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I cooked most of the weekend (banana & blood orange crepes, cheesecake, caramel sauce [no recipe required], some killer mashed potatoes and even more killer black pepper gravy [there is an ART to gravy, you see], french puffs [twice] and other stuff that I have forgotten, because it has been consumed and is long gone) but really all I want to do is go out and make more noms. But then I would need someone to eat them, for I'm neither hungry nor needful of the calories.

My mother's birthday is today, and I overheard her telling her brother she figures that maybe now it's time to be a grown up. Then later we decided that nah, neither of us would ever grow up. It's more fun to stay perpetually 21. And Younger Brother is 20 as of tomorrow. How did THAT happen?

Note: Even though the clocks went ahead an hour, I feel like it's later than it is. It's only 8:30 but I feel like it should be bedtime.

Mom, Dad and I finished Cranford this afternoon. We agreed that entirely too many people died. I LOVED it, and I never want to see it again. So is the general consensus that Mary  ends up with the spectacle-doctor? Perhaps this is addressed in Return to Cranford?

I keep trying for weeks to read fewer than 8 books at once (and I've finished 8 this month already), but it keeps not happening.

Have I mentioned: RENFAIRES!!!! Less than a month away. So happy. So many plans.

Ha! It just started raining, big plump pattering drops. This, I think, is my cue to crawl in bed with some of those 8 books.
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Greetings, salutations, and all that jazz.

I've been caught up in Wives & Daughters (watching the miniseries AND reading the book) most of the weekend, so everything sounds British in my head. But I've been cooking quasi-Turkish, having discovered a spice blend that comes passably close the seasoning at that Turkish restaurant in Albuquerque. Baharat seasoning. Easy to make, tastes yummy. And Turkish, although it is still not to be compared to [livejournal.com profile] ransomedsea 's lamb. Thus continues my quest to eat my way around the world without leaving my kitchen.

Currently on facebook: an experiment in plovers, statii, and mysteriously changing friend counts.

It was 77* today but only 47* is predicted for tomorrow. But, having spent most of Friday going hither and yon (hither defined in this case as a town thirty miles away, and yon as another entirely different area, not a town but entirely in the middle of NOWHERE the same distance away but in the opposite direction) to find a car part that is outrageously expensive ordered from the dealership and outrageously cheap found in a salvage yard ... I have now forgotten completely where I was going with that sentence, or how it connected with the weather. At any rate. It is warm now, won't be tomorrow, and with any luck I should have Sir Galahad back in fully functioning form within a day or two. Also I stood up to salvage yard guys were all patronizing and trying to tell little old female me that I didn't need X, what I really needed was Z, and I was all OH NO YOU DON'T.

I won.

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Inkheart, you guys! I had low expectations, but watching it felt like being Fenoglio - seeing characters that had formerly only been written on the page step out of the book and into real life. Each one was almost as I'd pictured. Dustfinger! He made me dispise and love him at the same time. The fire-juggling - Farid - Elinor - Meggie herself, of course. And Mo, dear Mo. I'm not really a fan of Brendan Fraser, but he was beyond perfect for the part. Andy Serkis was great, too. It took me the longest time to even realize it was him.

The only thing I wonder about was Resa's funky headgear. Was that in the book? o_O

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I am so proud of my man Daniel Craig. Okay, I admit, I had my doubts too - but they vanished, as did those of apparently almost everyone else, after Casino Royale came out. Now Quantum of Solace has been released in the UK and absolutely shattered all box office records.

I would so be in line the night it comes out here except that I'll be at [livejournal.com profile] equuschick 's wedding which, well, is kind of important. But I know what I'll be doing as soon as I get back.

The opening of the film begins a mere hour after Casino Royale ended, which makes me unspeakably happy. ANGSTY BOND.

Oh and, it looks like it might be one of the most expensive films on record, at a cost of around $2.5 million per minute. o_O

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Saturday I received a call at work that began with an ominous voice intoning This is the voice of DOOM calling...

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I love the way that Katherine Hepburn says "hello". 
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It's a slightly shell-shocked Marie here, willing to recant her earlier doubts and fears about the future of the Bond franchise. Daniel Craig can't match Pierce Brosnan in the looks department, but man, he captured the character perfectly. This is the Bond of the books, people, Bond the way Fleming intended.

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I've had a busy time of it lately. The busier I get the more I see how important it is, at least for me, to take care of myself. I've somehow managed to get more sleep than usual the last few weeks and I can tell a difference -- even if it only serves to make me feel I can stay up later because I'm no longer falling asleep at the drop of a hat by 10:30pm. I'm also seeing how vital to my general wellbeing it is that I find a little time to relax and rest. I haven't done so well at that lately, but that should improve next week, because ...

Friday I'm moving over to [info]savetheolives's grandmother's house to take care of her place while she's on vacation. I always enjoy the extra time alone and the proximity to work, shopping, and the gym. And the fun of planning and cooking all my meals. (The first things I put in my trunk to take along are my two cast iron skillets.) I was going to have a Godfather marathon, however ...

