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I stood in line for an hour to get a table at Hell's Kitchen this morning, but I knew it would be worth it for the food, unlike many other poor saps who left the line after a measley quarter of an hour and thus missed the best breakfast of their life.

It was doubly worth it when my waiter turned out to be a Joaquin Phoenix look-alike.

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I really don't like being told I look like Chelsea Clinton, even if you mean Chelsea after plastic surgery. 

Fortunately I did have three cups of coffee this morning!
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Tonight I watched the second half of Jane Eyre. I'm still mad I missed the first half last week. It was really good, really really good, BUT ...

Mr. Rochester looks like Andre Rieu. O___o

Oh, that's not right. That's just not right. I love 'em both, but they should not look like each other.

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The family is due back within the hour. Goodbye, solitude. I loved thee!

The movies I've watched in the past few days have made me feel like being a heroine dancer who is married to a mob boss, expert in kung-fu, and speaks with a British accent. I love it when my imagination gets all muddled. It makes for some interesting times. 

For those who have seen North and South, what can you tell me about Mr. Thornton's accent? I am assuming it is meant to be a typical northern English accent of the period, but I hear traces of Scottish or Irish. Is this indeed typical? Whatever it was, it was lovely. And what a joy to see the man smile at the end. 

Margaret looked a lot like my friend Gwen B. I thought she was beautiful. I loved the whole thing! Pity it's so long that I won't have time to see it again for a very long time.
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Our new gutter-installation man looks an awful lot like Viggo Mortensen.

Does anybody know he's still living his happy little life of acting and poetry and painting and protesting wars for oil? Maybe he's trying a new kind of....art.


Jul. 8th, 2005 12:16 pm
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I walked out to the front and stopped dead for a moment, for it looked like you sitting there perched on the edge of a chair. Your posture, your hair, your skin, your color of clothing.

Then I looked closer and I saw that she was plump, with longer hair, and a toddler sitting at her feet.

But for a moment I thought it was you.


May. 23rd, 2005 06:14 pm
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When I see someone who shares many characteristics with someone else I know (and like), but it is very clear that while they are similar in looks they are not the person that I know (and like)....why, then, do I stare at them long and often, as if looking at them long enough will 1) make me realize I was mistaken and it is the person I wish it was, or 2) they will magically transform into said person?


Answer me this, Wise ones of the World.
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I've spent most of the past hour (between patrons) scanning funeral records and death certificates from the 1940s into the computer. It's sobering but somehow inspiring to touch history like this.

I like to have my decisions affirmed by someone random who doesn't know my life plans and isn't trying to be nice to me. Last night the composition professor--after telling me that out of 905 possible points, I'd made 907 (how does that work?)--told me the had the feeling I'd make a great college librarian. I was a little stunned and shocked, but pleased to be able to say that's what I'm planning on doing.

I feel like I have a million things to say, but no words. I feel...


(A red-haired guy [who looks like he could be the twin brother of someone I danced with last New Years Eve] has spent the whole day sitting very quietly on a ladder in our office, carefully Doing Things To Little Tiny Wires on our fiver-optic connection. He swears that he had nothing to do with the traffic lights going dark and causing a traffic jam in front of the library, OR the electicity going out in the whole south side of town, OR the internet at both the library and the schools going out for three hours. Did I mention he has red hair?)

[livejournal.com profile] clothofdreams, sorry I won't be there tonight. I was looking forward to it--I hope you have a good performance. =)
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* I saw a kid today who looked exactly like Daniel Radcliff-as-Harry-Potter minus the classes. It was SO funny.

* It is a very good day because my Pratchett collection has increased by one glorious book. Lords and Ladies, YAY!

* And the main campus library finally sent over my books and now I have Bella Tuscany, WIde Sargasso Sea, and If On A Winter's Night a Traveler to look forward to starting.

* ...But probably not tonight. Must. Finish. Research. Paper.

Ahhh. All in all I feel it was a very satisfactory day. And I am happy.
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Just now someone thought I was their son's first grade teacher from a few years ago. (Sheesh, how old do I look?!) I "looked just like her! An...unusual face. *hand on my shoulder* No, that isn't right; not what I meant at all--lovely, very lovely."

Gosh, thanks.

Three hundred thirty and counting.
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It's very quiet at work this morning, which means I get to read the Odyssey, work on recopying my reading list, and hunt for Calvin and Hobbes pictures. Also, answer emails.

This is good.

In two hours I am going to go buy Foundation and Foundation and Empire, now that I have figured out which ones of the series I already own, through some deduction, guesswork, and other Non-Scientific Methods, like realizing that I own a pair of red socks.

I got mistaken for someone else AGAIN this morning. This makes the list of People I Resemble go up to about three hundred twenty-nine, with this morning's addition of The Lady At The Car Tag Office.
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I think that I'm going to have a solitary picnic in the part tomorrow. You know, the kind with a basket and a blanket and a really good book. (Watch it begin to rain early tomorrow morning. Heh.)

*double take* A guy just came in--well, a kid, really--that looks like Harry Potter. "That's interesting. So there really IS a curse!"

Speaking of which (in a round about way) Hildago opens very soon and I'm seriously debating whether to go and see it. I'd like to. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I'd like to see it. Soon. Anyone else going to see it who would care to report how good it really is before I make up my mind?

As yes, Oscars. T'was fun. I was amazed. I expected LotR to be ignored again, and was thrilled to have them TAKE THEM ALL. Bwaha.

Yay, almost time to close. *gets ready to kick the people out* Goodbye, people! You are the Public in Public Library!

*feels weird*


Feb. 16th, 2004 07:13 pm
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VSG showed up today, as I suspected. But I just barely managed to keep away from direct contact...it was too close for comfort, though. =\ And to think I'm going to have to deal with this every Sunday at church! But at least my fellow librarians are realizing my profound dislike/fear, so they're protecting me. Yay for understanding people.

I know I'm being cryptic. Sorry. I don't feel like being plain.

On the other hand, the Christopher Lee look-alike was here today, and that always makes me smile. And I saw a man who looks just like a character from a book I read about ten times years ago--Morgan Fitzgerald. He's tall--around 6'6", I'd say, with bushy red hair and a large beard. Imposing, to say the least.

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