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I got my research paper back tonight: she informed the whole class quite loudly that this was the first time she'd ever given a perfect grade for an argumentitive research paper. She said she read it through three times to try to find at least one little error she could take off a point for. I was so embarressed! Especially since I didn't think it was that brilliant myself. I wrote it in three days in between working and obsessing about relationships and a lot of other random distressing/happy stuff. My mind was so not on producing a great paper.

And yet she thought it was a "joy to read". o_O

It is due in large part, of course, to the wonderful help that [livejournal.com profile] spero525 and [livejournal.com profile] melyndie provided by their fantastic interviews: thank you very much!
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For the first time in my life...I had a breakfast this morning of ice cream and twinkies.

Make that a twinkie. One. Only one. I swear.

I don't think this is exactly an indication of my inability to live alone. Not really. It's just that I was up at 5:45, tramping around in boots feeding five horses and an adorable foal named Valentino, and by the time I got inside and picked all the hay out of my hair and got ready to leave for work, I didn't have time to make eggs or toast or (horrors) oatmeal or any of those nice healthy things. Ice cream and twinkies were available, and therefore that is what I ate.

I don't think this makes me immature. I was putting the animals in my charge first, you see? I wasn't thinking of myself.

Anyway. Lunch will probably be skipped altogether, due to anticipated phone calls happening at inconvienient odd hours (don't feel guilty, [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives, I'm only joking), but I'll have a mid-afternoon snack of sauted chicken and...um...cheese, probably. Chicken and cheese! What could be better?

And I have a whole jar of chocolate to take home with me today, since I refuse to leave it at work over the weekend. I will not go hungry. It will fortify me as I write my research paper which is due *gackcough* Monday.

I'm so happy about Sunday. My first fellowship dinner at the new church! Fun, fun. I'm taking brownies...delicious fudgy brownies.
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Every so often something happens that makes me realize how different I've become.

A couple weeks ago in class we split into groups of three for a project. One person had to be the leader and organize the information given by the other two students. The other two in my group naturally assumed that I would be the leader of our group. And the scary thing is: I naturally assumed so too.

I've never been a natural leader in my life. I Do Not Assume Leadership Roles. I have rarely been picked out to be in charge of other people. In charge of projects I could do on my own, yes, but not other people. And yet, there I was, taking over with no problem at all.

Every so often I'll be standing with the "girls" at work (the part time ladies), and suddenly I will realized that I'm actually in a supervisory position over these people who are two and three times older than I am. There are times when I'm the only full time person in the building, and...then problems end up at my desk. I am 20 1/2 and they are coming to ME for a final decision on something?!

But mostly I just accept it and only occasionally am I shocked and surprised. And that's another of the things that has changed.

I'm kind of lonely today.
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-a good class, again. Called upon to read, again. Complimented, again. Embarrassment/pleasure factor: high.

-a walk in the dark = loveliness.

-tomorrow's Tuesday. Tomorrow I will feel like a lady. I've got tomorrow's outfit already planned. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

-I'm more blessed than I deserve to be.

-I'm different. Things are changing. That is all.

Goodnight, friends. I will sleep well tonight. I'm too sleepy now to be making sense. As I'm sure certain ones can tell.

[livejournal.com profile] equuschick--not that I want to rush you or anything, seeing as I Know How It Is, but I am quite looking forward to your reply email. *waggles eyebrows*
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Has anyone ever participated in a Reader's Theater? My Composition teacher wants me to think about getting involved with one sponsored by the college that is in the planning stages. She's noticed that I have some skill *coughcough* in reading aloud, I guess. I'm not sure if it'll fit into my work schedule, but it sounds kind of fun. There's a meeting tonight that I'll go to and see what it's like.

She said some very nice things to me Monday night. I'm glad I took the time to stay afterwards and talk...it's so nice to be taught by a Christian. But it's also nice that she thinks I have some talent.

Okay, so what she said is that she's only had one other student with "natural abilities" such as mine, but I can't take that seriously. I haven't even been trying all that hard of late. I'm getting bored with precis writing; there's no scope for imagination.
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[livejournal.com profile] melyndie and [livejournal.com profile] ladyvoranderun, here are your interview questions. You can either answer in a comment or email me. Thank you two so much. =)

click here for the questions )
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Who would like to fill out a short interview via email for me for use in my research paper? The only this is: you must agree with my claim that the fantasy genre should be eligible for consideration as classic lit. (Notice: not all fantasy books are classic lit. I know that. But LotR is, and should be allowed to be considered as such even though it is in the fantasy genre.) Agree with me on that and have ten minutes to answer my questions, and I'll be a happy girl, if it's possibile to be happier then I am already.

