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In my personal experience, the world can be divided into two groups of people:

1. Those who look at my clipboard and find it interesting or helpful (or at least in some way understandable)

2. Those who do the same and say in genuine confusion, "You know you could just buy a day planner, right?"

Mechanics first: plain small clipboard ($2.50 at Wal-Mart), covered first in tissue paper (to create texture), then torn bits of an art book, then painted, then sealed with shellac. Sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper cut in half fit perfectly (I use blank-on-one-side paper that's headed to the recycle bin).

You who have known me for awhile know that I'm reliant on lists. Not kidding: they keep me sane. Each day has a page, and I can jot down note and reminders as I think of them. Towards the back are sheets for shopping lists, future travel plans, even movies I want to see/music to buy/books to find.

Each evening I look over and add to the following day's page. It starts out as a neat list of things to do, but by the end of the day it will be a mess of scrawled notes, crossed out (I hope!) tasks, reminders, and notes in RED for the really important bits.

And to all those who have suggested a day planner: my clipboard is endlessly reusable, frugal, expandable, earth-friendly, flexible and able to adapt to my changing life, AND has personality. Why would I WANT a day planner?
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Part one: Weeks ago I stumbled upon a picture in Decorology - a home office, the decor of which didn't appeal to me, but a printed-out quote stuck in a frame did. I didn't know what it was from (How I Met Your Mother, it turns out), but I liked it and I liked the offbeat inspiration it provided.

Part two: sometime later I was looking at a really awful cheap print hanging in a staff area at work, all mauve and teal and looking like something you'd find hanging in a nursing home (God bless 'em, but they aren't exactly examples of wonderful interior design). And I thought ... what if I ripped out that print ... and cut out some letters with the Cricut... and put it all on a craft-paper background ...

Part three: I picked up a tiny oval frame somewhere either free or almost free, and I kept meaning to design some sort of miniature collage or something else awfully clever to go in it , and I kept not doing anything and it kept sitting there all empty and sad. And then ...

Now it sits on my dresser and reminds me to be awesome.

(I feel compelled to point out that this isn't my natural handwriting. I was deliberately going for the sort of loopy unevenness, and I DO know how to capitalize things.)
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- improvising with hummus: because I found out the hard way that hummus doesn't really work in traditional blenders, at least not mine. But a mortar and pestle and a little elbow grease does. Nope, it's not perfectly smooth, but it was a lot less angsty than working with the blender, and it's good enough for me.

- anyone want a half bottle of Slatkin & Co "creamy nutmeg" home fragrance oil? I broke my oil warmer this weekend (it took up too much room anyway) and I hate to just throw away the rest of the oil. I'll mail it to anyone who wants it. :)

- I read The Weird Sisters (Eleanor Brown) over the weekend. It wasn't what I expected but it was wonderful. And I marked so many passages, including this one:

She remembered one of her boyfriends asking, offhandedly, how many books she read in a year. "A few hundred," she said.

"How do you have time," he asked, gobsmacked.

She narrowed her eyes and considered the array of potential answers in front of her. Because I don't spend hours flipping through cable complaining there's nothing on? Because my entire Sunday is not eaten up with pre-game, in-game, and post-game talking heads? Because I do not spend every night drinking overpriced beer [...]? Because when I am waiting in line, at the gym, on the train, eating lunch, I am not complaining about the wait/staring into space/admiring myself in available reflective surfaces? I am reading!

"I don't know," she said, shrugging.
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Another gift ... I admit it's kind of killing me to give these away. Except for the travel journals, I don't have any of my own!

This one is covered with an old tablecloth and accented with rinestones. I love the sort of Indian/Turkish look. Inside is brown paper (stamped with different bird outlines on each page).

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After I took this panorama of my bedroom, I looked around and tried to see which items - besides clothing and shoes - were bought new at full price. I could think of two: the makeup lights over the dresser and the digital scale in the closet. Everything else is a thrift store/rummage sale/on sale/gifted/repurposed/dumpster-dived find.

Although it's hard to articulate, I have a decorating style (something like eclectic-world-traveler-brings-home-cool-stuff) and I have a knack for noticing the one thing that's perfect for that out of a pile of junk.

But there's something new in my bedroom these days:


I think a lot of the scavenger ethic is looking at something and going, "okay, but what else could it do?" And that's why I bought a pack of thirty glittery snowflake orniments for $1.50 at Wal-Mart's after Christmas sale, and hung them on bent straight pins (I was out of white thumbtacks, see) scattered all over my bedroom ceiling. It makes a fun wintery addition to the room, and since snow to me is a special reminder of God's love and faithfulness*, I like being surrounded by flakes.

As an aside, I can't stand the popcorn-ceiling thing and I have NO idea why anyone ever thought it was a good idea. =P

* this is hard to explain. It just Is. Snow makes me feel peaceful and safe and assured that God is in control.

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