May. 16th, 2011

eleneariel: (art in the everyday)
Part one: Weeks ago I stumbled upon a picture in Decorology - a home office, the decor of which didn't appeal to me, but a printed-out quote stuck in a frame did. I didn't know what it was from (How I Met Your Mother, it turns out), but I liked it and I liked the offbeat inspiration it provided.

Part two: sometime later I was looking at a really awful cheap print hanging in a staff area at work, all mauve and teal and looking like something you'd find hanging in a nursing home (God bless 'em, but they aren't exactly examples of wonderful interior design). And I thought ... what if I ripped out that print ... and cut out some letters with the Cricut... and put it all on a craft-paper background ...

Part three: I picked up a tiny oval frame somewhere either free or almost free, and I kept meaning to design some sort of miniature collage or something else awfully clever to go in it , and I kept not doing anything and it kept sitting there all empty and sad. And then ...

Now it sits on my dresser and reminds me to be awesome.

(I feel compelled to point out that this isn't my natural handwriting. I was deliberately going for the sort of loopy unevenness, and I DO know how to capitalize things.)

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