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When he stood for Mayor of London in 2000, Malcolm McLaren, the ex-manager of the Sex Pistols, pledged to legalise the sale of alcohol in libraries. Oddly enough, his attempt to gain office failed. 

(from here)  

I just can't imagine why.

Coming up: pictures and stories from the faire, March's booklist, and Other Things. Meanwhile, I'm going out to play in the sunshine before my lunchbreak is over. <3


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My feet are freezing because my STUPID cat decided to take his STUPID FURRY LITTLE SELF outside when I wasn't looking, meaning that a barefoot me had to chase him in the dark, through wet grass and in and around fallen trees and finally CLIMB A TREE to rescue him from his own stupidity.

He really should thank me.

Also, among all the other firsts that happened today: I got yelled at in French for the first time. In person AND on the phone. Go me!
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* buy jewelry

(Beautiful ring on order from the Silver Jewelry Club; amethyst, just what I've been wanting.)

* eat chocolate

(made some killer brownies; gooey on the bottom, mint cream cheese in the middle, and melted chocolate on top)

* find enjoyment in your work

(friendly interactions, grateful patrons, minor miracles performed, skills put to use)

* make a happy discovery

(It's no problem to drink the amount of water I should when I've eaten corned beef! Ah, salt.)

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