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Happy birthday, dearest [profile] windandtherain!

There's a little package on its way to you ... a little late, but coming nevertheless. :)
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I was so focused on getting everything else orchestrated that I forgot this crucial detail:

The Happy-Birthday-To-My-Best-Friend-Post!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the French-speaking, piano-playing, kind-hearted, uber-intelligent, gorgeous-eyed, curly-haired,  best friend I've ever had, the one and only [personal profile] savetheolives!


Aug. 17th, 2007 07:42 am
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It's [profile] eve_bluemeadows's birthday! Break out the balloons! The cake! The ice cream! 

Have a lovely day, Jessica Eve. :)


Aug. 11th, 2007 09:31 am
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Happy, happy almost-over birthday to the one and only, the lovely, the fabulous [personal profile] blackswans!
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Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear [personal profile] laraemily...
Happy birthday to YOU!
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Here's wishes for a beautiful Happy Birthday to the lovely [personal profile] aftondays! Hip-hip-hooray!

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Many happy returns to [livejournal.com profile] pansyprincesson the day of her birth! *scatters confetti* 

Happy Things: 

- a short workday Friday 
- bridge mix 
- orange cappuccino
- fleece, or it would be if I had any
- Hagen-cats, who are good for snuggling with in bed
- local weather forecasters, who this morning at 5:30 warned that it would begin to snow around noon, and at 6:00 announced that it had, in fact, begun snowing.  

Um... let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!
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A very, very happy telephone-free birthday to [profile] equuschick!


It has been raining quite a lot. I'm sitting at a corner table during my break, where I can see a slice of the street; the town seems sleepy, rain-dropped cars passing quietly with their lights on, cutting through the damp greyness. The only real color is the red and green of the stoplights. Little drops slide down the window, which makes me recite "Waiting at the Window."

And putting my music on shuffle has only caused all the most sentimental, romantic songs to be played in one big long row.

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Many happy returns to the day of [livejournal.com profile] crystallia's birth! And a wonderful day it was, too, for it gave the world the lovely, loving, and much-loved Lizzi.

Hope it was a wonderful day, dear, and that Josh spoiled you silly. =)

PS-and-don't-tell-my-mother: I encountered ice on my way home; yea, much ice and behold there was some sliding that occured, but nobody ran off the road or into anybody so it's all good and now that I've experienced it, I don't have to go trying to do it deliberately [I did mention before that I always had a wicked and dangerous urge to TRY to slide my car on ice on purpose?] because behold, it was kind of scary.

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My daddy, the dear tough man who secretly has a incredibly soft heart for anything small and fluffy, brought me a tiny bundle of gold and white fur who is wiry and alert and whose whole body shakes when he purrs. 

After briefly being Jack (he didn't look like one), Monkey (so I could introduce, "My cat, Monkey"), Darcy (Mr. Darcy, if you please), and Roland (Song of), he was christened Hagen (as in Tom Hagen). Because he looks Irish, and rather ruthless. 

He met me and promptly curled up in my arms, stuck his tiny face in the crook of my elbow, and went to sleep for an hour and a half.

(Terry called me and sang happy birthday, complete with a Brooks-and-Dunn-esque yodel.)
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Come on, guys, help me with what to do with my computer.  I like to make decisions after lots of imput. I'll probably still go with my gut instinct, but it makes me less stressed about deciding.

(Every time I see his family, I feel like they hate me.) 

The elders at church have started a new program: Faith and Family night, Thursdays 6:00-9:00 pm. A meal together, then various studies and discussions. Although it sounds like a grand time, and I'm all for promoting fellowship and study within the church, I feel evil for being glad I work til 9:00 on Thursdays. Even if I had that evening free, it would be really hard to give up one of my two evenings a week at home. Especially since I already spend Sunday and Wednesday nights at church...yeah, now I really feel evil. 

(But maybe if God had wanted me to be gone all the time, He wouldn't have given me a love of coming home?)


There was a baptism this morning. I cried. I've been so emotional today. 

