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A couple weeks ago I was in Oklahoma City and stopped by the art museum downtown to see the Chihuly exhibit. It's his largest permanent exhibit, and though my taste in art runs much more towards the medieval and renaissance eras, I couldn't help but be blown away by it. He works in glass, and the exhibit was dark inside and the pieces lit beautifully - the pieces glowed and shimmered!

My favorite part was a long hallway with a glass ceiling. On top of the glass, lit from above, were thousands of overlapping glass pieces.

It was stunning.

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I love trees. Have I ever told you that? I LOVE TREES.
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I visited the Minnesota state capital and fell in love with the Italian marble columns.

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I bring you: atrocities in the produce department!

The melon owns a year ... which is round?

After the attention of my Red Pen of Doom, we can all breathe easily again (and
enjoy our melons all year long):

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Road Closed
Road Closed (Except to boats)

This is apparently for the rednecks who don't realize that when a road turns into a lake, it's not a good idea to continue driving. 

Our local park is flooded and the dike that protects the town is seeping and may be in danger if the lake rises any higher. I still like rain, though.

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and sunshine...

and an afternoon of letter writing...

...make for a beautiful day.
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I'm working on convincing the guys to make me a sword for the 19th. Er, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and all that.

Hagen soaking up the sun on my bed.

A lady pirate shirt, some pirate bling, and a quirky attitude.

I LIKE pirate bling.

As does the Hagen-cat.

Here, let me kiss you.

Eww! People kisses! (Notice the catly disgust.)

We shall glower together instead. Argh!

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A literary cat
A literary cat

My life must be rubbing off on him already. (Actually, he just loves to play with pens.)
Leaning Tower of Hagen
Leaning Tower of Hagen

See? He likes salt too.
See? He likes salt too.

Props to Hannah for the Coolest Book as a Birthday Present Ever.
birthday gift!
birthday gift!

Our first moments together.

Techy help

May. 18th, 2006 04:28 pm
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Anybody know what's wrong when my digital pictures look like this? They look fine on the camera, but when I put the card in my computer, this is the result. I'm thinking this memory card has failed. =\ It's not so bad since it's just the 64MB card and it didn't have a whole bunch of pictures on it.....just all the ones I took an hour ago of the fire. =P 

I tried taking some pictures just now with the 512 MB card, and they showed up just fine on both the camera and computer, so it's a problem with the card, not the camera....right? Please tell me so. I'm paranoid.
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A horse, a sunset
A horse, a sunset
Cleo, who never stands still
Cleo, who never stands still
a wee mousie
a wee mousie
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My favorite poem
My favorite poem
I keep it on a card tucked into the corner of my dresser mirror.

What do you say to someone who accuses you of reading fantasy--indeed, fiction of any sort--to "escape" from reality? Someone who thinks reality and reality only is the stuff of life, and any foray into something not reality shows a 1) weakness of character or 2) lack of stomach to face the real world?

This hasn't happened recently, but every so often someone will make an offhand comment insinuating that because they only read non-fiction, they have a better handle on life than I do. I'd like to have some stock answers prepared besides the snotty ones that seem to slip out about how narrow the circle of their mind is, etc.

Imagination isn't evil, folks.

(This brought on by reading "Usher II", from Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.)

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Anybody every heard of spiderwarts? Ugly name, but I think them most beautious flowers. They make me think of cool springs hidden deep in the forest.


Apr. 17th, 2006 03:42 pm
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Apple blossoms
Apple blossoms

The sunlight of spring is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...

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The newest addition to our family is a tiny grey-and-golden puppy who showed up in the middle of the year's only snowstorm. She is a delightful bundle of puppyish energy, her ears flap when she runs, and whenever I sit down she comes and crawls shyly into my lap like a sleepy little child.

I took her across the street to the old Indian cemetary.

Little Sadie takes an outing.

Not much beats the feeling of a little bundle of warm fur.

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These were the angels surrounding the grave of a young woman I knew who died of cancer last year. She was twenty-three.

Oh, what a contrast between an angel and my youngest brother!

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