Apr. 29th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Today I managed to link my twitter account and facebook, so I can tweet while on the road* and have it update facebook at the same time. Also, (thanks to [ profile] butterbobbin 's example) at the end of each day all my tweets should feed here. Which will be annoying for the next week, but useful once Roadtrip2010 starts in earnest. It's just for the duration, and then I expect I'll sever the link and life will go back to normal, and least as far as teh internetz is concerned.

*but not while driving. Honest.
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Hi. I want a White Stripes album. 

My grandmother has quit fixing grandpa food to eat, even when he asks her to. We finally noticed he's been living on ice cream and cookies for the past weeks, since it's about the only thing he can get for himself. I think that, and her increasingly hostile attitude towards him, is just her way of being in denial that he's getting weaker and weaker, but...honestly. Spend sixty years together, and when it comes to the end you get all angry and neglectful? Poor grandpa just sits around looking like a wounded puppy all the time.

(Don't worry, now that we've realized, we're taking care of feeding him. No matter how angry grandma gets, which is VERY.)

The house-hunting bug has bitten me bad. I want a teeny tiny brick house with a teeny tiny yard. And teeny tiny rooms I can fill with books, and invite people over to sit on big pillows on the floor because I haven't enough chairs. It would be a great big Wonderful. I have no intention of moving out just yet, but I think that's my goal to seriously work and plan towards. It's very, very possible. The town I work in is fully of teeny tiny brick houses just as I described. I could be within walking distance from church and the park, and three minutes away from work and most stores. And the coffee shop! And a mere seven minutes from Wal-Mart, which is the important thing. 

The boys have colds. I'm almost wanting to catch it so I can take some sick days. 

Can someone tell me - is it easy to disconnect a CD drive in a desktop computer? How would I do that? We have one at work where the drive is constantly trying to open and shut and generally not working. I'd like to just fix the problem if I could.

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I'll be without my laptop for "two to four days". *wailing, etc.* But it'll come back new and improved (and with a new hard drive at least three times larger), and in the meantime everything even mildly important is backed up to the desktop. So it's all good. I'm surprisingly untramatized, compared to the last time I had to leave it overnight. 

Okay, I love my electronics. So what. tttbbppt. 

My daddy said he'd bring me a kitten from the farm for my birthday. Awww. I've missed having a cat around. I'm thinking of naming it Jack.

(Not you...we named the monkey Jack.) 

A day of work awaits. Nine o'clock, I look forward to thee. (Never have decided if I love or hate the late night hours on Monday.)
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My darling-and-beloved laptop (a Toshiba Satellite) is somewhere between three and four years old. It's served me well and has had no major problems. It's still serving me well, except that in the last couple weeks something has happened to make the svchost.exe file take up 100% of the CPU. It'll do that for ten or fifteen minutes (during which things either run very slowly, or don't run at all), then be fine. Usually it happens just at startup, but sometimes at other random times as well. It's getting annoying, and I'm sick of it.

I ran full scans with Ad-Aware, ewido, and AVG. Ad-Aware found a few things, which I deleted, but the problem is still there.

So, two questions: any other ideas before I take it to the shop?


When/if  I take it in Monday to have it professionally scanned and cleaned, shall I tell them to go ahead and put an 80 GB hard drive in it? It only has a 20 GB now, which has been fine, but with all pictures I take some extra room would be great. (side note, because I'm honestly not quite sure...will a larger hard drive just give me more space to store things, or actually make it run faster? Or do I need more RAM, as well? It runs normal things fine, but programs like Photoshop are a little slow sometimes.) Like I said, it is around four years old. I will be needing/wanting a new one sometime in the next few years. Since it has no problems except for the one thing now, I don't see a reason to ditch it for a new one yet, but I don't want to put too much money into it if it'll probably only last another year or so.

Give me imput!
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Chainreading, a book-tracking site I find utterly indespensible, offers various codes you can put in your websites that will keep a constantly updated list of what you're currently reading.

I've been trying to put this into my user info, but it does nothing. When I view the page after pasting it in, you can see neither the source code nor what it's supposed to produce.

Does anyone know what might be the matter? Here's exactly what the site says:

This script displays the books you are currently reading in a little customizable box that can be displayed on your website or blog. To use this code, simply copy and paste the code below onto your website.