Last night mom wanted to see Godfather II! I'm tickled to share it with her, because it's not the type she normally likes. 3 1/2 hours of that sort of took care of my Godfather craving for awhile, so I think I'll watch Gone with the Wind instead. I packed a box this morning of all the materials I need to make my Christmas cards for this year, so I need a nice long movie to watch while doing it. After all ...

Christmas isn't too much longer! I'll enjoy it tremendously this year, because I've already got all my gift-buying done. Yes, I rock.  

(As an aside, this article from the Uncyclopedia made me laugh out out.)
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- I am happy to report -- and you will all be overjoyed to hear, I am sure -- that my new shoes pass the 8-hour test.* In fact, I wore them 10 hours plus a grocery shopping trip and nary a sprained ankle or torn ligament to show for it. And it is great fun viewing the world from a five-foot-eight-and-a-half-inch height once in a while.

- If all goes according to plan, I'll be watching Braveheart this weekend. I saw the first bit while on the treadmill at the gym last week, oddly enough. To combat the serious and bloody nature of the film, I'm looking for another, much lighter, flick to revive myself with afterwards. I am as yet undecided as to the nature of this second pick -- I'll gladly take suggestions, although I will probably end up renting something entirely different.

- A song by The Decemberists suddenly gave me the perfect idea for a new LJ theme. It's time for a change, I say! And this one, contrary to popular opinion, will suit my deepest self perfectly. Alas, I haven't time to work on it yet -- watch for it, though. Someday.

- I'm sort of mildly obsessed with The Decemberists at the moment, by the way. What I like about them is that they always sound like they are right there. And they have facinating lyrics. I sort of forgot about their music for some months, and I am so glad to have rediscovered it.

* Being comfortable enough to wear while being off and on one's feet for an 8-hour work day

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This work week holds only three days for me! :D

Tomorrow I need to get my car tagged and licenced. I've been putting it off until the last minute, because I don't want to give up the Texas plate that's on it now. *sob* I liked driving around with 'foreign' plates! Especially from my home state.

I never did mention that I sold my other car, did I? It's gone now, and I'm a a bit richer. I didn't realize until it happened that I'd be sorry to see it go -- they drove it away while I was at work, and I felt like I'd been stabbed very gently in the heart when I realized that I didn't get to tell the Teddy Roosevelt goodbye. Silly, really, but I feel rather disloyal. It served me long and well and what did I do but up and buy a replacement and never give it a second thought.  I didn't even clean my stuff out of it -- the boys did it for me! *sob sob* 

I saw Pirates3. It was ... confusing. I spent much of the movie nudging Stacy and mouthing "what the heck just happened?!" It was good, though, much as I wish to quarrel with the ending. That is, it was okay. Not genius like the first, but I wasn't sorry to have seen it or anything of the sort.

Now I'm looking forward to Oceans 13. I hear rumors that it's back to the mood of Oceans 11, as opposed to the "unfortunate European interlude" that was Oceans 12. It's not that I disliked 12. But it wasn't 11. 

Goodnight, all...
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(from [personal profile] ransomedsea and [personal profile] savetheolives)

Head to IMDB.com and look up ten of your favorite movies. List three plot keywords for each movie, and then see which of your friends can guess what movie you're talking about.

1. No opening credits, Adopted son, Car bomb
2. Adversity, Death of Hero, Birthday Party
3. Unwanted Guest, Swimming, Bed Jumping
4. Whimsical, Senior Citizen, Zoo
5. Plate Glass, Piano, Fiancee
6. Navel Officer, Corset, Anti-Hero
7. Hidden Corpse, New York, Honeymoon
8. Rhyming Slang, Elevator Shaft, Mormon
9. Quicksand, Arranged Marriage, Funny Accent
10. Lyrical, Mockery, Presumed Dead

My guess? 

[personal profile] savetheolives figures them all out right off!



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Tomorrow will see my mother and I alone at home for a stretch of several hours. This happens only infrequently, so we decided that a movie would be in order, as we both have sewing projects that are best accomplished with a bit of visual distraction. 

"Would you be shocked if I wanted to watch the Godfather?" she said.

I was. And very, very happy.


Back story: My mother has long viewed my mafia/godfather interests with, if not exactly suspicion, at least the opinion that they were far from anything that would ever interest her. I certainly don't require that my friends-and-relations be interested in everything that I am interested in, but I'm always sad when there's something I can't share. The thought of sharing my beloved movie with my beloved mother, of her own free will, is quite enough to make me a very contented and happy daughter.

Also, can I say once more how thrilled I am to know that I am my mother's friend and she is mine? I am so blessed. Even if she's only just now warming up to my mafia obsession. *giggle* She's a wonderful friend, indeed she is.

Ah, bliss

Apr. 13th, 2007 08:40 pm
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Four words for you: cold sangria, hot bath.

