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Citrus-scented Rice with Fresh Basil
Used lime juice instead of orange, added a smidge of canned ham, smelled the resulting combination and thought it was weird and I probably wouldn't like it. I ate it for lunch two days in a row and LOVED it.

Thai Chicken with Basil
Mmmm. Added some masala and red pepper paste.

Lime Sugar Cookies
A little solid but really quite good. I love the lime. However: why is it that cookie dough always tastes better unbaked? Seriously you should make these cookies and just eat the dough. It is divine.

Half the dough I added a bit more flour and some food coloring to and made these (I've been waiting ALL YEAR for this.)

Cowboy Cookies

These are really good. The end.

Puffed-up Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Not worth making. The end.

And in conclusion: My kittens are adorable.

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Friends, it has been one heck of a weekend. More on that some other time, but everything's more or less okay now.

In the meantime, here's what I cooked (and, delightfully, ate):

Individual Walnut Cake with Yogurt  (It's actually enough for two small ramekins, I put orange zest instead of lemon in the cake, and ... I totally misread the syrup recipe and did things a little wrong but it was good anyway. I tried this just for curiosity's sake, because we have tons of walnuts. It was really delicious.)

Caramel Apple Upside-Down Cornmeal Cake (I added cinnamon and nutmeg to the apple layer, and in retrospect I think I'd put some in the cornmeal mixture as well. The caramel? is amazing!)

Chicken Broccoli Crescent Ring (I found this via [livejournal.com profile] moredetails . It was a HUGE hit with the family! We made some changes ... canned ham instead of chicken, no peppers, cream cheese instead of mayo, added spinach ... it was really easy to put together and looked lovely when baked. It would be a company dish except that we ate it all ourselves - there wouldn't be enough to go around if we had guests!)

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Oh my gosh.

I rarely cook out of Saveur because it's ... well, it's rather esoteric. It's full of ingredients that are impossible to find in small-town America, unfamiliar techniques, and strange flavor combinations that are not always so pleasing to my (I suppose less-refined) palate. Although I would love to be the discerning foodie who cooks esoteric recipes on a regular basis, it's not practical to my daily life.


Mirtoga (browned-flour scrambled eggs) is easy, incredibly delicious, and probably very bad for my health.

Did I mention absolutely delicious? It tastes like a pastry, actually. I would eat it for dessert.

Or breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or a snack.

Also it is the first time that I've cooked anything Turkish.
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Last night I combined this and another recipe I can't find online to make a parfait with mango and lime layered with sweetened and vanilla-ed ricotta*, honey, and homemade granola.

I ate it for dinner, which is probably not the purpose of a parfait, not that I care.

* I rarely buy real ricotta. In most cases, I find that blended up cottage cheese substitutes just fine; it's cheaper and even more crucially,  something I'm much more likely to have on hand when the mood for a ricotta dish strikes.
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From Misc

Um yeah, that's good bread. It came out of the oven less than an hour ago, and one loaf is already practically gone.
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From Misc

Marinara (made with yellow, red, and purple heirloom tomatoes) on zucchini rounds, topped with a sprinkling of black beans.

And yes, that's my bedsheet in the background. They say you're not supposed to eat in bed, but you know what? I don't care. Because I am an adult and one of the privileges of being an adult is eating supper in bed if I want.

And I do want.
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You know whose voice I love to listen to? I'll tell you. Tom Bodett. I could listen to the man all day. Well, him and Alan Rickman and Rupert Degas.

What with being gone and busy and focused on other things, I've cooked very little in the last couple of weeks (and have been subsisting primarily on olives, plain yogurt with fruit and granola, and cheese.) Last night I made marinara, or at least my own version thereof:

some onions and garlic
three tomatoes (two pureed, one chopped)
copious amounts of basil
some parsley
kosher salt
too much black pepper (oops)

Twenty minutes later it had turned into this fresh riot of colors and textures and tastes, and I ate it atop rounds of zucchini (cooked just to edible tenderness with butter and parmesan and more black pepper, OOPS.)

It was so pretty that I intended to take a picture, but I couldn't stop eating long enough to get the camera.
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Especially for [livejournal.com profile] mattiescottage :

I couldn't find the exact recipe I used to make my roasted chickpeas, but this one comes very close. I added coarse ground black pepper, used fresh rosemary, and sprinkled parmesan cheese on towards the end of the roasting time. Also, I was too impatient to let them go a whole thirty minutes, so mine (while I thought them perfect) were not exactly crunchy.

Very soon I'm going to try the Smashed Chickpea Salad recipe that someone (who?) posted recently!
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This is a picture of the best burger I've ever eaten. You can get one of your own at Diablo's in Flagstaff. I'm sad that this means I won't have one again for a long, long time.