I'm embarking on a calligraphy project for [personal profile] savetheolives. It's been so long since I've had a big art thing to work on. *rubs hands together* I'm looking forward to it. I already have three colors of ink on my hands from some rough drafting this afternoon.

(REAL calligraphy pens--with wooden handles and metal nibs and small bottles of ink with names like tobacco and auburn--are the only way to go.) 

Saturday's birthday shopping trip was a grand success. We ate lunch at what I have decided is the coolest coffee shop evah (they had a Terry Pratchett book on the bookself!). And I bought some clothes that make me very happy. Like the Ann Taylor skirt that I didn't realize was silk until I got home and read the tag. 

Um. I want some more French silk pie. 

(I want to go dancing.)

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Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday; I am surrounded by sweet people on all sides, it seems. I received flowers for the first and second times today (neither from young men, don't get excited), and Carolyn made me delicious triple chocolate brownies, and Sandra gave me the cutest card and a beautiful blank book to write memories in. I love the people I work with.

And my parents treated me to lunch today, even though we did our official celebrating yesterday. It was GOOD. Very, very good.

I plan to post pictures of Various Things very soon.

I finished HP6 early this morning. It was good. I'm dying for my friends to finish it so that I might discuss it with them. Now I. Want. The. Last. Book.

It is cruel, where she left the ending.
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I turn 21 in ten days.

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The brief "perfect period" of spring has past except for random moments, and the weather is rapidly reminding me of why I generally hate summer. (Bugs. Heat. Blistering heat. And more heat.) I don't think I can quite bear to hate this summer, however, since I'll be turning 20 in the
presence of my bestest friend.

([livejournal.com profile] savetheolives is coming!)

I can't quite believe I'll be out of my teenage years. It's not that I feel like the time has gone so fast (though it has, especially the last two years) or that I feel too young to be 20 (only part of the time) or that it seems like a ripe old age (contrarily, it seems awfully young in general.) It's just that when I was little I assumed that I would be doing Great Things by this age. Like...I'm not sure what, but they would
be great. Or important. Or something.
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I've been lazy and not writing...

I turned 19 with no problem; the day before was a mess and the days after were almost equally awful, but the Day Of was carefree and fun and actually contained a few surprises. (I have this awful propensity for accidentally overhearing things I shouldn't. I hate it! I wish people would understand that I have EARS that can HEAR and take their secret conversations a little further away, as it means I almost always find out what my presents are before hand.)

I was surprised with a party with some Really Great People and I ate lots of yummy food and saw movies and yes, opened gifts that I sometimes knew beforehand, and sometimes not.

Now for Harry Potter. Slight spoilers for those who haven't read it yet )

Sunday night the choir performed in our most upscale church yet. We were videoed and real-time projected onto two large screens, lol. It was pretty funny, actually. But we had a good sound system and most wonderfulest of all, feedback moniters. I hate using mikes without them, but this is the first time we've gotten them to *work* during a performance. Everyone clapped lots and then we got to shake lots of people's hands and probably got lots of germs.

Last night we went in a recorded our CD. It went much faster then anyone expected; we did exceptionally well (for us) and only had to repeat about four songs, out of twenty. The guy was really nice and seemed impressed and said he'd have a rough cut version in about a week for us to listen to and decide on the song order and so on. Oh yes, and he had Really Neat Equipment. I see what Marv always preferred being in the sound room fiddling with dials then singing out front.

There was a thunderstorm early this morning. I like night time thunderstorms. Even more then the peacefulness of hearing rain beating on my window, I love the coolness and calm it brings after: I just went out for a little, here it is, not even seven in the morning yet and I've been outside! I'm rarely even up by this time most mornings. But it's the morning version of twilight, and the air was cool agaist my skin, and everything vibrant green and wet.

And I found a Guilty turtle. A VERY Guilty turtle. He was unfortunant enough to have fallen on his back directly under the almost-ripe tomato and half-eaten tomato that he had spent most of the night nibbling on. I didn't move him. I'll let dad see his guilt and decide his fate. =)

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