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Also there is this, the italics are mine:

A Washington insider told the Drudge Report that the president was not chain-smoking - his one vice - but does occasionally skip meals because he is "working non-stop for the country".

(from here.)

I ... I don't even know what to say. I'd laugh in the face of anyone who claimed they or anyone else only have one vice, for starters.


Oct. 15th, 2008 10:09 pm
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That was easily the most entertaining debate of the three.
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From this article about a ruling by the California appeals court restricting the right to homeschool to parents with teaching credentials:


"A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare," the judge wrote, quoting from a 1961 case on a similar issue.


How about reading, writing, and 'rithmatic?

I didn't grow up in California, and even if I had, my dad has the necessary degrees to satisfy the state (and in fact taught in a public school for twelve years.) But this is outrageous.

And then there is this article, in which Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis told employee and student Keith Sampson that he was no longer allowed to read a book called Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan - in which the KKK is clearly the bad guy - because the mere printing of KKK on the cover offended several of his coworkers.

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I still, still spell pigeon wrong on my first try.

I miss [profile] equuschick's dog. (Okay, I miss [profile] equuschick too. Really.)

This expresses pretty well how I feel about the way things are shaping up politically.

I gotta do some book-writing tomorrow. It's all been building up in my brain - watch it all come bursting out, hm?

I woke up to find snow on the ground.
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Indeed, a very good soup. And all because baby portobellos were on sale; evolutionary cooking is my favorite. First came portobellos, then black beans, kidney beans, barley, lentils ... throw in some onions, add a little garlic, pepper, and voila, an accidentally wonderful soup.

I just realized that I'll be flying back into town on the day of Oklahoma primary, likely a little too late to make it to the polls. So I'm off now to find my first absentee ballot. Hurray.
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At the gym tonight I watched some C-SPAN, which was broadcasting (why?) a press conference with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. A very nice young female reporter asked him if he was going to marry his girlfriend, and when. He spent ten minutes -- I do not jest, TEN MINUTES - rambling on and on about the love lives of past French presidents and love in general and the media and his trip to Egypt and how if the media doesn't want to see pictures of him they shouldn't send photographers ... and never answered the question. It was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. He's just so ... French.

Also, Rubbermaid storage bins make my little heart so happy. I bought a whole bunch tonight and I can't wait to go in and start organizing stuff.
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Things I like:

- croutons
- fudge in moderation
this picture:

(I was two, and my grandmother was still a loving person, and my very first cat Shadow is there in the background. I think this is my favorite picture from my entire childhood.)

Earlier I saw somebody write "u" for "you" in a business letter. Arrrrrgh.

(Ha, the Senate has a chance of being split 50-50 now! Interesting.)

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I'm sure there will be a rash of 9/11 posts tomorrow. I don't mean to get mine in ahead of time, but it's only an hour or so away and I'll probably forget if I wait until morning.

All I want to say is that I can still taste the fear I felt five years ago. At times I was so sick with it that physically I could barely breathe. I think I thought the world was ending.

And we came through it. I came through it.

It still feels odd to think that I may life the rest of my life in a country at war. 

God bless America, and God bless our military.

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-the resturant that burned yesterday is gone. The front wall is still standing, but looking in the (blown out) windows...it looks like it was bombed. Rubble everwhere, nothing resembling the neat booths and tables it used to contain. I went down and took pictures while it was burning, but apparently that particular memory card failed and I lost them all. =\ Too bad.

-memory cards are much cheaper now than they were six months ago. This is a happy thing.

-I can't be all things to all people. Sad fact, but true. I'll have a happier life if I realize that.

-Annnd I get to go make some major financial decisions this afternoon, which is why I'm not wearing jeans on casual Friday. It just doesn't seem right to be moving money around in scary amounts in jeans.

-then I go home, finish packing, and go to bed at 8:00pm. Anyone have suggestions on how to fall asleep at that early hour?

-The morning shall see me gone. Hurray! But you will likely not see me gone, because when [personal profile] savetheolives and I get together, we always seem to want to spread the joy. =)

[Edit] - Mexico is angry about us protecting our border and (possibly) building a fence: need we have more proof it's a good idea?

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Five inches in one week: nothing like a drought to make you properly appreciate rain! I love it. More is predicted.

