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First, a word on the pants. They are from The Limited, by way of Goodwill, they are a size so miniscule that I wish I could wear them tag-out, they are exquisitely, and made from a lovely warm wool. It was unexpected love at first sight.

They are also PLAID.

Immediately after buying them I called my mom. "I just bought some really awesome pants! You'll never guess what they look like!"

"Hahaha, they aren't plaid are they, hahaha, like you'd ever be caught dead in plaid, *chortle*."


I also love the bag. I've been looking for a large but stylish tote/purse, and I think this fits the bill.

And finally, a hearty thank you to [livejournal.com profile] radiantlove for the most amazing necklace - I should have taken a closeup, it's strings and strings of little tiny coins - and Catherine, you'll be getting a proper thankyou for the entire box very soon. :)

Behold the Plaid )

Coming soon, watching for a Fashion09:Best of post.
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Another snow picture!

December 27 )
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Today feels like Christmas Eve to me. :)


More days )
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This week has been such that I don't even remember what I've been wearing, but O HAY GUYS HERE'S WHAT I'VE BEEN WEARING.

Days 347 - 349 )
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The skirt is one of the relatively few things I've bought new (though probably not full price), and it's been worth every penny.

Days 345 and 346 )
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In which our heroine, for lack of interesting outfits, poses with a Funky Reindeer Christmas Mug(tm) and her baby Christmas tree.

Days 343 and 344 )
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Learning to love the cold.

Day 342 )
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Feeling rather equestrian today.

Day 341 )
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It's cold and wet, people!

Days 338 and 339 )
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I'm mad that I forgot to take a picture of what I wore to church Sunday - but forget I did, so you get what I wore to choir that afternoon instead.

Days 336 and 337 )
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Wearing a lot of pants because I have bruises all over my legs from putting up Christmas decorations.

Days 332 and 333 )
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Pictures for Friday through Monday ... Saturday (Day 330) has two pictures, because one of my projects that day was altering the t-shirt you see in the second picture. And Sunday's dress cost a whole dollar at a thrift shop sale, which made the alterations I did on it completely worth while. :)

Days 329 - 331 )
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The ONLY reason I am wearing this today is that it has pockets.

Day 325 )
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I know what this makes me think of ... what about you?

Day 322 )
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I'm having trouble getting accustomed to the idea of colder weather. Winter and I are not friends.

Day 320 )
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I used to wear this belt all the time - I like the little bit of punch it can add to an otherwise girly outfit.

Day 316 )
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I'm not sure I've ever seen two cap-sleeved items layered together, but why not? I think it works.

Day 306 )
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But today is the day people at my work are dressing up.

Here's a secret: Except for the half-price candy the day after and the excuse to dress up, I couldn't care less about Halloween. But if there's an excuse to wear a costume, count me in!

1. Aren't I a fabulous 1980s woman? And don't my shoulder pads look like I could just about fly away?
2. Getting this hair was SO MUCH FUN.
3. So was the makeup, actually.
4. In fact, the last picture reminds me of Faith Hill's early publicity stills, right down to the fake smile.

Conclusion: 1984 was a good year to be born in. But I am THIS GRATEFUL not to have become a teenager or adult in the 80s.

Day 302 )

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