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Danielle asked me some questions! )

When I return, readers, it should be with PICTURES OF THE GREAT PAR-TAY OF DOOM. Because when you get four such awesome people as [livejournal.com profile] windandtherain , [livejournal.com profile] ransomedsea , [livejournal.com profile] main_hoon_emily  and myself together ... well ... strange things will happen. Stay tuned.
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How many siblings do you have?
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First, from [profile] my_everafter:

What? Old boyfriends? Intriguing! Do tell!!!

Whee, this is fun! Thanks for your questions, peoples. Look for a second installment coming soon, and don't forget you can still leave more questions here.
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Travel Stories:

* I was contemplating the menu outside the Martini Lounge in the Detroit airport when an old lady asked me if I knew where in the building it was permissible to smoke. What is with all these people thinking I look like I would know this stuff?

* Once again, I set my open purse down in an automatic sink so I'd have my hands free to reapply lipstick. Once again, I doused my purse. (Once again, no real harm done, however, and I got a good laugh out of it. So did some other ladies, probably, but they were polite enough to wait until they were out of earshot.)

* I must be looking less dangerous these days -- I didn't get picked for a "random" search even once!

* I obviously didn't bring enough books with me. One of my flights was delayed in taking off because there wasn't enough weight in the tail of the plane and it made the plane "out of balance."  (This is a technical term?)

* I think it's funny how nobody will sit in a seat next to another stranger in the gate unless forced to, but we all get on the plane and are jammed into seats half the size and nobody seems to notice.

* One of the my pilots was young, dark, and handsome -- and looked exactly like the young Michael Corleone. I decided not to mention this fact to him.


I meant to mention this during January's book list, but I forgot. Just in case someone missed it -- I've been blogging my reading thoughts this year, but on a separate lock to keep it from cluttering the pages of those not interested. If you missed out on the first invitation, feel free to let me know if you'd like to be added to the lock.

I really need to find a tiara. Any ideas of where to look? It needn't be "real", although antique or antique-looking is always good, but I just don't want something clearly meant as a child's dress-up piece. Nor do I exactly want to pay real prices.



Sep. 4th, 2007 10:13 pm
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When one enters a photography contest in which 8x10 prints are to be mounted on "a stiff board, 11 by 14-inch size", what exactly constitutes said stiff board? Card stock? Poster board, trimmed to appropriate size? Foam board? Other?
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Do you choose your books? Or do they choose you? Discuss. *

* to be expanded upon in a later post in which I elaborate on the books that have chosen me, beginning with the one I am reading right now. Also, we will complete ignore the fact that books are inanimate objects which cannot, in any literal sense of the word, choose anything.

** Oh, and, the Pratchett list is taking slightly longer in coming as I am obsessed with making it Comprehensive (typical! Never do unnecessary things by half measures, that's me) and probably as long as possible. There's just so much goodness to cram in!

*** And thirdly ... he is a lying nave. Er. I mean, I just pulled Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia out of the oven, and yes it's nearly eleven but I'm going to go eat some of it. It's been a weird day. I ate lunch at 10:00 am. 

**** Why do random snatches of the poems my grandmother used to quote keep popping into my head?
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"There .. was .. a .. mighty ..." storm. I had to crawl along at 30 MPH most of the way home, but just as I was deciding to pull over and wait for the rain to abate before starting up into the hills towards home, it let up and I was able to make it in time for dinner after all. 

Later I looked outside to find that the sky had turned a brilliant shade of tangerine. I took pictures, but I'm too lazy to post any tonight.

I am happy to report that my imaginative life is alive and well. In fact, I bet my imaginary world is better that your imaginary world! I should start writing again. I've let that slip. 

I'm so happy to see so many of my friends in relationships, and married, and about to be married, and engaged, and with someone they love ... I know sometimes there's the worry that your single friends are sick of hearing about your love, but let me tell you: I'm not. It's a beautiful thing, and it makes me so happy to see my friends happy. :) 

Anyone know of  a good way to rid a cat of fleas? They are stubborn little buggers. I've resorted to frequent baths, which we all hate. It kills me to see him looking like a drowned otter, but it's that or mom threatens to kick him out. Well, probably not really, but she's being very generous to even let him be an inside cat at all, the darling creature, as she's really not a pet person at all. 

How can you not be a pet person?!

I found a new drink obsession today: Dole's fruit sparklers. They're not full of sugar, taste good, and have at least a bit of nutritional value, especially compared to the super-sweet caramel latte I thought I wanted. 

Goodness gracious, look at the time. This girl has got to go accomplish something in life!

Edit: I just decided that I hate this icon. That's all.

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[profile] patrick___ and [profile] jmcphers: someone has donated some books about C++ to the library. They're from the early 90s -- I'm assuming that's too old to be useful to anyone now, but I thought I'd get an expert opinion before I get rid of them. What think you?

[personal profile] wistfulmaid, I made your lemon squares this morning and sneaked one before I left for work -- so. good! My mom is sold on them, too. We're a lemon-crazed household, so we are. 

Pirates3 comes out in barely more than a month. :)

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To pack or not to pack: my pirate shirt. What say you?


And, what do you suppose this means: 

For travel between December 27-31, 2006,
US Airways has relaxed ticketing policies in:

  • All Colorado markets

Contact reservations at 1-800-428-4322 to make changes.

Should I be seeing if I could get on a different flight through a different city? *bites nails*


Dec. 1st, 2006 09:06 am
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This is an experiment:

Describe my LJ in one or two words. Or a short sentence, if you must.

I won't be offended if "boring" pops up. *impish grin*
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Hi. I want a White Stripes album. 

