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I just realized that when I hear people with accents speak, I see the words written out in my head in specific styles of handwriting - for instance, Indian accents are written in that bubbly, round handwriting favored by fourteen-year-old girls (with circles for dots). Australian accents are written in spiky handwriting that slants heavily left.

I have no idea what this means.
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I recently got a new little tea maker (something along the lines of a small french press, but for tea). It was made in Taiwan, where they presumably don't have very good translators. Or perhaps they just ran the directions through Bablefish?

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This gets added to the list:


Also. People are stupid.

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I come bearing two more additions to my list of favorite words:

celebratory and venue

Last night all my dreams centered around running red lights. o_O

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quotastrophe: the suffering and agony induced by the rampant misuse of thousands of quotation marks and apostrophes every day. 

Save a life, avoid superfluous punctuation.

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Chainreading is still down...

Still no call about the laptop...

But I'm coming to you from a nice comfy chair in a nook of the library (wireless, 'tis grand), because I'm taking an early lunch to make it to a meeting on time and the room I usually eat in it is occupied, and it is 105 outside and I think it's a good day to not go out to eat, and how much longer can I make this sentence without stopping for breath?


Spoken English is so imprecise. How many of you pronouce "totally" as though it contained a "d"? I often do. And then I think of something amphibious.

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According to Native Tongues, the Italians call the French nostri cugini antipatichi (our disagreeable cousins), while the French retaliate by called the Italians les macaronis. *snerkle*

Also, I learned that 'Manhattan' means, in the Indian language that named it, "The place where we all got drunk."

And during WWI, sourkraut was renamed "liberty cabbage." We're not so orginal after all.

I've decided to read all the books I own. That should last me a while. It makes me happy to think about.

I was reading the 'Public Libraries' magazine the other day and found an article about librarians who are readers and how that changes the way they learn and process information.

Catherine Sheldrick Ross has surveyed avid readers and has found that they discover information and acquire knowledge in many diverse ways. Sometimes information is accidentally encountered that may fill a previously unperceived information gap, trigger the reader's memory, or lead to new research activity. ... In terms of accidentally encountering information, I would add that it is an especially rich joy that comes from the spontaneous discovery of a link between books--for the librarian who reads, this is the real deal.

YES! I love the tangents reading leads me away on. Like the time I read Russian history for two months straight.

Going back to my old church today (long story) reaffirmed that leaving it was the best decision I ever made.

This morning I heard the most beautiful 13th c. French music. If I wasn't what I am already, I'd go spend my life becoming an expert in medieval life and language and music. .... the sacred music of that era is so lovely.

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Courtesy of a chat between me and [personal profile] savetheolives whilst we were both feeling Odd: I do present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the newest word to enter the English Language.

Foncused: the act of focusing so intently on something that you become excessively confuzzled and confused and confounded, completely.

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There are a lot of posts that I would like to begin with the word "so", as in So, I was reading this book, and... I like it because it seems we're in the middle of a conversation that was momentarily interrupted. But once, a long time ago, someone (I don't remember who) mentioned how starting a sentence with the word "so" really irritated them. And so I always rethink and second-guess and rewrite.

But I was reading this book, and it started out like this: When I first started to speak, I learned four different languages at the same time, each exclusively spoken to me by different members of the family. Who could this be but the grandson of M. D. Berlitz? Lol.
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Anyone ever had experience with the any lecture series from The Great Courses by The Teaching Company? I keep getting catalogs for them and they've finally put a bunch of them on sale. I'm thinking I'll order "The History of the English Language"--it's 36 lectures on CD for around $55 dollars (when it usually costs $250), taught by Professor Seth Lerer from Stanford. I think it sounds facinating, and it would be perfect for use while working out, since the lectures are 30 minutes each, just enough to get me through each days alloted time.

The lecture titles look so great--"The Pre-history of English", "Dialect Jokes and Literary Representation in Middle English", "How We Speak: the Great Vowel Shift". And the professor is described as having a great talent for reading Old and Middle English.


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Current office argument: does bimonthly mean twice a month, or once every two months?

Being a good little librarian, I looked it up at m-w.com, the Ultimate Source for Word Meanings.

Main Entry: bi·month·ly
Function: adjective
1 : occurring every two months
2 : occurring twice a month : SEMIMONTHLY

This effectively renders the word useless, does it not?
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These are some of my favorite words:

Plethora, seismic, neophyte, façade, serendipity, celebratory, venue, reciprocity.

What are yours?

I am lonely this morning. Talk to me.
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A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

I have been in constant motion all morning (this must be the busiest day of the year, right? Right?). I made the awful mistake of not remaining in motion. Now, let me tell you, I am a body at rest and there ain't* no outside force happening here, nor will there be unless it is an Act of God.

*Used for dramatic affect and is not indicative of how this librarian would ever actually use the English language. Note snide icon making fun of said self in stooping, even in jest, to this low point.
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I love Club crackers quite intensely. Sandra should not have showed me where the box was kept.

Did anyone besides me ever notice what a redundancy "armed gunmen" is? Or "deadly killer"? Or "surviving widow?"

Last night was dissapointing (but thanks for the prayers--I know they did something good), as I rather thought it would be, but now I am Fine. Life goes on. And I got some fabulous sunset-over-the-lake pictures on the way home.

Sandra's best friend is having major surgery today--something that involves actually stopping her heart for a period of time--and nobody's gotten any word about her yet. It's odd to have to try to encourage someone when it's usually me with the fears like that.
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I got my research paper back. 298 points out of 300.

