Jan. 6th, 2011

eleneariel: (Creativity)

After I took this panorama of my bedroom, I looked around and tried to see which items - besides clothing and shoes - were bought new at full price. I could think of two: the makeup lights over the dresser and the digital scale in the closet. Everything else is a thrift store/rummage sale/on sale/gifted/repurposed/dumpster-dived find.

Although it's hard to articulate, I have a decorating style (something like eclectic-world-traveler-brings-home-cool-stuff) and I have a knack for noticing the one thing that's perfect for that out of a pile of junk.

But there's something new in my bedroom these days:


I think a lot of the scavenger ethic is looking at something and going, "okay, but what else could it do?" And that's why I bought a pack of thirty glittery snowflake orniments for $1.50 at Wal-Mart's after Christmas sale, and hung them on bent straight pins (I was out of white thumbtacks, see) scattered all over my bedroom ceiling. It makes a fun wintery addition to the room, and since snow to me is a special reminder of God's love and faithfulness*, I like being surrounded by flakes.

As an aside, I can't stand the popcorn-ceiling thing and I have NO idea why anyone ever thought it was a good idea. =P

* this is hard to explain. It just Is. Snow makes me feel peaceful and safe and assured that God is in control.

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