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After a week or two of carrying around both phones, and after spending half an hour on hold today with AT&T, I have finally canceled my old cell service and am officially a Verizon girl now. :)
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For behold, after an absence of ten years, give or take, she has once again found a radio station that carries Thistle and Shamrock.

Now you know where she'll be every Saturday night at seven.
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FIRST, I am so excited about the upcoming nuptials of [profile] equuschick and her Man With No LJ that I have to express it here as well: SQUEE!

SECOND ... no, there is no second. There's just me talking. There were storms all night, which was wonderful, and then our early-morning plans for rising at six-thirty to walk in the cool of the day were thwarted when we rose to find that it was still storming.*

So this one went straight back to bed where I stayed until nine. Last night I prayed that God would ease my mental and physical weariness; I didn't expect Him to answer by diverting storms to hover over my bedroom for twelve hours, but there you go: our God is an awesome God.**

* It wasn't the rain that stopped us, but the lightening. Walking in the rain is a delightful experience. Lightening, not so much.

** In a completely non-cheesy way totally unconnected to any praise and worship songs that you may or may not have heard

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See, [personal profile] savetheolives, [personal profile] beccabug33, and [profile] windandtherain made me really hyper last night, and when I woke up I was still hyper (it still took me half an hour to get out of bed after the alarm rang: this IS my hyper morning face) which meant that instead of stumbling around blearily for an hour I stumbled around blearily for half an hour and then did imitation salsa moves to the music of Los Super Seven. The windows are open, "the morning air is all awash with angels", and I ate a bowl of strawberries with cream.

Also: I have chapstick.
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I was absolutely shocked when I checked my email this afternoon and found that some kind person had paid for my LJ account (AND extra user pics) this year.

I don't know who you are, Anonymous, but my thanks are as sincere as if I did. What a way to spread joy. :)  Consider yourself hugged!

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The power is back on!

I can walk from room to room and flip on lights as I go!

I can listen to the radio!

And check my email!
(And it's snowing, a beautiful snow. 'Lil Baby cat's first, too. Her black fur, fluffed to the max, looks so cute against the flakes.)
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On the way home tonight I mostly kept my eyes on the bank of clouds (thankfully directly ahead of my path) where God was putting on a lightening show to rival any of man's fireworks displays. Beautiful. 

I got a package from Australia today, sent by our very own [personal profile] blackswans! For the first time in my life, though, I am being a very, very good girl and waiting to open all my presents at my birthday dinner. Alas, this package almost ruined my resolve. It's not every day something comes from across the seas, you know. "Air mail" -- don't the words just thrill?

So maybe weird things make me happy. Leave me be in my randomly happy little bubble!


May. 7th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Ho hum, what a boring day, absolutely nothing interesting has happened all day, in fact, all I've managed to do so far this Monday is break a toe and buy a car.

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I wish everyone could be as happy as I am tonight. :)

This is joy.

Ah, bliss

Apr. 13th, 2007 08:40 pm
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Four words for you: cold sangria, hot bath.

So I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" tonight. I liked it in the same way that I liked the book -- it fascinates me, but is horrifying and depressing at the same time. I read a book last month, Fame Junkies, that talked about why the personal assistants to celebrities do what they do, often giving up their life to be at the beck and call of their employer, doing the most menial, stupid, and often nigh impossible tasks while considering themselves fortunate because, oh my gosh, I get to be close to X famous person(s). 

I have a real problem with people who think that by virtue of their fame, wealth, or influence they are above the rules and allowed to treat people like dirt. And I have a problem with the people who let them get away with it.
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It's Friday the 13th and I am having a wonderful day. :)
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- Last night on impulse I did my taxes. In 30 minutes. This is happy because usually I put it off as long as possible -- now it's not hanging over my head. (Of course, how much I have to pay is unhappy.) 

- My trip to see [profile] crystallia and [personal profile] ransomedsea in two weeks is a go! My parents don't seem too apprehensive about Little Girl road-tripping alone (well, not too) and I am definitely looking forward to a little adventuring. I spent all morning on the phone with salvage yards tracking down a car part I need, and as soon a I get that (dad offered to go pick it up for me, bless his heart, since I literally have no two hour period of time to spare between now and then) then I shall rest easy. 