But I DO have roasted chickpeas with rosemary. :)
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After a couple weeks of mostly cooking without recipes I finally got my act together. The weekend included:

Pasta with roasted grape tomatoes. Okay, no actual recipe for this, but it was so good I wanted to tell you about it. I forsee it happening a lot once we have grape tomatoes from the garden and they are not $3/pint. Nope, I didn't mean to buy them. Ditzy ditzy teenage clerk did it by accident, long story. I was too tired to go return them.

Chocolate-covered cherry brownies
. This is now my new default brownie recipe. The entire pan was empty in less than four hours. SO GOOD.

Mustard-crusted salmon.
  Only I made it with tilapia.
Some random online recipe for lima beans and celery sauteed in bacon grease, which was good (a little smashing and they would have been like refried limas, which is actually a good idea) but which I now cannot find again on teh internetz.
Bay-Rosemary Potato Gratin. Which was yummy even though I made my own white sauce instead of using two cups of cream, because sorry, but if I'm using two cups of cream for anything it's going to be pots de creme.

New recipes

Apr. 3rd, 2010 04:20 pm
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- Classic Walnut Boule. Of course it's not "classic" because I used toasted sesame oil on a whim (I didn't have any walnut oil), and I forgot how very strong sesame oil is. Um. I almost threw the dough out and started over, but after I baked it the taste didn't seem as overpowering and now I think it's rather tasty.

- Lemon-Cornmeal Cookies. Mmm, really really good. I used fresh ginger instead of ground, and added some orange and lime peel in addition to the lemon. And my cornmeal is very coarse ground. I like the texture, but others might prefer more conventional cornmeal.

- Pepian de Garbanzos (chickpea porridge with chili oil). I sort of didn't read the recipe all the way through before I started cooking, and I missed the part about how it needs to simmer for an hour. So, uh, I didn't eat supper that night until about nine o'clock. The whole thing is pretty labor intensive (slipping the skins off the garbanzos alone took about 45 minutes) but the results were tasty.

- risotto. I know! How have I lived this long without making risotto? I checked my big Italian cookbook for the general procedure and then made up my own variation with beef stock and broccoli. It was amazing.
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You should know that roasted broccoli (toss with a little olive oil, then 450 degrees for about fifteen minutes until browned) dressed with lemon juice, soy sauce, salt and pepper, is just about the most delicious thing EVER.

I just thought you should know that.
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Instead of one or two massive goals (I won't say resolutions) for 2010, I have a whole host of small ones. You may hear more about others later, but one of them is to try new recipes more often:  for one thing, I need to eat more real food - I'm generally good about not eating out or eating a lot of processed foods, but I get busy and eat lunch after lunch of cheese and crackers, or fruit and cheese, or bread and fruit, and while that may be healthier than day after day of McDonalds or cans of spaghettos, I feel cheated. I want food. Real food. With variety. And exciting flavors. Food that took some thought to create.
There's also the fact that I obsessively print recipes off the internet, copy them from books, and tear them out of magazines. I could make something new every day for five years and not run out. So an added benefit is that I'll be able to weed some of what I end up not liking, because really, having fifteen foldiers full of recipes as a little much.
A third reason is that I tend to cook without recipes, so 1) my skill set isn't really growing, and 2) neither are my tastebuds. Exposing myself to new things will make it easier to continue making things up, but in new and creative ways.
(In all honesty, even when using a recipe, I don't follow it religiously - just ask [livejournal.com profile] amea  - but even just having a recipe as a starting point will expose me to new combinations of flavors and techniques.)
So, what have I tried so far?
Machacado con Huevo (shredded dried beef with scrambled eggs), from Saveur magazine. That was a sucess! I sorta fried the beef in bacon grease before adding the eggs, HOW COULD IT NOT BE GOOD?
Next was quinoa with salted butter, dried pineapple, currents, and honey roasted pecans, my own recipe, which probably shouldn't count BUT I'm learning to use quinoa in new ways, and I loved this. The combination of sweet+salty is my kind of comfort food.
Then I made Three Citrus Marmalade, from Cooking Light magazine, only mine was Four Citrus Marmalade (grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime.) I've made marmalade before, but always with just oranges, and usually the sweeter American variety. This was the more bitter British style, and I love it! I need to chop the peel smaller next time, and not cook it down quite so much (heh heh), but it's good.
Then I used some of it to make Marmalade Loaf, a vaguely fruitcake like thing from the Celtic Folklore Cooking book (which is a little scary and contains many recipes "for the fairies"). It was verrrrry dense but the longer it sets the more tasty it gets, and I think I could make it with more fruit, less batter, soak it in rum, and have a proper fruitcake.
(Or I could go out and find a proper fruitcake recipe, but where would the fun be in that?)


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