Jun. 23rd, 2009

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Sometimes I know outfits aren't quite right and I don't care. Like today! I don't think this is horrible, but I know it could be better. I think the patterns of skirt and top mix well, but the shoes are wrong, and so are the necklaces. And I'm terribly conflicted about the skirt ... I know it would look better shorter, and half of me wants to chop it off and maybe put something interesting on the bottom, like a wide fringe or something. But it has side slits and it swishes so nicely when I walk, and I have this vision of it being the perfect skirt to meander barefoot down a white-sand beach at sunset, so I'll probably keep it the way it is because even though the last time I had opportunity to walk barefoot down a white-sand beach was aproximately twelve years ago, at which point I didn't own this skirt at all, you never can tell and so maybe I'll cut off another skirt instead.

Day 174 )
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1. Chocolate covered pretzels
2. Chocolate covered raisins
3. Chocolate covered espresso beans
4. Not drinking beer
5. "Speed Limit 75" signs
6. Sir Galahad the Brave
7. Mail
8. Air conditioning

What about you?

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