- My mother's birthday tea party is coming along well. Did I mention I'm throwing her a tea Saturday? It's going to be so girly and lovely, if a lot of work. I'll take lots of pictures. :) I love hosting elegant events.

- Our new kitchen and dining room floor is going in right now! It's beautiful.

- Quiznos for supper. Flatbread pizza. YUM.
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I went walking up a country road and heard someone playing an oboe solo on their front porch. If I were [personal profile] savetheolives, I'd know what classical piece it was. It was beautiful: the spring air, the pines, the music and me.

I bought an expensive but perfect girly-but-professional skirt suit for half price. (It has pink satin detailing!)

I figured out the French song that's been haunting me! Milord by Edith Piaf.  It feels so good to have that figured out.

I made salmon for dinner. :)
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I got a big box in the mail today. Inside it I found ...

I do believe it is a hat!

I adore this hat.

It makes me look quite mysterious, don't you think?

THANK YOU, [profile] jkgeroo! (proper real thank-you note coming soon in the mail
but I couldn't resist the opportunity to picture-post first. ;))
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When I got home I found waiting for me:

Chocolates from [personal profile] savetheolives. GOOD chocolates. And a card!

A letter from [personal profile] elvishcalarilme, which gives me the perfect excuse for writing back. =)

My AAA card, finally, only hours after I called to complain that I hadn't gotten it yet and made them send me another one. *facepalm*

A box from  Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, which contained a number of fantastic books at even more fantastic prices.  *squee*

More credit card offers. I get at least one a day now. It's annoying but also in some strange way sort of a rite of adulthood. I get great satisfaction in throwing them away. 

And if we're counting electronic mail as well ... 40 41 emails in 20 minutes between a certain best friend and myself.  Woohoo!


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Life is good. 

Spent the evening writing the family Christmas letter (Mwahahaha, now they remember why they regret putting me in charge of this every year!)  while Mannheim Steamroller blasted and mum and the boys put up the Christmas tree. 

And Hagen tried to eat the twinkly lights.

I asked Benjamin to make me a cup of coffee with "one spoon of sugar and some half and half."

I received a cup with one spoon of sugar and half coffee, half half-and-half.

The  poor kid didn't know what half-and-half was and completely misunderstood.

But it was really, really good.
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- I'm taking tomorrow off! No work. Yay.

- Instead I am going to work on altering my ball gown for the New Year's Eve ball. Yay! Because...

- Tomorrow I'm buying plane tickets to Boise! YAAAAY!

*is awfully, terribly excited*
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Gmail was down. We weeps! We didn't know what to do with ourselves!

Tonight I probably get to move all the furniture back into my reference room. They've almost got the floor done, and it is purtiful.

It's time for my dinner break, so I am going coat-shopping. Eating dinner during a dinner hour is so cliched.

I feel really weird today. And happy. =)
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I happened to notice last night that I have already read more books so far this year than I did in the entirety of 2005. I might make it within spitting distance of the number I used to read before I started working full time.

This makes me very happy.

All the sudden it turned into fall. The leaves will be pretty colors for about three days and this morning they were all over the yard. It's beautiful. And that makes me very happy.

Life is good and God is faithful. Which is happiest of all.
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And I'm just too awake and too cheerful to go to bed.

I made some necklaces out of old buttons today. I like them a lot and I think they look very fall-and-wintery. I've collected jars and jars of vintage (and otherwise) buttons. Why not wear them?

Thanks to the bad influence of [profile] _haydee_ , I've become enamoured with this game. Remember back - way, way back - those text-based adventure games, of which the greatest was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? We had a stone-age Apple IIe computer, and I had never read the book and hadn't an idea in the world what the whole house-being-flattened-by-a-bulldozer was about. It means ever so much more now (and the graphics are, um, rather much improved!) 

What's funny is that I've never gotten all the way through any computer game. I loved Myst, but I even got bored of that when I couldn't figure it out fast enough. I do not know if I'll ever get all the way through this one, either, but I don't think I'll get tired of it. Perhaps by stealing a couple moments here and there I may be able to finish it in five years! 

Anyway, that was a heads up to any Hitchhiker fans - you MUST take a peek at it. It's marvelous. 

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