Jan. 3rd, 2007 11:45 am
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I like mountains. A lot.

I like looking out the window and seeing mountains. I wonder if I would ever get used to the sight and take them for granted?
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A recap:

The ball: delightful! I danced every dance that I wished to dance, and I one that I wasn't sure of but that turned out well. Had a blast. Dress was perfect. *happy grin* Went to bed at 4:30 am. Was mildly tired.

New Years Day: Partied, didn't care that Oklahoma lost to Boise State, saw Eragon (ehhhh, yeah. It was almost better than the book and that is sad. Also, the egg looked like a giant blue pill from a pharmasudical commercial.)

Today: Hurray for wonderful people like [profile] melyndie  and [profile] jennymae ! We had a great time shopping and drinking tea and Miss Somebody Or Other's Tea House ([profile] patrick___ , I saw only two men there: one looked like the proverbial bull in a china shop, and the other was with a girl. Case in point!) Also, we watched Lady in the Water. I liked it.

And that's the end. For now. *wink*

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That I have confirmed, one last time, my myriad of flights for tomorrow. So ironic, is it not, that Dallas had delays caused by tornadoes this evening? They must have heard I was coming. 

Pray I make my connecting flight in Phoenix. It's going to be close, what with changing airlines and riding the little bus to another terminal and going through security all over again.

Pray my suitcase finds its way along with me, and arrives at the same time I do.

As my internet access will be limited for the next week-and-two-days, I shall miss you all. I hope to be able to read, but commenting time will probably be nil. I did set up voice posting for myself, so you all will probably be hearing from me, lol. 

And now I'm going to bed, for I arise at a very early hour. 

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My flight tomorrow morning has been cancelled and I've been on the phone now for an hour and a half trying to get on another one before Monday. Looks like I might be visiting a whole host of cities tomorrow. If I get on a flight.


Edit: I got a flight. It's complicated and involves more airports than I'd like to see in one day, but I'm getting there on time.
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A quote from Kiera Knightly, who seems to have a quirky bent:

U.K guys -- well, the ones that I know -- don't take as much stock in their appearance. Ask an American guy what his beauty regime is, and he'll tell you. Ask a Brit, and he'll say, 'Er ... Guinness?' I like that!

I like that too. *snicker*

(Granted, it's a broad generalization of American men. I doubt I know many at all who have such a regime, much less would admit it.)

Travel developments: It seems that the ONLY place this airline can take me from here is Denver. That's literally the only place they fly from this airport. So there's no way to get rerouted unless the Denver airport actually closes. Ha! The snowstorm is headed directly there less than a day before I'm due to fly in, so any spare prayers you'd like to direct that way would be really appreciated. 

Actually I think it would be kind of fun to be stuck in an airport for an indetermined amount of time not to exceed, say, two days, but not while I know I'm missing Fun Times in the place I am supposed to be. Also, I do not want to say this too loudly in case I jinx myself. Also, I am excessively nervous about them losing my suitcase, which is very precious to me.

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To pack or not to pack: my pirate shirt. What say you?


And, what do you suppose this means: 

For travel between December 27-31, 2006,
US Airways has relaxed ticketing policies in:

  • All Colorado markets

Contact reservations at 1-800-428-4322 to make changes.

Should I be seeing if I could get on a different flight through a different city? *bites nails*

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- there is another snowstorm bearing down on Denver! I am excessively amused. The one year I avoid Salt Lake City as a layover destination, and look where it gets me. *facepalm* I would really prefer not to get stuck there, yes?

- I am not a superstitious person, but there is a silver cuff bracelet that I wear during stressful situations and when I am especially tense and nervous. It has some personal significance and when I wear it, I am always reminded both of God's care and the support of my friends, and that no matter what bad things happen, I can't be separated from either. I wore it almost constantly during my mom's health problems, and then my own, and all the uproars at work, and my one and only job interview. And I realized today (after wearing it yet again) that the situations when I wear it basically out of fear, the thing I feared has never happened.

- I'm starting to get realllly excited about Saturday and beyond!
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I could say something like, "gee, it's great to be back home", only it's not great, just good. I'm one of those souls that is happy away and happy at home. (But I do miss you, oh, I do miss you.)