So I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" tonight. I liked it in the same way that I liked the book -- it fascinates me, but is horrifying and depressing at the same time. I read a book last month, Fame Junkies, that talked about why the personal assistants to celebrities do what they do, often giving up their life to be at the beck and call of their employer, doing the most menial, stupid, and often nigh impossible tasks while considering themselves fortunate because, oh my gosh, I get to be close to X famous person(s). 

I have a real problem with people who think that by virtue of their fame, wealth, or influence they are above the rules and allowed to treat people like dirt. And I have a problem with the people who let them get away with it.
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In it was Much Ado About Nothing and the new Jane Eyre.


I finished two books today. The sun is finally shining. The early spring flowers have started to bloom. In an hour someone's coming to give us an estimate on new flooring for most of the house. :) We're having a bunch of people over tomorrow night for a singing. Which means I get to Make Food. 

And right now I'm going to go whip up some greek lemon soup.
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Tonight I watched the second half of Jane Eyre. I'm still mad I missed the first half last week. It was really good, really really good, BUT ...

Mr. Rochester looks like Andre Rieu. O___o

Oh, that's not right. That's just not right. I love 'em both, but they should not look like each other.


Sep. 3rd, 2006 09:01 pm
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[profile] patrick___ , I have done as you said and listened to The Wedding Present's Always the Quiet One. I like! It reminds me of some of the stuff [profile] lost_romanov put on the really great mix CD she made for me, only now of course I can't remember the names of the ones it reminds me of. Ah well. 

I've got Elizabethtown rented to watch with mom tomorrow. I swiped copies of both of the soundtracks last week and I've had them playing almost constantly since - some good, good stuff there, and it made me want to see the movie again NOW. So therefore the noble cause of Introducing My Mother To It. Well, hey, she also likes the music. 

Mmm. Some bedtime books are calling to me.
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The family is due back within the hour. Goodbye, solitude. I loved thee!

The movies I've watched in the past few days have made me feel like being a heroine dancer who is married to a mob boss, expert in kung-fu, and speaks with a British accent. I love it when my imagination gets all muddled. It makes for some interesting times. 

For those who have seen North and South, what can you tell me about Mr. Thornton's accent? I am assuming it is meant to be a typical northern English accent of the period, but I hear traces of Scottish or Irish. Is this indeed typical? Whatever it was, it was lovely. And what a joy to see the man smile at the end. 

Margaret looked a lot like my friend Gwen B. I thought she was beautiful. I loved the whole thing! Pity it's so long that I won't have time to see it again for a very long time.
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Lesson for today: putting bandaids on a cat doesn't work. [profile] equuschick, remember when your sister managed to cut her foot so badly on a disposable razer? Hagen was playing around in the shower while I cleaned the bathroom today, and started batting a razer around before I realized the blade was uncovered. He sliced open one of the pads on his right front paw. =\ I've had a time keeping him off the furniture and carpets while waiting for it to stop bleeding. Like I said - bandaids do not work. Lol.

I cleaned today. Top to bottom, left to right, front to back. I discovered that I rather like cleaning house. Never thought that would happen.

[profile] tosayhello, you have made me one very happy Italian-wannabe woman today. =) What a sweet thing to do, combining three of my favorite things in one: mail, Italy, and antiques! *happy* Btw, you have such  lovely handwriting. I'm ashamed to send you anything now. =)

I've been watching the BBC version of North and South (which is wonderful!), so now I am walking around talking with a British accent and am thinking I'll sit down and write some letters. With a quill pen.

Guess what time it was before I ate my first meal of the day? 2:30. But it tasted wonderful. Tonight I'm having french vanilla pudding. What should I embellish it with? Kaluah comes to mind. Possibly dried cranberries. Offer me suggestions! 

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I'm always really glad that I'm the oldest child by seven years, and the only girl, at that. I'm usually really glad it's just us three. And sometimes I really, really like those two little brothers of mine.

Especially when I get to be the one to introduce them to the joys of movie theatres. 

(Yes, it's true, as a family we don't get out much. The first movie I saw in a theatre was Fellowship of the Ring, and although I've seen many more since, I can still list them all, from memory, and in order.)

No spoilers from me, just a protestation that I thought it was a very good sequel, and a few oddments such as: have you ever seen such great eye makeup on a guy? and oh yes, I am forever traumatized at the thought of anything with tentacles, thank you. 

(Norrington, btw, is so much better with scruffy hair and dirty clothes.)
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[personal profile] savetheolives is quoting You've Got Mail at me. We wonder: who is more annoying, Frank or Patricia?

I'm going to break the habit of replying "no problem"  and "thank you"  to those who thank me. It's hard, because I get thanked so many times a day by those patrons who are actually polite (too bad it's the rarer rude ones we remember better), and I get bored with saying the same things over and over again. But "you're welcome" and "my pleasure" are perfectly adequate and far more refined. 

Yes. We'll see how that goes.

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