*jaw drops*

And my art review of Donatello's David seems to have been a resounding success. I should post it sometime. We each read our review aloud, and I was the only one that incited laughter--multiple times, I might add! I think it would have been more amusing to the class if they all would have known what the bronze looked like--but my description gave them the general idea.

I'm off to spend the night house-sitting again. I have that bottle of Ariel and a goblet in the car, and I'm going to stop and get a loaf of French bread, some cheese, and--I believe a can of tuna. Thus shall be my supper. I did NOT bring my laptop with me, so I will be forced to spend the entire evening reading the ten books I brought and finishing the letter-that-has-taken-a-month. Forced is certainly not the right word, but I can't think of a better one at the moment.

I wish I could always have the word ready with the exact shade and subtlety and meaning that I wish.
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Wednesday a week ago, I had pears, pineapple, and potatoes--fried--for lunch. The pears and the pineapple went really well together, and the potatoes...well, they were good all by themselves.

A humuhumunakunukuapuaa is a small tropical Hawaiian fish. I was thinking someone might recognize the letters as being the ones in the Hawaiian alphabet, but all the guesses were really good. [livejournal.com profile] pansyprincess, did you really know what it was, or did you guess? Either way, good job!

And hunkerousness means "opposition to progress." I KNEW answers to that one would be hilarious! I think [livejournal.com profile] melyndie had the most inventive--certainly most descriptive--answer. And it wasn't about a cute guy. *grin*

(Both of those words were taken from my favorite dictionary, Mrs. Byrne's Dictional of Unusual, Obsure, and Preposterous Words. Note, however, that they are all REAL words. To quote the preface: "Every entry, even the most ludicrous, has been accepted as a formal or legitimate English word by at least one major dictionary.")
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Sometimes I swear I just don't understand people. At all. What the heck motivates some of these people I know to do the things they do?!

Well, anyway. Happy St. Patrick's Day (a day late), everyone! I celebrated by wearing all of the Irish jewelry that I own, and reading the Irish Travel Guide that I recently bought. In it I found out how to say "good night" in Gaelic--oíche mhaith, which is inexplicably pronounced 'ee-ha-vah'. Go figure. Gaelic and Welsh are facinating languages, but I'm SO GLAD English makes at least a little more sense.

This news deserves a celebration: my parents and brothers are packing up for a week in Texas and leaving me here, so that I can work and take care of my grandparents. I will enjoy a week alone being Independent and Adult and Now Having Anyone To Tell Me When To Go To Bed, and I have already started making a list of Things To Do While Every Is Gone, including things like eating meals consisting of nothing but cheese, bacon, and icecream, and renting lots of movies.

[Poll #265100]
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I saw a pantomime today called "Double Faces." Um. It was...interesting. But pantomimes always leave me going, "What the heck?!

In more important news: my mom's ok. Thank you, God!! She's recovering from surgery and will be fine. Wheee! I don't know what to do with myself with all this worry off my mine. =)

I still have too much to do, though. So much, that I end up doing the things like reading and writing emails that really honestly could wait. Oh well--it's my life?

Ever realize, quite suddenly, that as you sit here doing whatever you're doing, that all your friends and acquaintances all over the world are also alive and breathing and doing things too? That they don't just exist when you're around them, or hearing from them via email or phone call or IM? Sometimes I can barely believe that as I live my life separated by such far distances from them, the hundreds of people that I know are also living their lives; eating and sleeping and talking as I do, separated from me just as I am from them.

...It's kind of freaky, when you think about it.

Nothing very interesting is happening. I have too much to do, but I'm bored. My oldest friend is coming this weekend, along with like, twenty other people, someone's getting married to the person I've secretly named The Hobbit Guy, Grandma's being a brat, and I found my perfect shirts (!) and above all, I have too much to do.


Where did my life go? Or rather, what kind of a life did I have before this?

I feel random and confusing and sort of eccentric. And very much the enigma. And I apparently pulled a muscle in my abdomen and it HURTS.


I missed Father's Day *compeletly*. heh heh. (Accidental? I wonder...) It was ok, though, since everyone else seemed to have forgotten also. We'll have to do something nice for him at some later and unexpected date. =)

I have a new word: gawped. It's like a cross between gape and gawk, and I honestly saw it in a book. This doesn't mean it is necessarily a *real* word, since it was a Pratchett book. But I really like it. Miriam W. was definitely gawping at me during church....again. I felt like gawping right back.

My old friend Seh (not-her-real-name...well, kind-of-her-real-name) was here this weekend. I hadn't seen her in honestly ages (a year). We had fun and watched Fellowship of the Ring and made lunch and I am so TOTALLY in awe of people who can draw! After we watched the movie (her first time ever seeing it), she sat down and produced an accurate, if rather comic, sketch of Merry, complete with apple in hand. In like, two minutes. I should frame it or "find something else useful to do."

Seh brought me a stuffed Chihuahua, too. With a collar that says Pippi and a gold hoop earring. This is definitely one of those annoying Inside Jokes. **hugs it** Lol, she also brought me a huge orange Beware Of Dog sign.


Yay. Had eye Dr. appointment today--eyes are great, no disease, and they haven't gotten worse! The left is even slightly less nearsighted. ; ) Ordered new contacts, new glasses (as if I'll be wearing them)...also bought a new watch, but not at the Drs. =) It's too big, of course, but nothing fits on my wrists.

AND I HATE THIS KEYBOARD. It's too Big. And Clunky. I keep Hitting The Wrong Keys.


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