My flights were great, the captains were friendly and gregarious. I enjoyed my brief stay in Cincinatti again, and took time for a nice (non-quiet) supper at Moe's Bar and Grill, where I slipped on the wooden floor and fell over in an amusing manner, but that was before the wine, not after.

When I got home I unpacked everything in half an hour (!), and slept well and soundly. It was a beautiful thing.

And now I've jumped back into Life with both feet. This morning I enjoyed coffee with frothed milk. (The frother works wonderfully!) I set up a meeting with a man I'd never met and successfully carried it off and got accomplished what I needed done. I've worked through a mountain of Interlibrary Loans and done a bunch of other stuff, all very urgent but not very interesting to the outside world.

(I think I'm going to read Guns, Germs, and Steel next. I wrapped up most of my books before I left, so I'm in the delightful position of getting to choose a whole new crop of books to begin.)

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Oceans 12: I showed it to [personal profile] savetheolives  for the first time.
The Godfather: Best. Movie. Ever. Undeserving of an R rating. I'm confused as to how that happened.
Elizabethtown: Many thanks to [profile] pansyprincess for bringing this one to our attention. It was wonderful, quite out of the ordinary chick-flick box.
What's Up Doc: A movie this good will even make me put up with Barbra Streisand.
A la Folie...Pas du Tout  (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not): This one was great, even in subtitles. It might be an obvious twist, but I didn't see it coming. Watch with an open mind. =)
The Da Vinci Code: And here's where the fun starts, although [personal profile] savetheolives recaped it well and so I will mention only two items:
    -the archivist in me stood up screaming (with laugher or with horror, I'm not sure which) when the stash of documents from the time of Christ was revealed...haphazardly piled in a damp basement with nary a sign of acid-free anything.
    -and Tom Hank's best line was when he exclaimed wildly, "I have to get a library! NOW!" The moment was then ruined as they proceeded use a cell phone with internet access to solve their riddle instead.

It was a silly movie. But I'm not sorry to have seen it. One thing I hate is people who talk negatively about books/movies they've never seen/read. Now I can talk to you about The Da VInci Code.
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I took the plunge and ordered my airplane tickets for the Boise trip this New Year's. Eeek. I was an idiot and payed more to order direct from Delta just because it made me feel better. But I don't care. It made me feel more confident about the whole thing, and I sorely need that right now.

Even though I've been doing it for a while, it still feels odd to make such big decisions without actually consulting someone older and wiser first. Weird. It feels good, until I think of the headaches that will fall squarely upon myself if something goes wrong.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,585 / 50,000

NaNoWriMo news: almost half way there! )

I noticed several people wishing for us to all post our Christmas really goes against my nature to do so, since I can't stand looking as if I expect gifts from anyone (I don't, 'cept those of you who know-who-you-are), or only want the things on my list (not true). But I'll try to oblige.

Wish List )

And this is research for a little something I'm trying to write:
[Poll #612448]

And Hannah: It was a green-shirt day, but I did as you said and thought "wrestling-wrestling-wrestling" to myself, and I have almost decided to give this one up, too. After all, it was never anything other than a payne, and what is the point?
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I think I got the job! That is, he didn't say "you're hired!" but he said "we'll start working on a schedual for you, and can you come volunteer a day or two before then, and how soon can you start?"

*faints of happiness, because she never really believed she'd be able to work at a library*

So tomorrow I'm getting my drivers license. Unless I fail the test. *whimper* *doesn't like driving with strangers* It will make it very nice, though, because I can then go back to see RotK as many times as I please without making mom hang around for 3 1/2 hours.

Yes, for those very few who Have Not Heard: I saw it. I cried through most of it. I love Miranda Otto's Eowyn more then ever. Aragorn is so the best king. It's the greatest movie trilogy of all time, even with it's faults, such as the Emerald City of...oh, that's Minas Morgul, is it?

I went proudly in costume, in my dress and cape that probably have about 20 yards of (thankfully cheap) material between them...I got interviewed by the paper, because I was such good publicity, and I was told to "come back and see it as many times as you want for free!" I hope to take advantage of that. Soon.

