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Happy Towel Day, everyone!

Day 144 )
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1. I like Christmas, but I do love that feeling of "okay, now we can get back to real life" that comes when it's over. I'm getting back to real life now. Real life, only better, what with a new year and a new start ahead.

2. Speaking of which, I still need to announce my Official Project for 2009. Stay tuned.

3. On Christmas Eve my mp3 player died, so since I'd secretly been hoping for a reason to buy a new one - I did. It is very very very tiny, perfect for my needs, completely adorable ... and pink. I like pink as much as the next person, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for when making a fashion statement with my electronics. But pink was the only color in stock, and I am impatient. Why oh why  oh WHY could it have not been cherry red?! Or silver or black or ANYTHING but pink?

4. Ah, the Year-End Reading Recap is coming up shortly! I have begun to formulate my statistics and the Official Marie Awards of Excellence (And Other Stuff).
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After I bought my Christmas stamps, I remembered that I find nutcrackers incredibly disturbing.

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I'm not sure I even agree with the whole idea of paid holidays, but I enjoy mine anyway. And besides, Columbus is important. Where would we be without him?

... I remember making Columbus Day decorations when I was young and hanging them about the house. I was a strange child. I seem to recall my creations as having something to do with the Niña, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. I liked to repeat those names, well, repeatedly, because I liked the way they felt in the mouth.

So hey, I spent my holiday mostly scavaging in salvage yards for car parts. Salvage yards are odd places. Random car bits scattered everywhere, no apparent rhyme or reason, but always with a mysterious and cranky old guy who somehow knows where everything is - this is a salvage yard. As I was telling my brother, during one of the interminable periods of waiting as one of the limping minions apparently walked a mile or two to see whether any of their junked Aleros had the parts I wanted, salvage yards should really hire librarians to keep track of their parts. After all, one of the main things we're good at is putting things away in an organized fashion and then being able to find them again.

I was mainly looking for a rim, which wasn't even one of the things damaged in the accident. But now that Galahad is off at the shop getting all fixed up, I felt like fixing everything, and I had a rim with a couple chunks missing. (This was Not My Fault. My dad did it!) Paying $200+ for a new rim seemed a little excessive, so I went on a scavenger hunt instead. Unfortunately for me, normal Aleros have five-spoke rims, and I'm one of the lucky elite to have a six-spoker.  No, really, that's what they called it. I laughed too. That's what I get for buying the fancy version of the Alero, I guess.

So they're ordering one from some other salvage yard and I'll have to pick it up later this week. Which brings to mind a perplexing question: how do they ship auto parts, particularly large ones like that, and why did I only have to pay $7.50 in shipping?

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Apr. 25th, 2008 10:23 am
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Apparently, today is World Malaria Day. So ... um ... happy Malaria Day, everybody!
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Happy Texas Independence Day!

It looks like I'll celebrate by cooking all day. But oh, the windows are open and it feels like spring.*

[profile] ladyrita, for dessert I'm making that apple thing with the Mountain Dew. If we survive, I'll let you know how it was. o_O

I haven't forgotten February's booklist! Yesterday was crazy, but I'll get it up sometime today.

*Not for long; tomorrow's high is 35


Feb. 14th, 2008 08:16 am
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I love Valentine's Day -- it's also my parent's anniversary. Twenty-seven years today!

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I made some really great toasted-sugar-glazed-spiced pumpkin seeds last night. You know those sugared nuts? Like that, only pumpkin seeds. They're very yummy and I'm going to see if any stores still have really cheap after-halloween pumpkins so I can make some more.

I also did something really delicious with grapes poached in sangria.

I laugh at the neighbor who has loaded her house and yard with so many Christmas lights that every night I hear pops as breakers flip and lights die. Bwahaha. Serves her right for putting them up before Thanksgiving! It annoys me how that holiday gets passed over as we all jump straight from Halloween to Christmas. I guess nobody gives you presents or candy for Thanksgiving. =P 

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The grocery store felt festive, everybody bustling and crowded yet somehow jolly in that rushed-city way. I don't usually hold with Christmas music being played before Thanksgiving, but it was playing and it was good as I bought my Italian dressing.

On the way home I turned up the music and played air piano on the steering wheel and sometimes I couldn't stand the joy and I'd clap my hands together and grin at nothing. If I had not been driving I would have been twirling around in circles like a mad woman. My thoughts were disorganized but they felt like one big prayer.

The stop lights looked like Christmas lights.
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During lunch I saw the National Guard out en masse putting up flags, and it was then that I realized it was Flag Day.

Happy flag day, everyone.
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I like the sunshine, I like the chocolate, I like the green-ness of the day and I like my short sleeves and my hair which is perfect and my claddaugh cross on a green ribbon around my neck.

I like the fact that Sunday I am going to buy a sweet little adorable fish. ([livejournal.com profile] savetheolives, do I get to tell them his name, or must I keep that to myself? I bow to your wish.)

I like that I'm happy and drinking Starbucks and have four days to live alone while dog, cat, and horse sitting at Edith's.

I like that I am leaving in two minutes to eat supper at the park.

I must remember not to let myself get depressed because it's really not as bad as all that and it's not worth it. Happy Things shouldn't have to happen to remind me to be happy.

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