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Friday I realized that it's been six months since asthma has interfered with my life. Yay drugs!

Saturday I turned a $15 art print into a work of art via clever use of antiquing paste, glaze, and a knife. I also  talked myself into and out of buying a new camera in the space of ten minutes.

Sunday I found out we have a baby bunny living under our house. He hops out into the yard and it makes me very happy. I haven't seen a rabbit around since we left Florida. 

Today I have realized that one of the things in life that makes me the happiest is when I suggest a book/recipe/song/movie/place to someone and they come back later and go you know, that was a really good book/dish/song/movie/place to go. The majority of the time this happens at the library, and it makes me feel worthy of my calling. 

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I was really busy today. I am sad that I am so busy during my week that I hardly seem to get anything non-essential done, and now my weekends seem even busier than workdays.

Today I got phone-interviewed by the state Department of Health; they're doing a survey on women's health.  It was amusing, to say the least. I answered a ton of questions about my physical and mental health (have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes? Had a heart attack? How many servings of vegatables do you eat per week? How many salads? What is your current weight? What was your weight a year ago? Is the difference between them intentional? Answer: YES! I deliberately dieted all YEAR to lose those two pounds!) Best of all were the sex questions. My dad laughed and laughed when I told him about those. 

There's a very lethargic fly hanging around my desk. And Hagen's been hanging around the open windows all day -- I feel bad that I can't let him outside, as he is so obviously enthralled with it, but I absolutely refuse.

The weather looks great for tomorrow's lunch in the park, so there. :)
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Has anybody gotten a chickenpox vaccination as an adult? I'm looking into it. I've evidentally never been vaccinated (even as a child), and I've never had the chickenpox, either.

As I was walking in from the post office a random guy accosted me. Hi! How are you! Long time no see! ...I'm pretty sure I've never seen him before in my life.

Just did five takes for the commercial. *facepalm* Further proof I wasn't meant to go into the acting world. [livejournal.com profile] elveneyes38, I admire you for that. (And a bunch of other things!)

Edit: Happy! Mom had mentioned she'd like me to search online to find the book The Mighty Whirlwind (about the Palm Sunday tornados mom lived through in Indiana). It's out of print and didn't have a large print run, so any copies that are out there are hugely expensive--some even $150. I had just called her to tell her that, and she decided she didn't want it badly enough to pay that much, when I found one copy on alibris.com for less than $30! It'll be a Mother's Day surprise. =) Perfect!
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I get to leave in an hour. =)

My right foot hurts again. If it keeps up, THIS time I'm going to get it checked out, must as I dislike doctor visits. (They tell me my real weight, for one thing!
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Well. That was....


So there was this kid who gashed his foot on a piece of glass and decided to come in and walk around for ten minutes before letting us know that dude, there's blood all over the floor, whereupon all those safety lectures on Blood Born Pathogens and Biohazards and How To Get Blood Off The Carpet and ohmygosh, Put Those Gloves On Before You Even Look At the Blood! finally were helpful; but the kid refused to tell us his name or where he lived or to let us take him home.

So there was me, on the floor (with gloves) cleaning up blood, but at least I'm not squeamish about those kind of things, and saying 6,000 times "watch your step, please, the tile is wet" to people who didn't listen; and then two million things decided to happen at once and 42 people called in the space of an hour and 87 more showed up at the desk, all needing help; and then the printers quit working and the toner ran out and the email system crashed.

Oh, and we received seven huge boxes of books and a six foot long CD tower. Which are all sitting in our office, creating a fantastic obstacle course.

And then mom called and said she's having surgery Friday. I'm glad, but it never, ever fails that somebody either dies, has surgery, or recieves a terminal diagnosis on or near my birthday. Heh.
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I love Club crackers quite intensely. Sandra should not have showed me where the box was kept.

Did anyone besides me ever notice what a redundancy "armed gunmen" is? Or "deadly killer"? Or "surviving widow?"

Last night was dissapointing (but thanks for the prayers--I know they did something good), as I rather thought it would be, but now I am Fine. Life goes on. And I got some fabulous sunset-over-the-lake pictures on the way home.

Sandra's best friend is having major surgery today--something that involves actually stopping her heart for a period of time--and nobody's gotten any word about her yet. It's odd to have to try to encourage someone when it's usually me with the fears like that.
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Life is really ironic.

First, the complaining. Pain and Agony! My poor carpal-tunneled wrist is not happy today. It does not like pushing open doors. It does not like lifting things weighing more than a healthy-sized hummingbird. It does not like bending, twisting, or in any way rotating. It does not like to write. And I have a fifty-minute essay to write by hand in about a hour. Oh, the agony!

I was suspicious of men all day.

I received a may basket.

I could not make myself eat a reduced sugar, low-fat yogurt. I'm not sure I could ever be that hungry. Yogurt is not meant to be that good for you. No.
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Peter Jennings Dianosed with Lung Cancer

I never liked the guy. But my grandmother died of lung cancer. And it's oddly shocking to see such a public figure be prey to this Thing as well.
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My foot no longer hurts. I am ecstatic. I don't know what it was and I don't know why it went away, but at the moment I don't really care.

It is also a good day because I am driving the new family car. Whether it becomes "my" car depends on if my mechanic-uncle thinks my car is worthy of overhauling and revamping, but as long as he has my car with him in Kansas to work on, I get to drive this beautiful metallic grey Concorde, with leather seats, a great sound system, and a SUN ROOF, which is one of the all time things I never expected to find in a car my parents bought.

I like it. Yes indeed.

*plays with the keyless entry remote*
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A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of. (Burt Bacharach)

That is painfully true in my case.

My right foot hurts. It has hurt for almost a week--first the ball when I stepped down onto it, now the arch also. But it only hurts where I wear flats: heels are fine.

Whatever it is, I wish it would stop.
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Up and down and so on and so forth. Life gets worse and then it gets better again, or at least my perspective on it changes. And I can feel in my bones that this is going to be a crypic entry. I don't want to get into specifics, because frankly, who cares? Except my close friends, who really wants or needs to know all the little things that have happened to get me down, and the little things that slowly have brought me back up?

Monday was hard. It was also long, and slightly confusing. Most of it was spent in agonized expectedness, waiting for something expected unpleasant to happen. Then, after a brief respite of Joy that it was over, something unexpected and disturbing happened to make me agonized again. It was also cloudy, cold, and damp. Oh, and something blew up in the grocery store parking lot across the street--I heard it pop and then saw smoke trailing up into the darkness. Strange. I think someone put a firecracker in a pop bottle or something.

Tuesday was better. Busy, which equals coming home and being exhausted, but it wasn't boring. I believe I hate haveing to search, for something to do at work above almost all else. The day was capped by a phone call from [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives, which naturally made everything even better. And the weather improved somewhat. Sunny, anyway, even if it was still on the cold side.

(Anyone see a corralation here? My best day last week was the day where it was sunny, 70 degrees, and springy outside.)

Today will, I hope, surpass both Monday and Tuesday. Even though I'm getting a doctor's appointment made today for something that, if I think about it too much, scares me to death. But I refuse to think today. I will float along on the knowledge that my Lord is watching over me and directing my life. He's never failed me. God sends his love and His faithfulness. (Psalm 57:3b)

[Edit: Scary Medical Procedures suddenly got a bit less scary. Hurray for knowledge when it's not frightening knowledge.]

Mm. I need to go post a GreatestJournal entry now. I feel bookish. And I have a lot of delightful books that I'm reading now. =)

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