Probably not before my Very Important Trip, though, where I shall navigate airports like a pro, though never having done it before in my life, and shall be the belle of the ball, despite never having danced until the day before, and meet any dear people (such as [ profile] melyndie and my dear friend Gwen B.!)

[ profile] equuschick, I promise you're next on the list of People I'll Actually Pay To Visit. In some form or manner, we shall indeed meet. And eat cornish hens while *consults Christmas card* drinking coffee and watching LotR and talking about Bad Boys and Cads.
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Y'know, it's a very nice thing to be able to say "Thy will be done" and leave it at that. No need to worry frantically. No need to lose sleep. Thy will be done. Amen.

Hm. Hannah's picking out our music for the car trip tomorrow. I'm pleased to see several Bryn Terfel CDs among them...should be interesting. =)

That brings me to the Sad Subject of leaving. You'd think after three weeks I'd be ready to go home, no matter how much I like it here. I wish it were so; it would make the leaving much easier! There are some things I'll be happy to be home for--starting on some of the projects I conceived while here, being able to drink coffee again, etc--but there are far more things that make me want to stay here instead.

Oh well. It has been a great time, the extra week was a Marvelous Gift, and everything has to end sometime, huh?

I'll also be very sad to not be able to keep up on all my LJ friend's lives daily, and I'll miss not being able to post often. Perhaps someday not too far away I'll get that more regular job I'm looking at, and then I'll decide to get internet at home. I'm not looking forward to having a monthly bill, lol, but hey. As long as the monthly income exceeds the bill.... =)

I should go finish packing up now. =P Maybe I can post again tonight or tomorrow before we leave...
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Things have fallen into place to allow me to stay--in fact, compel me to stay--with my Very Dear Friend [ profile] savetheolives for an extra week. It's finally settled and I'm so, so happy. Last Saturday I was beginning to feel frantic because our visit was already half over and we hadn't done nearly all the things we wanted to; now suddenly we have not one more week to spend together, but two. I won't feel any less sad when I finally have to go home, but it does delay the sadness for a time...and allows us another precious seven days to talk about everything under the sun, laugh a lot, and try to stay away from Smooey Couples. (Shocking, what people will do in public these days...)

I'm so blessed. And so thankful to God for it. I don't deserve even a moment of the wonderful times I've had this last week, and I know it. Praise be to God for His unspeakable gifts!
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We just wasted an hour on a History channel program. Well, not wasted, since I'm now utterly and completely convinced that UFOs full of Little Green Men regularly visit earth.

**hopes you know sarcasm when you see it**

Today I saw the Ugly Russian dude again; He *must* be related to Evgeny Plushenko although he is almost surely seven feet tall, which the Rat Squire certainly isn't.

It was much nicer to sit through dinner and watch Prince William feeding his two small sons...oh wait, I guess that means it wasn't really Wills after all. (Unless he has a really complex double life in which he is a Reformed, Presbyterian, and goes by the name of Scott.) (Btw, we [Hannah and I]think it's ridiculous that his name is Scott--she thinks it should be Charlie and I'm convinced he should be a William.) (Hannah just decided we should go tell him to change his name and stop this confusion.)

(I'm beginning to like parenthesies.)

At any rate, the Scott-who-should-be-Charlie-or-William looks almost exactly like the Prince, only with slightly darker hair. His smile is the same, his slightly bashful way of glancing at people, his height and build and even his manner of dress...all made me rather curious if people ever come up to him and ask for his autograph.

(Hannah says I should talk about the church service so people don't get the idea that I went only to Look at People. But I would like to add my own note and let everyone know that she really doesn't try to control my life and anyway, if she did I'd only follow her GOOD suggestions.)

I enjoyed it Muchly, because it was a much more litergical service then my home church (very good) and has a Tall Pastor in Black Robes. **grin** And there were lots of good songs and Loud Organ Music and Communion which my church only has twice a year. (But I didn't have the wine, only juice, because I didn't want to have anyone think I took communion only for the wine experience....maybe next Sunday?)
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First off, sad news. I may very well being staying at [ profile] savetheolives's house another week.

....Yes, that's satire. Or something. I'm actually very, very thrilled and it had better work out because I may well be crushed otherwise. But it looks like it will work! *is Really Excited*

Now, the things I learned.

