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My car has been inexplicable dead since Monday (it sensed the bad weather coming and surrendered preemptively?) Tried to go to work this morning in dad's car, which proceeded to die a tragic death midway there on roads so ice-packed and rutted that no one was going over 20 MPH. Also that's the moment when it started to snow again. (More expected Sunday, and then another "significant storm" Wednesday. I think it may never be warm again. Yes, I still love snow. Pffftt.)

I hitched a ride into town with random stranger (kids, don't try this at home), worked exactly 30 minutes and then decided I was no use to anyone and should get back to the car before it got towed. Hitched another ride with a not-quite stranger. On the way there we saw three cars stuck in the ditch and two others in the process of getting pulled out. Just as I was despairing of ever getting a tow truck out (I called several who laughed at me when I asked how long they thought it would take to get to me) another not-quite stranger pulled up, declared his Land Rover could tow it anywhere ("as long as you keep your head out of your butt when you drive, this thing will never get stuck") and proceeded to do so.

I owe a lot of people cookies when this is all over.

Also I unclogged a toilet all my own today. Clearly I am on my way to being a Real Adult now.
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A foot or more of snow*, 40+ mph winds (snowdrifts! First time in my life I've seen snowdrifts!) people stuck EVERYWHERE because Oklahoma can't handle even 3" of snow and yet people think they can drive in it anyway, the turnpike is closed, the major interstates are closed, the MALL IS CLOSED. And oh yeah, pretty much everyone else too. Even the Tulsa World isn't publishing, for what I think is the first time in their history. And for the first time in the seven years I've worked there, the library is for-real officially closed. We've opened late/closed early/worked with skeleton staff, but we've never just absolutely closed before.

As long as I have power I am happy as a clam, and since the power has stayed on (good boy!) I am indeed happy as a very happy clam. Have baked brownie cookies and rosemary walnut bread, spent hours in bed reading (Clockwork Angel has captured my attention in a way I did not expect) and writing letters, watched Fawlty Towers (CK WATT?!) and Hogan's Heroes, and generally enjoyed the heck out of this snow day.

I rather suspect tomorrow will be much the same. Cause, uh, it's gonna take awhile to move all this snow.

*I tried to measure it with a wooden skewer. We officially have more than a skewer deep of snow.
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Currently preparing for Snowpocalypse 2011; the weather men keep saying things like "we're really not just hyping this up guys honest" to which I say: we shall see. As it stands, we might have 13" by tomorrow night. You northerners have my permission to laugh, but in a place that has a total of three snowplows for the entire county (and one is usually broken), even 3" sorta shuts things down.

I have prepared by packing an extra bag with enough stuff to keep me in business if I get stuck in town tonight, although I am guessing we'll be allowed to leave early if it really starts doing anything. I will also be buying four dozen eggs, which suddenly seems important. Also have made a mental list of Things To Do If The Power Goes Out, but mostly we are just NOT EVEN GOING THERE.*

* see the Massive Ice Storms of DOOM a few years back, with power out for 14 and 10 days respectively.
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I did not realize that it was actually cold enough that taking Sir Galahad to the car wash (to remove the residue salt so that he won't melt into a heap of rust) would result in .... Sir Galahad: the ice age edition.

He looks lovely in his thin coating of ice, but I'm not sure I"ll be able to get the doors open when I go to leave work at nine o'clock tonight.

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When I walked out to my car after work, half of the sky was dark grey with ominous storm clouds, a quarter contained a brilliant white cloud bursting with rays of sunshine, and a quarter shone with a rainbow.

It was incredibly beautiful, and I didn't have a camera. So I just stood and took it all in.

I finished reading Casino Royale for the second time in three months. I'm impressed by how closely the movie followed the spirit of the book, and yet there were character development opportunities on the part of Bond that were passed by. He becomes downright introspective sometimes in the book.
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FIRST, I am so excited about the upcoming nuptials of [profile] equuschick and her Man With No LJ that I have to express it here as well: SQUEE!