[livejournal.com profile] melyndie, I'll be emailing you questions for your opposing viewpoint tomorrow, I hope. Will it be a problem to get them back to me before next Monday?


Jan. 17th, 2005 08:18 pm
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I'm absolutely certain that I want to write my argumentative research paper about whether fantasy in general--or LotR in particular, if I can find enough sources--should be considered as Literature. I know it's generally accepted that fantasy/sci-fi is never classic lit. Ever. I'd like to challenge this.

But I need sources.

If you know of any books, articles, etc. that would help, please point me in the right direction. I'm fed up with LexisNexis Academic and EBSCO.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] melyndie, would you be interested in being briefly interviewed on the subject? For I know you have an opinion!
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Something big is coming down, I can feel it.

Or maybe I'm being dramatic.

[livejournal.com profile] equuschick, I mailed your package today--that is, package one of two--and perhaps, just perhaps, it will actually reach you on time. If not, it'll teach you patience. Or something.

I also mailed out several other packages, got all squiggly over Tony (so Italian, I can't understand what he's doing here), did some last minute Christmas shopping, and figured out that I don't have to have Hepatitis B shots after all.

Also, I found out that I need my reciept to return my textbooks. And I'm not absolutely positive that I saved it. I think so. I'll have to look when I get home.

Also, I should ask them what grade I got in Comp. I. I thought they'd let me know somehow or something. o_O
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Yesterday I had no thoughts of taking another college class--as of this morning, I'm enrolled in Comp. II. Last night dad told me he was so impressed with my performance in Comp. I that he'd pay the tuition for me to take the second class. *squee* I didn't plan to take it because I thought I could use the money better for something else. I love this gesture for its fatherly affection...it makes me all squiggly inside to know he's proud of me. And...erm...there's always the fact that I'll get the use of the computer lab for another semister. =D
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I've spent most of the past hour (between patrons) scanning funeral records and death certificates from the 1940s into the computer. It's sobering but somehow inspiring to touch history like this.

I like to have my decisions affirmed by someone random who doesn't know my life plans and isn't trying to be nice to me. Last night the composition professor--after telling me that out of 905 possible points, I'd made 907 (how does that work?)--told me the had the feeling I'd make a great college librarian. I was a little stunned and shocked, but pleased to be able to say that's what I'm planning on doing.

I feel like I have a million things to say, but no words. I feel...


(A red-haired guy [who looks like he could be the twin brother of someone I danced with last New Years Eve] has spent the whole day sitting very quietly on a ladder in our office, carefully Doing Things To Little Tiny Wires on our fiver-optic connection. He swears that he had nothing to do with the traffic lights going dark and causing a traffic jam in front of the library, OR the electicity going out in the whole south side of town, OR the internet at both the library and the schools going out for three hours. Did I mention he has red hair?)

[livejournal.com profile] clothofdreams, sorry I won't be there tonight. I was looking forward to it--I hope you have a good performance. =)
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I got my research paper back. 298 points out of 300.

*jaw drops*

And my art review of Donatello's David seems to have been a resounding success. I should post it sometime. We each read our review aloud, and I was the only one that incited laughter--multiple times, I might add! I think it would have been more amusing to the class if they all would have known what the bronze looked like--but my description gave them the general idea.

I'm off to spend the night house-sitting again. I have that bottle of Ariel and a goblet in the car, and I'm going to stop and get a loaf of French bread, some cheese, and--I believe a can of tuna. Thus shall be my supper. I did NOT bring my laptop with me, so I will be forced to spend the entire evening reading the ten books I brought and finishing the letter-that-has-taken-a-month. Forced is certainly not the right word, but I can't think of a better one at the moment.

I wish I could always have the word ready with the exact shade and subtlety and meaning that I wish.
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So...everything is pretty much normal. I've been (almost) accosted by the Witnessing Dude several times, but Sandra has been faithful to rescue me. I learned about Sears Headings, which no one uses anymore, but since they're part of library history I like to know. I've completed the index and soon I'll start working on revamping the vertical files, which no one uses because even the librarians don't know what's in them. If we knew, we could point people to them. So I intend to Know.

At home, I'm just sort of barely-there. Next week should be better. I think I'm only down for 15 hours of work instead of 35 like this week. That's good, because my research paper is due a week from yesterday and of course it's not exactly done yet.

