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I still, still spell pigeon wrong on my first try.

I miss [profile] equuschick's dog. (Okay, I miss [profile] equuschick too. Really.)

This expresses pretty well how I feel about the way things are shaping up politically.

I gotta do some book-writing tomorrow. It's all been building up in my brain - watch it all come bursting out, hm?

I woke up to find snow on the ground.
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-rescued mom from the rain
-worked all day
-survived Wal-Mart
-taught the dog to walk on a leash
-survived an Experience

...And am currently sorting an entire cattle trailer load of clothes to donate to the mission. (A long, long story.) 

I have no time to read. *sob* Or eat, not until much later. *sob sob*
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And off I go for a weekend of painting/redecorating/rearranging...I shan't be back here online until Tuesday. Yay Columbus for having a day in his honor!

I am full of enthusiasm for my project at the moment; let's hope it stays that way. I'd hate to run out of steam in the middle.

I saw, from a distance, someone I didn't expect to see.

It's time to close this library up!
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I feel like I've never really woken up today. My eyes feel very, very heavy. I guess I only thought five hours of sleep a night was enough...

The problem with attaching great sentimental value to an object is that when it is destroyed, so is a part of your world.
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I'm really nervous today and I don't know why and it's driving me batty. I feel as if something either has happened and I just don't know about it yet, or something will happen. Soon.

It doesn't help that I forgot something I wanted to bring today, which has thrown off my groove. And that I got that nasty shock again, as I have for the past three days of seeing someone that I first glance I thought was someone else.

My, what a lot of italics. I'll go be productive now.
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I love Club crackers quite intensely. Sandra should not have showed me where the box was kept.

Did anyone besides me ever notice what a redundancy "armed gunmen" is? Or "deadly killer"? Or "surviving widow?"

Last night was dissapointing (but thanks for the prayers--I know they did something good), as I rather thought it would be, but now I am Fine. Life goes on. And I got some fabulous sunset-over-the-lake pictures on the way home.

Sandra's best friend is having major surgery today--something that involves actually stopping her heart for a period of time--and nobody's gotten any word about her yet. It's odd to have to try to encourage someone when it's usually me with the fears like that.
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Most song lyrics really don't make much sense when you see them written out. Especially the part that goes:

Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Aaah-ah Ah-ah, Ah-ah

I wish it could be a week ago instead of tonight. I wish I could capture moments and take them out and replay them again and again.


May. 11th, 2005 12:59 pm
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Life: still good. Very good.

Mood: irritatingly cheerful, grinning for reasons mostly unknown.

God: "His thoughts are higher than my thoughts" proved once again, still He is gracious and loving and way too good to me. I'm awstruck all over again.

Camera: *squee* *much picture taking ensues*

Colors: I prefer dark red.

Animals: ducklings are adorable.

Library: Yay, I got to help somebody fill out a crossword puzzle over the phone. Six letter word for a printing dagger? Obelisk. Three letters, serpent from The Jungle Books? Eeeeasy. Kaa!

Friendships: relieved [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives made it through!
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Life is very good. I think tonight was very, very good. I love life and spring and words and LIFE.
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Evidently I was pretty stressed indeed in my last post, for I discovered an alarming amount of errors in word usage.

Then again, some would say that's normal.

"Like" for "light" is not normal. Really. Not even for me.

I randomly ran into Joe Hardin while I was lurking--yes, lurking--in the vestibule of Bld. 500, partly trying to work out my nerves by being in the building and partly for other reasons. I'd forgotten he teaches at the alt. education school now instead of TYA. He hadn't seen me for a good year or more, but he remembered and asked, "So, what brings you up here" and watched as I went speechless trying to come up with something that didn't sound insane.

I'm not so nervous anymore. It's just another thing to get through. Those who like me will like me--and those who don't won't, and it doesn't matter. Besides, realistically, I know there's no way I can mess up too badly, short of fainting, which I don't do. Being less than brilliant isn't as embarrassing as being incompetent, which I am not.
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I think the next two weeks are going to be insanely busy. Massive book moving is approaching.


The mock dress rehearsal for Reader's Theatre was tonight. Drama in public does not come naturally to me, but the others seemed to assume that my serious and ernest reading (as apposed to the ham I thought I was being) of Hymn to Ham was effective. (It is a very important and necessary piece of imformation that the jam was blackberry jam, darnit, even if you don't see it at first!)

