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So that five hour stretch of cooking I did last Sunday? Here's what I made:
Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms   
Chocolate Orange Bread (this is SO good eaten with marmalade)
Persian Kotlety (added fresh mint)
Scored Potatoes (ditched the seasoned salt and used butter and herbs instead)
Rosemary Filone (my favorite artisan bread!)
Rosemary Apple Tart
Roasted Carrots with Dill

My herbs are starting to really take off now - except the basil, it's been too cool at night until recently for it to really start growing - so I wanted to make things that would take advantage of all the fresh parsley, mint, rosemary, dill, and oregano available.

If you only try one of these, make it the rosemary apple tart. It's very simple and such an unexpected - but completely delicious - flavor combination!
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From Misc

Um yeah, that's good bread. It came out of the oven less than an hour ago, and one loaf is already practically gone.
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I've read over ten years of Bon Appétit issues, and this is still the all-time best recipe I ever found within those pages. It's ridiculously easy, and yes, it has a package of jello in it, but it makes a perfect cake every time: incredibly moist inside, with a sugary crunch to the outside.

You can tell the best recipes in someone's collection because they are the most food-stained. :) I've been using this one for years.

Triple Lemon Cake - Bon Appétit recipeTriple Lemon Cake


the recipe )
Oh and hey, [ profile] franciscanorder, I made that ginger chicken tonight and it was not at all what I expected and it was so good. I didn't exactly follow the recipe, so I don't know if it tasted like it was "supposed" to, but I'll be making it again. Probably soon.


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1. Make your favorite brownie recipe. I like this one (bake it exactly like the recipe says-- it will look completely underdone, but trust me on this. You want gooey brownies, right? Of course you do. I promise, bake it any longer than it says and they won't be gooey anymore.) Whatever recipe you choose, it should fill a 13x9 pan.

2. Beat together a brick of cream cheese, 2 cups of powdered sugar, half a teaspoon of mint extract, 2 drops of yellow food coloring and 5 of green. Spread this on top of the (cooled) pan of brownies.

3. Melt some kind of chocolate, any kind of chocolate. (Because you can't have the kind I used, which was left over from the chocolate fountain at the Harry Potter release party in July. Don't look at me like that, it's been in the freezer. I had a gallon and a half, it's taken awhile to use it up, okay?) Chocolate chips, a chocolate bar, chocolate bark; just melt it and drip, dot, swirl, drizzle or spread it over the cream cheese.

4. Eat the brownies. This is the most important part.
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Here you go, [personal profile] moredetails!

I use this recipe from Gourmet magazine. I do it about like the directions say, except that I eat the fruit out first with a spoon, then pull out the stuff left inside to leave just the halves of the rind. It works with almost any other citrus fruit (I've done whole slices of lemon this way too) and ... I never have bothered with superfine sugar. Regular old sugar seems to work fine for me.

And I think  they're best dipped in dark chocolate. That's what I'm doing this afternoon. :)

Dad loves to eat them in his peanut butter sandwiches.

They freeze well!
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3/4 c. flour
1 t. sugar
2 eggs
3/4 c. milk
pinch of salt
oil (for pan)

Whisk everything together and ... um ... cook in the manner that one normally cooks crepes. The crepe recipe is one that has been passed down through several people (I first acquired it from a very genteel old lady in Sarasota, Florida) and has been written down rather loosely, when at all, thus the lack of general directions. Lucky for you, crepes aren't hard. Put a little oil or butter in the pan, pour in some batter, turn the pan all around to spread it out, and cook until slightly brown on both sides. They should be thin, pliable, and sort of shiny.

Then I sauteed a package of button mushrooms in butter (I like them really sauteed, until all the juice evaporates and they actually become brown/black and a little crispy, but you can make them however you like), put a little bit of mushrooms in each crepe with a sprinkling of chunked cheddar cheese (a white cheese, or better yet feta, would be great, but I didn't have any.) Added a tablespoon of au ju (salty beef broth) to the inside, wrapped it all up, and poured a little more au ju over the top. Yum! 

This made enough for four people (about 8-10 crepes). 

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This is from the "Cooking Light" magazine; I did everything about as the directions say, except that I didn't give it as long to rise (I was impatient) and I think I overbaked it slightly. But oh, it tastes good!

(Don't skimp on the rosemary! It's worth it.)

Rosemary Focaccia

The rosemary steeps in boiling water; be sure to let it cool to 100° to 110° before adding the yeast so your dough will rise correctly. Sea salt and kosher salt have larger crystals than regular salt, so either adds a nice crunch to the top of the bread. But be sure to use regular salt in the dough for best results. You don't need to use all of the egg and oil mixture on top of the dough; spread enough to coat the top, and discard any extra. Use remaining bread for sandwiches, or cut into 1/2-inch cubes and bake at 350° for 15 minutes (or until toasted) to make croutons for salads.

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Good Omens is a really hilarious book, at least if you're into that kind of thing, you know. It's half Pratchett, and the introduction itself is worth the entire cost of the book. 

Look! It's the Spanish Inquisition: "Art thou a witch, viva espana?"

Um. Moving on. 

For [personal profile] wistfulmaid, with apologies for having forgotten until now: 

I doubled the recipe and it was enough for our family of 5, and although it's okay with french bread, I personally would probably prefer it with regular sandwich bread. French just takes longer to cook. =)

(I made flans today! Yum yum.)

And now, moving on a bit more, we have interview questions from [profile] crystallia, who dared to ask questions that actually -- gasp -- made me think:
1. If you could ask God for one gift, what would it be?

This is really tough. Possibly I would ask for the wisdom to know what exactly I am supposed to do in various situations so I can quit wasting time mucking about trying to figure it out and taking twice as long to get to the right end as I should. And then I'd hope for the willpower to use that no-longer-wasted time in a useful manner and not just waste it on something else.

2. If you were given an extra $1,000 each month, how would you use it?

I'm boring; I'd probably just save it for use on something later. Then again, maybe I'd be impulsive and buy a shiny black Chrysler Crossfire. You can never tell with me!

3. If you had to live the life (not necessarily make the choices) of any famous person, past or present, who would it be?

I'd like to be Queen Elizabeth II. Some people think I kind of look like her in her younger days, anyway. ;) But I wouldn't marry Prince Phillip and I would raise up my family a bit differently, I should think. 

(Seriously, I really don't have a clue who to choose. Each era/person/position has its drawbacks, and I'm just pretty much happy being me!)

4. If you could work in any job, in any place, where would it be and what would be the job?
This library and this job, only without any messy bureaucracy or annoying things. Or, alternatively, as the head of my own private library, "Where Membership is a Privilege, Not A Right!"TM  Patrons would have to pass an extensive background check before their application is approved, and I would have strict rules and would be merciless to those who break them, would not allow any children under 16, and reserve the right to kick out anybody at anytime. Mwahahaha. 

5. If someone wanted to become exactly like you (in all good ways), describe in detail what they would need to do, be like, everything :-) 

Why would anybody want to be exactly like me? o_O Scary thought, that. In a nutshell, they would have to read voraciously, remember odd little facts from said reading at useless and often highly inappropriate times, have a twisted sense of humor and a a contrarian spirit, appreciate the odd made-up word, and be able to bluff their way through almost any situation whilst quaking inside. In dress and manner they would be rather chamelianish, being at times the bohemian, the proper lady, and the tomboy, sometimes all at once. They would change their mind often about little things but rarely about big things. They would also be very bad at describing themselves. =P 

I'm too lazy to go look up the exact wording, but if anybody is dying for a few interview questions of their own, comment and thou shalt receive.

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