I did, however, finish reading Going Postal, Terry Pratchett's brand new book, in two days. It was excellent and I will write in more detail about it at some point in [livejournal.com profile] _bibliotaph_.

And finally, on a purely personal note: a milestone has been reached. I kept a coat of pale violet nail polish on my fingernails for four days in a row. That would be the first time that's ever happened. Next time I'm feeling impractical and girly I'll see I can make it to five days without chipping it off. *grin*
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Last night in class a quarter of the students weren't there because of the fair, which started that night, and the rest were all in a hurry to get out of class so they could go to the Very Important Football Game.

I just wanted to get home in time to watch the last half hour of the Bush/Kerry debate.

It's all my parents fault. If they had raised me better, I would be able to fit in.

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Life is going pretty splendidly at the moment. Class continues to be fun (how could it not, when I've gotten all perfect scores so far? Lol. I'm so self-centered). My class email finally works, and I've figured out how to log in to the computers in the lab. And the book Shipped From England finally came in.


Also, the bookstore is having a large booksale in a few weeks and when I ran into Chris at a concert he was kind enough to tell me about it head of time. He said he'll probably sell people large bags for $10 and let them fill them with as many books as they want. That sounds good to me.

And everyone else is gone for the day, which means I don't have to hurry home from work for lunch. Which means a trip to the bookstore, plus some other happy errands.

And then I will have peace and quiet as I clean my room. After which, [livejournal.com profile] savetheolives and hopefully [livejournal.com profile] equuschick, I will be writing some emails.

Happy, happy.
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First it was a disgruntled day, because I felt Ugly, then it became worse when I was called in to work because someone else was sick. But then it became a happy day, because I finally bought that chess set I've been eyeing, the one with a wooden case and a mirrored top and clear and frosted glass chessmen. Then it became a worse day again as I spent most of my working hours with a headache, but got much better when the headache went away right before class, and then became much, much better when I got my essay back and it got a 100. O_O And she even had a nice little comment for it.

(I think, possibly, I will post the essay on <lj user="_bibliotaph_" next time I have the time, for those who are interested.) Then the day wasn't quite as good anymore when the college database and email system still refused to accept my user name and password, but that's not as bad a thing as it could be. Tomorrow I will try to find someone who can fix it for me. I'm going to go buy some cheese, and then it will be a fantastic day, and then go home and sleep, which will make it at all-around satisfactory kind of day. I love life, despite what I might say sometimes.
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I found out I can only email my professor using my college email address--and they have either not given me one, or have misspelled the log-in name or something, because it is NOT letting me into my account. If I have one. I'm wondering if they only give them to full-time students?

And even if I can get it to let me log on, I can only access it here a work or in the computer lab, so I couldn't even count on getting the reply in a timely manner.

I guess I'll just plan on not having any questions.

So, does anyone know: if you are writing a summary of a short mystery story, do you give away the ending or not?
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Although I was anything but calm inwardly Thursday night, I managed to enjoy the class. I actually volunteered to read aloud, and I answered questions, and had a lovely little discussion with the professor afterwards which gave me a huge confidence boost in that she noticed? guessed? that I'm a huge reader and probably already a writer.

*happy sigh*

And I'm thinking this is all too easy, now that I've found out that the weekly essays we are to write aren't what I thought they'd be. Somehow I just figured that if you had a week to write it, it'd need be at leave five or ten pages long. And it's actually supposed to be only 300-500 words. That's barely a page and a half. Double spaced.

I wrote mine last night in about half an hour. With some revising, I should be all ready for next week!

Like I said, this all seems too easy.
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Someone please tell me that I have nothing to be nervous about, since if the random teenager can figure this out, then I, as a brighter-then-average and sometimes exceptionally mature young person will certainly be fine?

Thank you.
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Okay. Now the first class has been triumphed over: I have survived and now live on, less intimidated.

Twenty five students; five adults, about five males, and the rest your typical female. They seemed friendly, though, and possibly I can have some fun getting to know them.

(When I got home mom asked if I had met anyone at the class. I told her, "I met the most handsome guy in the world, and he asked me out and I think I'll say yes." She said, "Are you serious?" and my brother said, "Did you find out how rich he was?")

Now the big problem is getting the blasted books I need. Turns out the professor is required to use Making Sense, but since she doesn't like that textbook, she uses very few pages from it and instead requires Guide to College Writing. Too bad I already bought both, since she said we could share the Making Sense books among us, since we'd be using it so little. But the bookstore still has not sent the second book to me, and I need that one before next week.

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