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I'm rather happy about this icon.

I feel pretty and feminine today. I'm wearing something a little more girly and a little more summery than I usually would to work, but--meh--it feels like summer out there.

Speaking of which, Carolyn has tempted me with her tales of Wonderful Icecream and I am preparing to go after I eat my leftover chicken and spend more on dessert than I usually do on a whole meal. *facepalm*

Aaaand I just had an amusing conversation, which I will relate to you as your Library Story of the Day:

ME: Hello, public library, how may I help you, etc. etc.

MAN ON PHONE: I'm an out of state visitor, blah blah blah, can I use your internet access, what are your hours, etc. Oh, and how do I find the library building?

"Do you know where Homeland is? The large grocery store? We're right across the street from them."

"That's on the east side, right?"

"Um, I'm really not good with physical directions like that. But it's just right across the street--the small, ugly brown building. Typical 1960s architecture."

"You're very good with descriptions!"

"I work with words, not numbers or directions. I'm a right brain person."

"You're funny!"

....He had a nice voice, too. And a nicer laugh.

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