*Videos of tv news in Danish have the potential of being really, really funny.

*Danish sounds incredibly like Chinese to my untrained ear. Why?

*I learned that I can (occasionally) fit into a Junior's small size shirt. I am slightly amazed. Also happy.

*It must be a prerequisite that to be a male working at a trendy clothing shop, you must be short. Like, really short. As in, my height. This is strange.

*Did I mention I learned I might be staying here longer?

*Some people are weird enough to walk up to a complete stranger, hold up a shirt to themselves, and ask, "Do you think this would fit me?" Wish I'd been around when she chose the clothes she was wearing, which were far too small for her less-then-tiny body.

*Godiva chocolates are Quite Good. But the man at the counter was almost certainly part of a conspiracy theory.

*When the power goes out in a Large Mall, it's nice to be near an exit. And Rain Falls Hard. And there is the propensity for meeting People You Know at Wal-Mart.
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I saw a lot of weird college students today. One looked like a very Ugly Russian iceskater who's name I won't reveal. Another had gone prematurely (very prematurely) grey, or had just had very bad luck with trying to go blond-from-a-bottle. Or maybe it was intentional, in which case she just had very bad taste.

On the other hand, I saw some very nifty space-saving library shelves that you can trap people between. Sounds fun to me.

Then I met a person who is Like Me in that she's 1)a big Tolkien fan and 2) me. She was wearing an Elvish dress that made me decide to create one myself. Shouldn't be that hard; I just need millions of yards for the sleeves.

Later I visited a place where they push people off of a cliff, and call it hang gliding. You can experience this wonderful thing (falling off a cliff) yourself for only $130. Wowee. Guess what [ profile] savetheolives and I are going to do tomorrow?

(Push people off cliffs? You got it.)

[ profile] savetheolives would like you to know that she is officially "horrified" at being put thus into this entry. She begs that you please not think less of her because she has a repressed desire to push people off of High Places.

Eh heh heh.
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I've experienced a thunder storm on the mountain. (See, I told you it was wet...) It was lovely and strangely calming, but if the clouds stick around we may not be able to see Mars tonight. At least we did last night (after looking up online which part of the sky it was supposed to be in, and finding out from Someone Who Knows Directions just which way was southwest [or wherever it was])

Today [ profile] savetheolives and I went to a fantastic used book, music, and video store. I came out with...well, a lot. Good thing I packed lightly, because my bags will be stuffed going home! But I'm teribly glad I got what I did: a really nice copy of The Way We Live Now (Trollope), the Anne of Green Gables series minus the two books I already had, a wonderful hardcover edition of The Last Battle (Lewis) and some other misc. stuff.

And I started reading Til We Have Faces (Lewis again) this afternoon. I like it a lot! I'm not sure I'm catching all the "hidden" aspects of the story, but I'm not sure most people get them all in the first reading anyway. I'll definintly have to buy it sometime.
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Life is gooood.

The mountain is amazingly beautiful, also amazingly wet ALL THE TIME.

I'm still my best friend's best friend after a 12 hour car trip.

I'm so happy. =D

I'm on AIM for the first time in almost a year, since my internet at home quit working. (my screen name is FairItalianElf, if anyone wants to chat...although I'll not be on tons since I'm doing stuff with my friend most of the time!)

Life is good.
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Mm. **is a happy girl** I'm enjoying the taste of Really Good chocolate (from Switzerland!) and I have a bottle of water from Italy sitting here next to me, and I'm still pleasantly high on the Starbucks Caffe Americano I had earlier.

More importantly, mom's last post-op visit was today and she's doing great. Whew. Congratulate me, though, today I did NOT sit and worry the entire time she was seeing the doctor. Don't laugh--old habits are hard to break!

I'm also happy because I made it through my first Big City driving experience and WE'RE STILL ALIVE. Lol. It wasn't too bad, honestly, and I have to learn to drive in lots of traffic (and merges, lane changes, and Maniac Drivers) sometime. I've been driving with a permit for about a year now, but mostly in our smaller local towns, and the nice easy highways.