<script src=""> </script>

techie help

May. 3rd, 2006 04:32 pm
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Anybody familiar with PS7 who might have an idea where my gradient tool disappeared too? I could swear it's supposed to be on the toolbar but I don't. see. it.
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I am going to go home and make pasta with lemon cream sauce.

A very promising place will be opening up next week: The Coffee Bean, serving specialty coffees, salads, soups, pastries, and so on. I am hoping it will have the kind of comfortable atmosphere that I can go and sit for several hours and read or write (as if I have several hours in which to do that). I've been sorely missing my Electric Brew. (As if it were ever mine in the first place.)

I'm thinking about getting a wireless card for my laptop so I can sit in the gym's lobby and avail myself of their wi-fi--and here at the library, too, although I don't actually need it here because we're...connected anyway. Still: anybody know anything about wireless cards?

Something indescribable is happening. I would try to describe it, but it is not able to be described. That is what indescribable means.
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Tell me that USB flash drives and digital cameras are not affected by being put through X-ray machines?
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I am afflicted, mind and spirit, with wanderlust. I want to see mountains again, mountains, Gandalf! I want time to sit in some remote place and enjoy a book and coffee. I want to finish writing my book. I want time to play an entire game of chess, and I want to learn Latin again and Italian for the first time and read all the books in the world and study more ancient history and philosophy and do something amazing with my life.

The wedding was lovely. I have now met [ profile] violetvale who is beautiful (don't listen to anything she might say to the contrary!). And I got to see [ profile] elveneyes38 again...very wonderful...CA seems to have agreed with her; she's even more glowing and beautiful than usual. =)

I got myself navigated around downtown Fayetteville, rescued the missing tie for the best man, and even got myself on the proper expressway to get home. So what if I did miss the turnpike exit and have to take the scenic way home. But don't tell anyone.

[ profile] blackswans sent me the most amazing card/Christmas letter. You are so talented, Danielle!

Sandra surprised me with a tin of chocolate covered espresso beans this morning. Not only is she sweet (although possibily hinting that I've seemed tired lately?), but the timing was perfect. I am so exhausted today, and got up this morning twenty minutes before I had to leave, a Bad Thing. No breakfast, no packed lunch...gah. [ profile] savetheolives, please don't worry, I'm not wasting away, I'm sure. The cheesecake last night surely had enough calories to last me a week. o_O

I got my new work computer today! It's a beauty...all black, flat panel monitor, sleek and wonderful. I love it. Unfortunantly the tech guys lots a few of my files in the transfer, but I'm pretty sure they are all replaceable. I hope. *cringes* I should have made my own backup on my flash drive just in case and I didn't take the time because it all happened so suddenly. =\

Lots of things are happening. I can't keep up. Too much to know and do and see and learn and think about. I need time. I can't think, or I think too much. Something!

I think there was more to say, but I can't remember enough to form words.
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Just dropped $70 on a USB flash drive, because I wanted a way to share information between my laptop and the new family desktop. But it's a security thing, too, right, because now I can carry all my worldly digital life (pictures, files, novels, even some music) on something smaller than a chapstick tube. On my keyring, if I so desire. USB ports = love.

New computer is working out well, no major hassles, the fun part being trying to explain things like internet and email to my parents. And why single clicking doesn't always work, and double clicking is sometimes too much. And why the keyboard and mouse can work without wires (yay for laser keyboards and mice, so much easier!)

I've decided I'm going to start cooking supper every Saturday. I haven't cooked in ages and have so many wonderful recipes to try, and the only way I'll do it is to schedual it.
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There's a certain kind of aura about summer. Something about the contrast between cool--almost cold--air conditioned interiors and the shock and contrast of the humid and hot outdoors. It creates this...this aura, okay? I can't describe it. It's like a sound, only it has no noise, or a taste or smell, only it's not that, either.

Anyway, it feels/sounds/smells like that now, even though it's not really summer yet.

The first two hours of work were spent completely on computer problems. I think I hate techology today. Or it hates me.
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I found out I can only email my professor using my college email address--and they have either not given me one, or have misspelled the log-in name or something, because it is NOT letting me into my account. If I have one. I'm wondering if they only give them to full-time students?

And even if I can get it to let me log on, I can only access it here a work or in the computer lab, so I couldn't even count on getting the reply in a timely manner.

I guess I'll just plan on not having any questions.

So, does anyone know: if you are writing a summary of a short mystery story, do you give away the ending or not?

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