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I am feeling exceptionally strange, giddy, chipper, and odd. What a lot of things to wrap up into one bundle of me!

A very pertinent point from this morning's sermon: 

"Our righteousness is as filthy rags." That doesn't mean our bad deeds are as filthy rags. All the good things we do look like trash to our perfect Father. But He loves us, accepts our efforts, and helps us try harder, even though compared to His wonderful perfection, they'll always look like old cleaning rags. 

Wow. There goes any traces of smugness I might have been tempted to feel.

In the ladies room before church started, I thought of the title of my first non-fiction book. If You Don't Talk To Yourself, You're Crazy: a history of an imagination.  Yes, I'm serious. No, I don't know if I'll ever get around to writing it. 

Hey, inspiration doesn't always strike in story-book worthy places. 

How does anybody ever learn to type on a QWERTY keyboard? And yet, how proficient we are, and how terrible we would be on an ABCDE one. 

Baby finger- and toenails amaze me with their teenyness.

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[livejournal.com profile] equuschick probably understands.

Isn't it odd that right now I miss somebody?

No, that's not odd. What's odd is that the somebody that I miss is somebody that I made up. Created from my own head, formed with my own thoughts, 50,000+ words written on paper with my own hand keyboard.

You'd think that since I have complete power over the man, I could call him up at will.

I miss Sonny.

Writing is a funny thing. You think the author gives the story life: I say the story lives and breathes itself. And sometimes the author just gets....

...swept away.

Exit Odd Mari, Enter Sane Mari: Who wishes you and yours a very happy Easter weekend and plans to enjoy hers very much, thank you, although very quietly and with a minimum of fuss and bother. She will spend her time off reading and playing in the newly green grass and trying to photograph butterflies, and possibly, if she dares, editing the book.


Feb. 24th, 2006 04:45 pm
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I need to get back to editing the novel again.

I think it's what I've been needing and missing. This is important.

Help me

Dec. 16th, 2005 10:26 am
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Now that I'm into the editing of my novel, I find it necessary to decide once and for all what my characters names are. Alas, I am afflicted with indecision.

[Poll #635010]

And comment with other ideas!
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Leaving now for four days of vacation, glorious days when I shall finish (almost) my novel...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone--You are one of the things on my Thankful List. =)
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It's vital to know for my nanowrimo novel whether all babies are born with blue eyes or not. A child who will grow up to have very dark brown eyes, would they still be blue at birth? And if so how soon would they change?

I love having knowledgable friends.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
29,087 / 50,000

I'm going to get to 30,000 tonight if it kills me.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,831 / 50,000

A taste of the writing coming from the last few days )

Is No Shame in Falling, No Fear of Flying: a novel in three voices too long a title? Be honest.
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I took the plunge and ordered my airplane tickets for the Boise trip this New Year's. Eeek. I was an idiot and payed more to order direct from Delta just because it made me feel better. But I don't care. It made me feel more confident about the whole thing, and I sorely need that right now.

Even though I've been doing it for a while, it still feels odd to make such big decisions without actually consulting someone older and wiser first. Weird. It feels good, until I think of the headaches that will fall squarely upon myself if something goes wrong.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,585 / 50,000

NaNoWriMo news: almost half way there! )

I noticed several people wishing for us to all post our Christmas wish-lists...it really goes against my nature to do so, since I can't stand looking as if I expect gifts from anyone (I don't, 'cept those of you who know-who-you-are), or only want the things on my list (not true). But I'll try to oblige.

Wish List )

And this is research for a little something I'm trying to write:
[Poll #612448]

And Hannah: It was a green-shirt day, but I did as you said and thought "wrestling-wrestling-wrestling" to myself, and I have almost decided to give this one up, too. After all, it was never anything other than a payne, and what is the point?
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I think I'm going have the quintisential writing experience tonight and go shlep my laptop to the nearest thing I can get to a coffee shop and write until time for church. And eat ice cream for supper, although I'm not sure that's really part of the experience.

Go me. *is tired*
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I took the plunge and started on the wedding scene.



Nov. 7th, 2005 05:21 pm
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,166 / 50,000

Nothing else of any excitment whatsoever has been happening. Woe to me.
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Excerpt of the day: )

Random fact: Even though I barely understand it myself and could not even begin to explain it to anyone else, (as evidenced last night on the phone) I am excessively fascinated by quantum physics.
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A couple days ago I mentioned driving through a spiritual allegory, which apparently piqued some people's interest. So I'll explain myself. I'm not going to allegorize, however, because I may have a flawed allegory or perhaps it should be different for each individual. Therefore I shall merely give you the Facts.

Tuesday morning I drove to work at eight in the morning. Because of the time change, the sun was up much higher than I've been used to. It was still morning-light (the peculiar quality of light that is somehow more golden than normal light, but golden in a different way than afternoon light), but not the early-morning-light I've been used to. It was very bright and beautiful and the sky was deliciously blue, with not a single cloud in sight anywhere.

I have to go over a bridge to get to the next town over. This is a long bridge over a large lake. As I got close to it, I could see that there was a wall of cloud that had settled directly on top of the lake. The bridge dissapeared into nothingness, four lanes melting into fog. The other half of the bridge could have been gone, and I would have never known.

I drove into the Nothing. Once inside, I could see only the grey: No lake, only grey mist, no shoreline, no road ahead, no road behind. Only mist. And suddenly something happened in the outside world, and instead of being grey mist, the sun shone far above and suffused the entire cloud with golden light. The dense, damp fog lit up with golden light until it fairly glowed.

And then it was grey again, and then I drove away from the lake, out of the cloud, and into the perfect day again with the perfect sunshine and the perfect blue sky with no clouds. And there was no indication that there was a cloud anywhere in the state except for the hulking grey mass in my rearview mirror, echoing the shape of the lake.

That is all.

On NaNoWriMo, I had planned to create a NaNo lock so that those who didn't care didn't have to wade through all my posts about it, but I realized I have some friends that don't have LJs that I'd like to be able to view it. So I'll label the posts clearly 'NaNo" in the subject and put anything of any significant length under a cut.

NaNo update

Nov. 2nd, 2005 09:28 am
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,066 / 50,000

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I am shamelessly promoting myself in pointing out that my article Horror in the First Person is viewable on the Inkblots LJ. I love writing about Poe.

Kim brought sausage biscuits for everybody this morning. They are good. We wonder what sin she is atoning for. =)
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If [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives can post self portraits, so can I--with no feelings of guilt or vanity. (Right?) Here are a couple, some complete with accidental artistic blurring effects.

behold the beauty of ME! )

Other things:

*My chapter two (see several posts ago) did get picked, and printed. And with only one typo, too, a major accomplishment for this paper. Hee. ...Well, okay, two typos. I just noticed that they stuck in an extra comma where I quite deliberatly did not want one. And--argh! There's another one--"it's" instead of the "its" that I wanted.

Oh well. It was still a thrill, seeing my name in the byline.

*Two baptisms took place Sunday. My, but this church is effeciant at that. o_O I had never observed this type of baptism before. It was very moving, though.

*Yay! for days when you feel pretty.
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Thanks to those who answered my odd question yesterday afternoon. Here’s the reason for it—yesterday the local newspaper printed the first chapter to a story, and invited readers to write chapter two and submit it by Thursday. They will pick the best continuation and print it, and next week people can write chapter three, and so on.

Chapter 1 )

My idea of what chapter two should be:

Chapter 2 )

Now do you see why I needed ideas as to what I could find along the side of the road? Although I don't mind comments/suggestions for my part of the story, deal kindly with it, please--I wrote it in an hour while sitting through the city council meeting last night. =)

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