Heehee, I'm so odd. Most of the people I know still haven't gotten over how I'm handling driving. I waited to get my permit until I was 18 (due mostly to odd laws regarding what homeschoolers have to do in my area to qualify for a permit), and it's looking more and more like I won't be getting my license until I'm 21, unless I get a job that requires me to drive to work everyday. I'm really blessed that my two part time jobs are really close to my house! Anyway, that's due to the fact that insurance rates are *terrible* here, and since I don't NEED my license now, I don't feel right asking my parents to pay more then double the insurance cost just so I can toodle off to things on my own. And I sure don't want to pay for it myself. ; )

I'm also not going to college. Odd thing number three.


My heart is so squeezed up in love I can barely think straight. I'm so full of excitement and love and other happy emotions. How could God have blessed me with so wonderful a friend?


Amazingly enough, it's two days later and I'm still really happy! A list of things that are making me happy and generally content with life at the moment:

*The mail just came, and I got my paycheck. More money towards the plane tickets for:

*Going to see Gwenyth in December! I'm so excited. =) I'll get to see Return of the King with her, and go to the New Years Eve ball--even dance, if I can learn quickly enough ; )--and finally meet her sisters and parents and the Bachelors and Monique & Jeff and everyone else I've heard so much about.

*But before that, I have an almost-positively-sure trip planed to see someone else. The end of August SHOULD find me happily posting from [ profile] savetheolives house. (She has a cable modem. I don't. And I'm hopefully going to be there long enough to be able to tear myself away from her for a few minutes to keep up on my email [thanks to Juno's webmail] and LJ)

*My room is clean and tidy. I feel more relaxed when it is so, although I guess if it made me really happy I'd keep it clean all the time.

*I have another idea for a short story set in Arthurian times. I've been trying to come up with something else ever since I was so pleased with how Knight of Truth turned out. Finally inspiration has struck. Yay for me. You know, it may be that I never show these little works to anyone else, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment at having completed something I like, plus it sharpens my writing skills immensely so that I can better produce articles that publications are looking for.


*I have wonderful friends, and my acquaintances aren't half bad. =D Heehee.


My dog is jealous of a two and a half pound ball of fluff. My really BIG dog is jealous of something barely a tenth her size--but she probably has reason to be. ; ) My new kitten, which showed up basically out of nowhere, it the cutest thing God ever created (barring me. Um, that was a joke.) He's misty grey with white paws and nose and neck, and he's fluffy, and super tiny. By general consensus we named him Kuzco, for no other reason then we've just watched The Emperor's New Groove four times in about a week. ([ profile] _haydee_, I think I'm finally getting closer to being able to quote TENG as well as you and [ profile] savetheolives. At least, my brothers and I have been quoting whole passages during meal times, with appropriate voices. Our favorite one to mimic is "Is that my voice? Is that MY voice?")

Also had my first cavity-filling today; am not pleased with 1) appearance of the fillings (I swear, they must use JB Weld =P) 2) the taste of the nice cinnamon stuff and 3)the feeling of a numb mouth. It paralyzed the muscles around my mouth and I couldn't wiggle my nose.

BUT I have finished what I think it my favorite Arthurian novel yet. Hurray for Persia Woolley for creating a realistic Gwenivere!


Now I'm not so elated about the kitten. I'm scared he's going to die, so I almost wish we hadn't gotten him. =\ I found a hole in the base of his throat that I'm pretty sure is caused by a maggot or other type of's this little round black hole that goes what looks like forever into his little throat, and now and then I can see what looks like a tiny white worm. As soon as I get close to it with a tweezers, it jerks back inside the hole again. I don't know what to do, and I feel like crying. =\ We tried pouring hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and iodine into it, but I don't know if that'll do any good, or how to tell if it DOES help. And I'm afraid that if the worm doesn't kill him, then all the stuff we're using to try to get rid of it will.

**tries to think of something cheerful**

Well, Friday's my birthday. Last year I was 18 on the 18th--too bad I can't move my birthday up one day and be 19 on the 19th. I like things like that.

And Monday I'm going to get to have my first recording experience with what will hopefully be a cooperating rest-of-the-choir. I'm excited. And it was kind of neat to be able to tell Mona that I couldn't work late on Monday because I had to be at the recording studio by 6:00. =D

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