SECOND ... no, there is no second. There's just me talking. There were storms all night, which was wonderful, and then our early-morning plans for rising at six-thirty to walk in the cool of the day were thwarted when we rose to find that it was still storming.*

So this one went straight back to bed where I stayed until nine. Last night I prayed that God would ease my mental and physical weariness; I didn't expect Him to answer by diverting storms to hover over my bedroom for twelve hours, but there you go: our God is an awesome God.**

* It wasn't the rain that stopped us, but the lightening. Walking in the rain is a delightful experience. Lightening, not so much.

** In a completely non-cheesy way totally unconnected to any praise and worship songs that you may or may not have heard

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I still, still spell pigeon wrong on my first try.

I miss [profile] equuschick's dog. (Okay, I miss [profile] equuschick too. Really.)

This expresses pretty well how I feel about the way things are shaping up politically.

I gotta do some book-writing tomorrow. It's all been building up in my brain - watch it all come bursting out, hm?

I woke up to find snow on the ground.
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I did my good deed for the day, in the form of running out into the busy street in front of the library to rescue a wandering shopping cart which was impeding traffic. I should be awarded a medal or something. Or a jay-walking citation.

It's no wonder it ended up in the street, we're under a wind advisory for up to 40 MPH gusts. Yay weather!

Also: the best kinds of winter days are, like today, when it's dark enough that street lights come on at 2:00pm.
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* Unusually, I have had dreams every night this week. All but one has been bad, and most of those bad ones have centered around library things, particularly irate patrons (including one who told me that my clothes were too revealing, at which point my dream-self threatened to sue her for sexual harrassment.) I regard this with interest and slight amusement.

* Chatty, the little black kitten, has taken to propelling herself up as if by jet power and latching onto the window screens with all the force of velcro. I should discourage her (read: squirt her with water), but she just looks so darn cute staring in at me with all four legs splayed out and her little nose pressed to the screen.

* Hagen loves having the windows open. He sits on the sills and meows at nothing. For hours.

* I thought I didn't have anything to say this morning, but I'm doing pretty well so far?

* A few days ago the weather changed -- bye bye to humidity and heat! It's been dry and mild ever since. The changing of the seasons isn't usually this dramatic ... I like to ease into fall gradually, I think. But it's still beautiful.

* It's time to go to work. I'm glad it's Friday. :) Maybe now the library-mares will stop!
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On the way home tonight I mostly kept my eyes on the bank of clouds (thankfully directly ahead of my path) where God was putting on a lightening show to rival any of man's fireworks displays. Beautiful. 

I got a package from Australia today, sent by our very own [personal profile] blackswans! For the first time in my life, though, I am being a very, very good girl and waiting to open all my presents at my birthday dinner. Alas, this package almost ruined my resolve. It's not every day something comes from across the seas, you know. "Air mail" -- don't the words just thrill?

So maybe weird things make me happy. Leave me be in my randomly happy little bubble!
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I just ran half a mile in the rain. Exhilarating!

And now, though it is the sixth day in a row that it has rained, I will enjoy my first rainy evening at home in that span of time.

I do so love a rainy night! 
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"There .. was .. a .. mighty ..." storm. I had to crawl along at 30 MPH most of the way home, but just as I was deciding to pull over and wait for the rain to abate before starting up into the hills towards home, it let up and I was able to make it in time for dinner after all. 

Later I looked outside to find that the sky had turned a brilliant shade of tangerine. I took pictures, but I'm too lazy to post any tonight.

I am happy to report that my imaginative life is alive and well. In fact, I bet my imaginary world is better that your imaginary world! I should start writing again. I've let that slip. 