A hundred a ten cadets are going to attend; Sgt. Cox is coming, Sgt. Pidgeon said he's coming. Plus various friends and relations. Should be interesting.

Oh, Ramon is going to be reading "How to Make Elephant Stew" with a French chef's accent. It is quite the funniest thing I've seen in a good while. Between that and the posh English accent Phillip is adopting for Green Eggs and Ham...wish I were accentedly gifted.

So I wondered around the base trying to look like I knew what I was doing, and I got lost twice, and I suddenly felt very self-conscious when I realized that every one of the cadets I saw has passed through my library many times and yes, they all look alike to me but I'm sure I'm recognizable. Yipes. Also, I went into a building that I thought was an office and was actually a dorm. Oops.

Incoherence reigns and there is work to be done; I shall be gone. *poof*
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It's very ironic that just as I was thinking that today was really a very nice day and only one thing could make it absolutely positively gloriously wonderful...

Then that thing happened.
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-a good class, again. Called upon to read, again. Complimented, again. Embarrassment/pleasure factor: high.

-a walk in the dark = loveliness.

-tomorrow's Tuesday. Tomorrow I will feel like a lady. I've got tomorrow's outfit already planned. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

-I'm more blessed than I deserve to be.

-I'm different. Things are changing. That is all.

Goodnight, friends. I will sleep well tonight. I'm too sleepy now to be making sense. As I'm sure certain ones can tell.

[livejournal.com profile] equuschick--not that I want to rush you or anything, seeing as I Know How It Is, but I am quite looking forward to your reply email. *waggles eyebrows*
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I was told--in a round'bout way--that it would be appreciated if I updated.

*sends random happy thoughts all over the place*

Because, you know, I am very happy. Very content. Very amazed. And very much enjoying the weather, what bit I've been out in, because it is 75 degrees, and that is Wonderful.

Yesterday was the best day I've had in a long, long time.
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I don't think I'm very good at hiding things. And yet I am too good.

I looked at the new car's license plate for the first time this morning. VSG. The letters are VSG.

Oh my word.
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I have heard from various sources that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Not so, say I. I am most wonderfully deliriously happy. I do believe my feet are floating several inches off the ground. I saw someone that Made. My. Day., had a conversation with said person that was fantastic, ate two yogurts, am driving a new car, listened to the best Celtic Music Ever on the great sound system of said car (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] equuschick), and got a random compliment on my hair from someone that I never would have suspected of complimenting young women. (Okay, so it slightly freaked me out, but it was still nice.)

And I feel beautiful and feminine and my hair is behaving just perfectly.

There were several random happenings at the library today. The strangest was that a photographer and a male model came and asked permission to do some shoots in the library, because the photographer was building a portfolio to show to a perspective client. That I can understand. But...to impress someone you come take pictures in THIS LIBRARY? We are not aesthetically pleasing. At all. It's a relic from the '60s, typical library 1960s architecture. (ie, ugly.) But we said yes, and there he was, posing in the stacks with his long blond hair and typical model-type clothes. It was hilarious.

The cutest little girl was standing next to her mother at the checkout desk, trying to hold onto her jacket and her books. Finally she gave up and yelled in frustration, "Mommy, I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH HANDS!" I sympathise entirely.


Jan. 18th, 2005 05:10 pm
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-My feet hurt. My head hurts.

-I think I like my hair now. A good thing, too, seeing as I'm stuck with it for a while.

-I helped a patron find a recipe for a Chocolate Martini online today. He had to find it at the library, because his wife doesn't let him drink and she'd notice if he was looking it up online at home. I felt like a betrayer to...someone. A virgin Chocolate Martini sounds excellent, though. Take out the vodka, leave the chocolate!

-Reading Dave Peltzer's books makes me depressed, horrified, and strangely elated. ...And they make good subject matter for conversations.

-It's hard for me not to talk about things that my heart is full of. No. This is not about anything in particular. I like to talk about whatever I'm interested in, be it books, subjects, people, or Grand Themes, no matter whether they should be talked about or not. Fortunantly, my natural shyness pretty much controls this tendency.


Dec. 28th, 2004 04:02 pm
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There are a lot of things I wish I could talk about right now.

...I'm not unhappy.

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