Jan. 31st, 2011

eleneariel: (Winter (tree))
Currently preparing for Snowpocalypse 2011; the weather men keep saying things like "we're really not just hyping this up guys honest" to which I say: we shall see. As it stands, we might have 13" by tomorrow night. You northerners have my permission to laugh, but in a place that has a total of three snowplows for the entire county (and one is usually broken), even 3" sorta shuts things down.

I have prepared by packing an extra bag with enough stuff to keep me in business if I get stuck in town tonight, although I am guessing we'll be allowed to leave early if it really starts doing anything. I will also be buying four dozen eggs, which suddenly seems important. Also have made a mental list of Things To Do If The Power Goes Out, but mostly we are just NOT EVEN GOING THERE.*

* see the Massive Ice Storms of DOOM a few years back, with power out for 14 and 10 days respectively.

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