I'm so happy to see so many of my friends in relationships, and married, and about to be married, and engaged, and with someone they love ... I know sometimes there's the worry that your single friends are sick of hearing about your love, but let me tell you: I'm not. It's a beautiful thing, and it makes me so happy to see my friends happy. :) 

Anyone know of  a good way to rid a cat of fleas? They are stubborn little buggers. I've resorted to frequent baths, which we all hate. It kills me to see him looking like a drowned otter, but it's that or mom threatens to kick him out. Well, probably not really, but she's being very generous to even let him be an inside cat at all, the darling creature, as she's really not a pet person at all. 

How can you not be a pet person?!

I found a new drink obsession today: Dole's fruit sparklers. They're not full of sugar, taste good, and have at least a bit of nutritional value, especially compared to the super-sweet caramel latte I thought I wanted. 

Goodness gracious, look at the time. This girl has got to go accomplish something in life!

Edit: I just decided that I hate this icon. That's all.

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Many happy returns to [livejournal.com profile] pansyprincesson the day of her birth! *scatters confetti* 

Happy Things: 

- a short workday Friday 
- bridge mix 
- orange cappuccino
- fleece, or it would be if I had any
- Hagen-cats, who are good for snuggling with in bed
- local weather forecasters, who this morning at 5:30 warned that it would begin to snow around noon, and at 6:00 announced that it had, in fact, begun snowing.  

Um... let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!
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Still no electricity, and it's day 6. Isn't life exciting! We don't have it nearly as bad as many in the area -- we have wood heat, so at least the house stays (fairly) warm, and we still have running water. 

Oh, btw, another storm is coming through this weekend with 6-8 inches of snow and sleet projected. Hahaha. 

And totally randomly, girls, I bought new black knee-high boots last night. I didn't realize until a little while ago that they have four inch heels. Sweet! I've always been sorry I gave that other four-inch pair away a couple years ago.

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I am miserable. I have had a cold for a week and only now all the bad symptoms decide to kick in? What is up with that?

I never feel so ugly as when I am sick. Bah.

Alas, I have never learned to blow my nose elegantly. I fear I shall never attain that height of decorum.

However, I will tell you that I much prefer this physical miserableness to emotional miserableness. I am happy, you see.

The driving to work and back was interesting. Apparently they decided to keep the snowplows at home today, because the four lane highway was a solid sheet of white. (More ice than snow, too!) It was cool driving with no lines visible, so I took advantage of it and drove where ever I felt like it on the road. Mwahaha.
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[livejournal.com profile] wistfulmaid has complained about the quietness of eljay...maybe I have been contributing to that and maybe I have not, but I Always Try To Do My Part.

Is is a bad sign that I know the IP addresses by heart for most of the public computers in this building? Heh heh. And I can't even remember [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives's phone number. Or zip code.

The storm is blowing in from the west. It's gone from balmy and sunny to grey and cold with wind and dropped at least 30 degrees.

I am eating my lunch of broccoli hidden back in the office, where the temperature is controlled by a gaggle of menopausal women, and it is Freezing.

And my cold has decided to afflict me today with extreme sleepiness.

I found my very first honest-to-goodness grey hair this morning. o_O Not clear. Grey. I have a grey hair. Well, I don't any more. Mwahaha.

And on that cheerful note: welcome to [livejournal.com profile] skye_lark! Glad to have you reading. =)
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So did anybody notice that the Macy's parade Santa looked an awful lot like Henry VIII?

Or possibly I've just been reading too much British history?

(Speaking of which, is it crazy of me to want to read the 1000+ page The History of London really, really badly? It looks so good.)

And, listen up, you unlucky northerners: the high today was 74. *smug*
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I have a twenty-second clip of EMF's "Unbelievable" stuck in my head. On repeat. Over. And Over. And Over.

Cool song, but you know, seriously.

I drove home at 10:00 tonight with the windows down and hair blowing everywhere. It was 71 degrees.

Aaaand I have tomorrow off.

I thanked a veteran today.
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Enough rain to wet the ground and make the temperature plummet from 108 to 75.

That's thirty-three degrees. O_O

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