Sunday I was snubbed at a party by several people I used to go to church with. I don't care that much anymore, but it's an odd experience. I'm not that used to flat-out blatant rudeness and I'm always a little shocked (and later, amused) by it. Also, I ran into my former pastor at the pharmacy and he did deign to say hello, but called me by the wrong name. As the British would say, "typical!"

It appears I wasn't that far off the mark, though, when Quinton asked me what the main difference between my former church and my current church was and I blurted out before I thought, "They like me here."

But I came home and drank three cups of Mexican coffee (thanks again for the beans, Sarah-girl!), and so all was well.

Sometimes I wonder why anybody would hate little old me and sometimes I wonder why anybody wouldn't.

I will now proceed to mention several people.

To another Sarah: [livejournal.com profile] pansyprincess, you were in my dream Saturday night! I dreamed that I went to my favorite coffee shop and you had just started to work there. You made me an excellent latte, and then I realized your sister was also there (she was taller and blonder than you, but her face looked just like yours...probably because I don't know your real sister's faces well enough). We three sat around and talked and I was almost late getting back to work because of you. =)

[livejournal.com profile] aftondays's photography contest grows near, but there's still time to submit a picture or two!

[livejournal.com profile] savetheolives and I have been having a grand time planning for the end of May. I think Hollywood conspired not to release any good movies when we could see them together, though. It currently looks like we'll have our pick between MI:II and The Da Vinci Code. ....or not.

I will now venture into politics, which I find interesting that I rarely talk about here. I am actually a very political person....believe it or not.

I'm getting really sick of the whole illegal immigration thing, especially the marches and demonstrations and strikes. I have all the sympathy in the world, but you're breaking the law. I don't see the big deal.

And I heard the gentleman who started the whole translate-the-national-anthem-into-Spanish thing quoted today as saying he did it "to honor all the immigrants who came to this country speaking Spanish." My thought, and my dad concurs, is that we should also translate it into French and German and Polish and Dutch and Chinese and a bunch of obscure African dialects and heck, Gaelic too; and then when Americans gather to sing the national anthem it will sound like the tower of Babel and maybe God will strike us dead.
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I have no faith in humanity.

Thus, it is election day, and I am just slightly afraid.

I got up bright and early and voted soon after the polling place opened; I was geeky enough to plan my outfit today so as to show off my "I VOTED!" sticker to the best advantage.

On a completely different note, I realized last night that one of the worst things that could happen to me in life--not counting the death of family or friends--would be my house burning down. I have so many things that could never be replaced even if I had unlimited money. Great-grandma's shawl, which forms a swag above my closet. Great-grandpa's books. Photographs. Things my friends have made. All my stories, journals, quote books. It scares me to think of losing those things. And even the things that I could replace, it would take so long to feel the same connection with. Each book that I have, I really love that particular copy of the book because of where I bought it, or who gave it to me, or where I was when I read it, or what I underlined. I couldn't like another copy so well. I could buy ten black shirts, and none of them would be My Favorite Black Shirt That I Bought With Hannah At a Marvelous Sale and got for $1.50. You see?

Maybe I like my stuff too much, or maybe I just have a weakness for being too attached to inanimate objects. Or maybe they are one and the same.

To end:

[Poll #377446]

[EDIT: I'll post the correct answers to a couple of those questions in a day or two. Stay tuned.]
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Almost dead, in fact.

Dad's in New Jersey right now, which is Odd. He and his brother took a weekend jaunt to buy a car and pick up some tables from their sister's house. The dining room table will become ours; finally we'll be able to have more then two guests for dinner at a time. And although we don't have a place for it exactly, I'm hoping we'll be able to keep the library table as well. I don't remember ever seeing it before (though it used to be in my grandparents house) but the very name--Library Table--has endeared me to it, and mom assures me that it is beautiful. I'd like to adopt it and take it with me when I leave. A Library Table!

Next week looks busy. Two people are on vacation and so us remaining two will be working double our usual hours. I'll miss Sandra. Not only is she Classy and a Kindred and Very Wise (regarding what goes on here at the library, anyway), but she's just very comforting to be around.

At least Monday is a holiday, and I can try to catch up on all my projects. Like letter writing. And research paper writing.

My debate scarf last night was the biscuit colored one. I'm wearing it now (with clothes all of varying shades of cream/tan--very monochromatic, and I think I like it) and so there is only the blue piece of material left, and one debate. Perfect. Debates are the only time I have two hours to sit and handsew filmy material, which is a bugger to work with.

Two more hours until I can go home and eat chicken for lunch.

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