My grandmother has quit fixing grandpa food to eat, even when he asks her to. We finally noticed he's been living on ice cream and cookies for the past weeks, since it's about the only thing he can get for himself. I think that, and her increasingly hostile attitude towards him, is just her way of being in denial that he's getting weaker and weaker, but...honestly. Spend sixty years together, and when it comes to the end you get all angry and neglectful? Poor grandpa just sits around looking like a wounded puppy all the time.

(Don't worry, now that we've realized, we're taking care of feeding him. No matter how angry grandma gets, which is VERY.)

The house-hunting bug has bitten me bad. I want a teeny tiny brick house with a teeny tiny yard. And teeny tiny rooms I can fill with books, and invite people over to sit on big pillows on the floor because I haven't enough chairs. It would be a great big Wonderful. I have no intention of moving out just yet, but I think that's my goal to seriously work and plan towards. It's very, very possible. The town I work in is fully of teeny tiny brick houses just as I described. I could be within walking distance from church and the park, and three minutes away from work and most stores. And the coffee shop! And a mere seven minutes from Wal-Mart, which is the important thing. 

The boys have colds. I'm almost wanting to catch it so I can take some sick days. 

Can someone tell me - is it easy to disconnect a CD drive in a desktop computer? How would I do that? We have one at work where the drive is constantly trying to open and shut and generally not working. I'd like to just fix the problem if I could.

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My dad just shaved off his beard. He looks so young now! I think the only reason he grows one is for the shock value when, after a year, he emerges from the bathroom with a naked face. *waggles eyebrows*

(Reason number 3897342 why I'm glad not to be a guy: no need to shave my face every morning.)

(Also, because it's more socially acceptable to be totally and utterly unable to drive a stick shift.)

Audience participation time:

Girls, why are you glad to be a female?
And guys, what about you? Why are you glad to be a male?

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My darling-and-beloved laptop (a Toshiba Satellite) is somewhere between three and four years old. It's served me well and has had no major problems. It's still serving me well, except that in the last couple weeks something has happened to make the svchost.exe file take up 100% of the CPU. It'll do that for ten or fifteen minutes (during which things either run very slowly, or don't run at all), then be fine. Usually it happens just at startup, but sometimes at other random times as well. It's getting annoying, and I'm sick of it.

I ran full scans with Ad-Aware, ewido, and AVG. Ad-Aware found a few things, which I deleted, but the problem is still there.

So, two questions: any other ideas before I take it to the shop?


When/if  I take it in Monday to have it professionally scanned and cleaned, shall I tell them to go ahead and put an 80 GB hard drive in it? It only has a 20 GB now, which has been fine, but with all pictures I take some extra room would be great. (side note, because I'm honestly not quite sure...will a larger hard drive just give me more space to store things, or actually make it run faster? Or do I need more RAM, as well? It runs normal things fine, but programs like Photoshop are a little slow sometimes.) Like I said, it is around four years old. I will be needing/wanting a new one sometime in the next few years. Since it has no problems except for the one thing now, I don't see a reason to ditch it for a new one yet, but I don't want to put too much money into it if it'll probably only last another year or so.

Give me imput!
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A sermon I heard awhile back contained this:

There is either love or hate. You either love a person, or you hate them. There is no "I love you in JESUS, but I just don't like you very much."

And so, I wonder. It sounds true. Love, hate; black and white. This morning in church we discussed again how God has no gray areas. Sin is sin. There's no 'little' sin that doesn't really count. It's either sin, or it's not.

But there are so many people I really just don't like very much. I don't think I hate them, but I don't feel much love, either.

Perhaps it's "love" that I need to redefine? Love doesn't exactly equal warm mushy feelings. It can, but that's not what it is.

Love is action?

What say you, friends?
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Anyone ever had experience with the any lecture series from The Great Courses by The Teaching Company? I keep getting catalogs for them and they've finally put a bunch of them on sale. I'm thinking I'll order "The History of the English Language"--it's 36 lectures on CD for around $55 dollars (when it usually costs $250), taught by Professor Seth Lerer from Stanford. I think it sounds facinating, and it would be perfect for use while working out, since the lectures are 30 minutes each, just enough to get me through each days alloted time.

The lecture titles look so great--"The Pre-history of English", "Dialect Jokes and Literary Representation in Middle English", "How We Speak: the Great Vowel Shift". And the professor is described as having a great talent for reading Old and Middle English.


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My favorite poem
My favorite poem
I keep it on a card tucked into the corner of my dresser mirror.

What do you say to someone who accuses you of reading fantasy--indeed, fiction of any sort--to "escape" from reality? Someone who thinks reality and reality only is the stuff of life, and any foray into something not reality shows a 1) weakness of character or 2) lack of stomach to face the real world?

This hasn't happened recently, but every so often someone will make an offhand comment insinuating that because they only read non-fiction, they have a better handle on life than I do. I'd like to have some stock answers prepared besides the snotty ones that seem to slip out about how narrow the circle of their mind is, etc.

Imagination isn't evil, folks.

(This brought on by reading "Usher II", from Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.)

techie help

May. 3rd, 2006 04:32 pm
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Anybody familiar with PS7 who might have an idea where my gradient tool disappeared too? I could swear it's supposed to be on the toolbar but I don't. see. it.
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Never hesitate to ask a friend for a favor. That's what friends are for.


I think I agree with the first part, but not the second. My friends--I hope--do not value my friendship merely (or primarily) for what favors I might be able to grant them.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

Anybody ever heard of a sticky wicket?


Mar. 27th, 2006 05:36 pm
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Just a thought--life is a funny and ironic thing when Home is the place you spend most of your time away from.

On the other hand: where would Home be for you if it were defined as the place you spent the most time?

And for clarification purposes, let's assume that any time spent unconscious by virtue of being asleep doesn't count.

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