cookies for the past weeks, since it's about the only thing he can get for himself. I think that, and her increasingly hostile attitude towards him, is just her way of being in denial that he's getting weaker and weaker, but...honestly. Spend sixty years together, and when it comes to the end you get all angry and neglectful? Poor grandpa just sits around looking like a wounded puppy all the time.

(Don't worry, now that we've realized, we're taking care of feeding him. No matter how angry grandma gets, which is VERY.)

The house-hunting bug has bitten me bad. I want a teeny tiny brick house with a teeny tiny yard. And teeny tiny rooms I can fill with books, and invite people over to sit on big pillows on the floor because I haven't enough chairs. It would be a great big Wonderful. I have no intention of moving out just yet, but I think that's my goal to seriously work and plan towards. It's very, very possible. The town I work in is fully of teeny tiny brick houses just as I described. I could be within walking distance from church and the park, and three minutes away from work and most stores. And the coffee shop! And a mere seven minutes from Wal-Mart, which is the important thing. 

The boys have colds. I'm almost wanting to catch it so I can take some sick days. 

Can someone tell me - is it easy to disconnect a CD drive in a desktop computer? How would I do that? We have one at work where the drive is constantly trying to open and shut and generally not working. I'd like to just fix the problem if I could.

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I'm so happy today it's almost funny. It is funny. Because I'm happy.


-leave work for the week at 1:30 after arriving late (hurray for short days!)
-pick up coffee
-drink said coffee and read Mere Christianity
-go to the gym
-go home and deep clean

I'm in such a cleaning-up-throwing-out mode, it's hilarious. I'm not that kind of person, although the older I get the more I really do care about having things neat and organized.

Let's hope all this pays off and I find those missing batteries.

And then Saturday I have to do taxes. Bah. Not so much fun.
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Yoplait has a new kind of yogurt--Whips Chocolate Mousse Style, in chocolate, chocolate cherry, and chocolate raspberry. As soon as I'm hungry enough to justify eating one, I'm going to. I'm dying to open it now, but I just finished lunch. That would be foolish.

I think I've convinced my mother to spend her Saturday with me, galavanting hither and yon to places like Wal-Mart (picture developing, yay!), the gun museum (guns, yay! Civil War reinactors, yay! A Guard booth, yay!), and Goodwill (a treasure hunt of clothes, yay!). I kind of hate to give up my one day of the week at home, but....if I don't, I'll never get to do anything fun. (Except for the Civil War Fashion Show and Brunch, which all of the library staff is going to go to Thursday morning before we open. More yay!ness.)

My slingbacks are stylish, but they're starting to hurt. Ah well. One must suffer in order to be beautiful.

I can never decide if that's a great philosophical statement or just foolishness.

Not sure what this proves one way or the other, but I have a jaunty (and classy and beautiful) scarf on, and it doesn't hurt a bit.
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Today is draaaaging. Weird. Since I'm usually way too busy at work to be bored.

I guess it's because I know I have a fun afternoon--or at least an afternoon--to myself. Some picture taking, some food, some conversation. And yes, there is that cleaning...but even that will be fun when I can blast music and behave like the crazy person I am because no one will be there to see me.

I'm going to wash my car today. I derive enormous satisfaction from washing my car these days. Ditto the fishtank. Awww. I love my little Kev.

Don't look at me like that, I didn't say anything! *cowers*

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